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Codester Review

What is codester

Whether you are a professional developer, designer, a coder or a beginner in the field, there always comes a time when you have to depend on ready to use data. You need it to balance your time, expenses, and cope up with the problems to meet the deadlines.

Codester is a one-stop solution for the assets you need. It can provide you ready to download templates, codes, and many other website assets for your needs.

But, is this site worth your time and investment? How tough is it to use it? Stop speculating and start reading our comprehensive review. It will guide you through the main aspects, benefits, and downsides of Codester. Have a look:

What Is Codester?

Codester is a neatly organized marketplace for selling and buying assets for web developing, designing, and webmaster tasks. It contains editable icons, logos, code snippets, templates, and every other tool for helping the developers to cover up the gaps in your skill sets or meet closing deadlines.

The skilled ones can also use it to sell their work and earn profits. The platform allows you to create free products that you can use to buy or sell the product. 

Further, Codester files are straightforward to download/upload, and the products get updated every week.

What can Codester Offer You?

Codester contains a lot of files types and content that you can access.  The different kinds of assets that you can acquire from it are:

Scripts and codes

The script section of Codester features some common types of codes that you will need to create a website. By now, (at the time of writing this post) Codester database has more than 804 codes including the social forum scripts, autocomplete scripts, video sharing scripts and a lot more.

It contains several other pre-written codes for a lot of languages. You can rely on it for acquiring assets for C++, Java, Python, CSS, Ruby, C, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and VB.NET.

App templates

Codester has over 2007 application templates, including designs for your mobile application. Each of the app templates comes with respective source codes that make them more accessible and edit-friendly.

Moreover, the templates are not restricted to a particular platform. Codester offers products for all the following categories.

  • Android 
  • Buildbox
  • Construct 2
  • Cordova
  • Corona
  • Ionic
  • iOS
  • React
  • Titanium
  • Unity
  • Xamarin

Each of these categories has further subdivisions like for android there are template sub-categories like games, UI kits, and application. 


This particular website developing asset platforms offer you over 1109 themes for your website. HTML (478) and WordPress (266) themes acquire a significant part of this list. 

Other platforms that are flexible with Codester include Drupal, Ghost, Joomla, Magento, Muse, MyBB, nopCommerce, Opencart, Osclass, Prestashop, Shopify, Tumblr, and WooCommerce.

To simplify navigation, Codester has further divided the themes according to the profession that matches them. You will find subdivisions like Business, eCommerce, Health, Jewelry and many more. 

Codester themes


Plugging has become an essential part of every website, and Codester can help you with them. It features more than 305 unique plugins for your CMS. It even offers a wide range of mobile-friendly plugins for your website. 

As for the integrity, there are ready-to download plugins for Osclass, X-cart, open cart, and more.

However, in this aspect, the choices are somewhat limited. Majority of the plugin focuses on WordPress, and there are no add on options for Drupal, nopCommerce, and osCommerce. Hopefully, the platform will work on this flaw and add more choice in the future.


Codester hasn’t forgotten about the graphical needs of web makers. The platform provides nearly 2949 different graphics options. You can rely on it for logo, printable, textures, icons, and many other graphical assets. Codester even has options for pre-made 2d gaming resources and gaming characters.

Most of these assets are vectors, so you are free to resize them according to your need. There will be no quality or pixelation issues.

Is Codester Beneficial For Buyer And Sellers?

The option and flexibility of working that Codester offers is outstanding. The platform has not restricted their options or resources in any way. In fact, it has indeed taken measures to keep the deals simple, straightforward, and profitable at both ends.

Have a look at the outstanding features Codester has adopted:

No Transaction Fees

Codester has removed the biggest deal breaker of the marketplace, the handling charges. Moreover, not just for one particular payment option but for all the payment gateways. The only costs you will have to pay are the charges of the content (may have to pay transaction fees on the bank’s end). 

It’s an excellent imitative as this reduction in fees will reduce the cost for buyers and increase the sales for sellers.

Decent Commission Rates

The commission rates of Codester are very different from most of the similar websites. The platform offers 70% of the payment to the seller and charges only 30% from each sale. Moreover, the seller doesn’t need minimum sales or any other conditions. Codester also gives sellers the flexibility to sell the content on their website. No exclusivity contract! 

At the customer end, the high commission values ensure that the seller doesn’t ask extra charges for earning the required profits. This way, the products become more affordable and accessible.

Flexible License Terms

The products at Codester come with two different types of license, regular and extended. The regular license allows the buyer to use the product for a single product. It may be a commercial project or personal project, but you won’t acquire the right to resell the item.

The extended license, on the other hand, will offer some flexibility. It will not provide you the reselling right, but it will allow you to redistribute the product with alteration and personalization.


Codester is an excellent platform for coder and web developers. It is flexible, easy to access and doesn’t have many flaws.

So far it’s only downside is its marketplace. The platform has gained fame and good reviews from consumers, but its market place is lower as compared to its large-scale competitors.

However, it has more options and is more affordable, so you can say its qualities cover and even bypass its downsides. Moreover, the platform is adding new features and growing with every passing day. 

Overall, Codester is an excellent platform for acquiring premium web developing assets, and you should use it without any doubt.

  1. Hi all,

    I have tried to put there my JS script, they rejected my script twice. First time with a reason: “Does not meet the minimum value/quality requirements to be sold on the marketplace”. I thought there was lack of description/readme while the reason had no specific information what I had to fix. When I added description in JS script and copyright notice they claimed me as a thief and banned. My suggestion they are playing dirty and collect intellectual property without author’s permission, since I uploaded files to their server already and cannot force them to delete it. Plus they do not offer you licence as a basis to copy and distribute your intellectual property. Now they can use my script as they want, having me banned. Actually stealing intellectual property is an illegal action. I spent a week of my life to create the component and fit it to Codester “requirements” and they just banned due reason like “I am a thief”.

    1. There was a continuation of the story…
      I have written about the issue to the support, I was really angry, due the unreasonable accusation triggered me. In spite of this, support guys behavior was calm and professional. They investigated the issue and brought apologies for the mistake. I would like to bring my apologizes too for my suggestion above and thank Frederick for his patience.

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