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Coupon codes for WordPress plugins

Coupon codes for WordPress plugins

In the world of online marketing, we are always looking for an edge. How can you boost your presence online and edge out the competition? Many gurus say they have a secret that is going to take you to the next level. Between email marketing and social media, it may seem exhausting keeping track of all the different options. Let’s check out some of the best coupon codes for WordPress plugins that will help you improve your marketing effort.

Coupons Work

As we push past all the noise generated in marketing, we find that one of the main things that work is coupons. Think about this for a moment. How many times have you been motivated to shop at a specific store or outlet since you got a coupon? It turns out many of us are driven by coupons that are given out.

The reason why coupons are so powerful is that they work on multiple levels. It is more than just a discount. You are building a base of customers. Let us look at a few of the ways that coupons can help our business or website and plugins that use coupons well for WordPress.

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40% Discount On All Products Click the Claim Discount button to visit OptinMonsters website and enter the coupon code VIP20OFF to get a 40% discount on your next purchase.
25% Discount SuperbThemes currently have a 25% discount on all their pricing plans, including subscriptions & one-time purchases on both plugins and themes.
No Discounts Currently adds discounts to their products during events such as Cyber Monday, visit their website to see if they have a discount currently.

Plugins that Use Coupons

Smart companies are now using coupons to get customers on their side. Let’s look at some of the top plugins that offer coupons where we can save big.

Ewww image optimizer plugin coupon code

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

Feel like your site is too slow? It could probably be faster. Many sites load the same content over and over. Instead, load everything once and keep it cached. EWWW Image Optimizer will help you do that with ease. Plus, they also offer a ten percent discount when you get their newsletter. Claim the discount today to save immediately.

Divi WordPress Plugin coupon code

2. Divi

Divi is not cheap, but that is because it is one of the top themes. You only pay once, and then you can use the theme for life. Want to save twenty percent when you get this great drag and drop builder? Claim the code today and go to their secret landing page where you get almost a quarter off the price. This is an awesome deal if you are building sites now.

PerfMatters coupon code

3. PerfMatters

Need ten percent off PerfMatters? Use the coupon code PERFMATTERS. This will work for all plans. Don’t bother messing around with complicated code when you use this site. There is no need to edit the PHP files for your site. They have made the process very simple and are ready to give you savings when you go with them.

Their plugin is actually very clever in how it speeds up your site in general. It will disable the scripts that are not in use. You might think you don’t have any scripts running that need to be disabled. Many site owners are actually surprised once they start to do an audit. You can have many scripts running automatically when you construct your site with a drag and drop builder. These are going to slow down performance and make it difficult for your users to use your site.

How many HTTP requests are going on when your site loads? It might be that your site is requesting things that users are not even currently using. There are huge libraries of fonts that may never be seen but are still making requests to load. Audit your site easily using PerfMatters and see exactly what is trying to come online so that you can cut it out and make your site lean and mean.

OptinMonster coupon code

4. OptinMonster

We all want to convert more. Why are you using old technology to try and build your customers? OptinMonster makes it easy for customers to opt-in with you. They are also going to give you forty percent off when you use the coupon code VIP20OFF.

You will never know how much you could have boosted your sales if you don’t try this plugin. They make it easy to construct the newsletters and forms that customers are more likely to click on. Are you having trouble getting people to fill out your forms? Try this and see what they can do for your CTR.

SuperbThemes coupon code

5. Superb Themes

You can’t list the best coupon codes for WordPress plugins without us here at Superb Themes.

Need themes that are going to have good support? It might seem not very clear when you first get started with buying themes. Go with a team that will be there for you and supports you when you have questions. Superb Themes has been making themes for years, so they are experts at constructing light and won’t bog downloading times. Get twenty-five percent off when you claim your code today!

What about responsiveness? We seem to be doing more shopping and browsing on our mobile phones. Perhaps you are in line at the grocery store. You go there early, but somehow the line is nine people long. It is just human nature to pull out the small computer in our pocket and start looking at things you might buy later. This is the experience for so many of us. Why would you build with themes that are not designed from the start to work with mobile? Superb Themes has made sure that every theme is going to look great on your smartphone and load fast as well. Push your conversions up when you have fast loading sites that people can look at 24/7. coupon code


If you are looking for new functions and plugins, you have to check out They currently don’t have any coupons, but checking around during the holidays is a great way to save big on what they offer. During Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday, you want to leave a reminder on your computer to visit them. They are going to give you plugins that work out of the box at awesome prices.

Repeat Business

In business school, you are always told to look at the cost of customer acquisition. Why is this? If you run a commercial on television that costs ten thousand dollars, you need to make that back to cover your initial investment.

One of the main ways you will recoup your investment into marketing is by looking at a customer and how much they spend with you over the course of the year. Coupons can be the catalyst that encourages people to start shopping with your store or website. If you can get them into the habit of pulling up your web page to use a coupon, you may be able to capture a repeat customer that continues to come back regularly.

Increased Sales

In line with the idea of increased visits, we also should look at boosting revenue. If the customer is visiting your online shop every week because they are in the habit of picking up a product they need regularly, you will see a jump in sales.

Coupons can also lower barriers in the mind of a customer. While full-price might be too much mentally for them to pay, twenty percent off might be enough to convince them. As they buy more, several things may happen. A customer may start to realize how much time they save with your service or product. This can cause a cycle where each time they make a purchase, it creates a positive association, and now you have a lifelong customer.

The Customer Life Cycle

Think about the life cycle for your typical customer. Most probably do not immediately purchase your service or become a customer after the first time they are exposed to the website. Many times it takes time to convince them you have the best product on the market. They may want to check out the competition first. Maybe they want to read some reviews to help convince them.

Coupons can speed up the process so that you acquire customers quickly. Instead of spending several months for the individual to decide that they want to try the product, send out an email with digital coupons. That might be the perfect catalyst to get somebody to jump in and take the first leap.

Once you have them in your marketing pipeline, you can start to look at the CLV or Customer Life Cycle Value. Remember, we are going to repeat customers. That is how we bolster sales and continue to expand past the competition. Set an expiration date for the coupon, and you increase the likelihood that the customer will act quickly on the deal.

Make Your Message Heard

Customers are bombarded with a huge array of marketing from many different sources. While some may no longer watch television in the conventional sense, ads have moved to stream services and sites like YouTube.

Your competition is using many of these different avenues to try and steal your customers and set themselves up to get repeat customers as well. How can you make sure it is your message that is heard? Coupons are a great way to put your WordPress site at the top of the list for people looking for your products.

When you issue coupons, it can be the perfect thing to put yourself in the forefront so that people forget that funny ad from a competitor. We may remember a funny commercial, but it is a fifty percent coupon that will really move the needle in terms of sales.

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