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Coupon codes for WordPress themes

WordPress can be used to create a large spectrum of different sites. No matter what purpose or end goal you might have in mind, there will be a theme that can help you toward your goals. It can be difficult to find just the right theme to complement the site you have. Depending on what kind of text, pictures, and video you have, the themes that will flow well can vary wildly. A theme that you would use to keep informed with the latest fashion trends will look very different from a news website that updates every hour. We have identified some of the best themes based on WordPress looked into available coupon codes for WordPress themes from the companies behind the most successful themes.

How to Pick a Good Theme for Your Purpose

How can you pick a good theme for your intended purpose? Here are some tips to think about when you are still in the planning stages. There are many different options to create a custom site, but these are not always a good thing. A theme that was not coded properly can seem good on the surface and cause many problems later on. When you add plugins to the theme, conflicts will arise and force you to figure out a solution that doesn’t create a conflict. Even worse, if the theme was coded poorly and you become established with that theme and look, you can feel like you are locked in, which will increase the amount of time you put into figuring out the issues, or you will need to hire an expensive developer to make the changes you need.

What is the speed like for the theme you are looking into? You will want to test this facet of the theme very closely before investing in a theme. Find websites that were already created with the theme in question. When you run tests with a site like Pingdom, what does the waterfall chart show you? If the site is taking a long time to load according to the tools you are using, it might be a good idea to look into a different theme before you get stuck with a foundation that is rocky. Google benefits fast sites and gives penalties to sites that are stuck in first gear.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Divi is a great theme created by the pros, and Elegant Themes became one of the most popular developers through the huge fan base their products have. Not only does the Divi theme work very well with plugins that you already like, but Elegant Themes also creates plugins like Bloom that can bring your site to the next level. This is an email opt-in plugin that was built specifically to work with Divi. It can help you grow your list of emails to market to, and this is just one of the many plugins that Elegant Themes are behind that you know will work well with their themes.

Right now, they are running a secret landing page that will get you 20% off. Check them out today for savings on your next theme.

Template Monster

Template Monster

Need a template fast? Check out Template Monster. They have themes for various topics and businesses that range from medical sites to fashion themes. If you need another reason to check them out, right now, all the themes are 7% off. That is a great deal considering many themes are around $100.00. Template Monster has many services to choose from to help a business and graphics and presentations. Anything can be purchased here to make your next business meeting go even better.

Superb Themes

Superb Themes

Need a theme that is light and not bloated with extra code? Turn to Superb Themes. They are running a great deal right now to get you 25% off one time purchases and subscriptions. Not only that, but they are generous enough to give the same discount on themes and plugins. This is excellent because their themes are made with SEO in mind. Google will be able to scan your website easily, which will cause it to rank faster. An awesome company to check out.

Templatic WordPress Themes

Templatic WordPress Themes

Right now, if you use the coupon code “SUPERBTHEMES,” you can get 15% off your next purchase. Maybe you have been having trouble finding the right theme for your needs. Don’t worry when you are scrolling through the huge selection that Templatic set up. With over a hundred themes, you will be able to find something that will fit almost any scenario.

Take, for example, Eventum. Easily create a directory for all the events in an area that people can scan through easily. This would be great for a concert venue that runs a lot of different acts. Templatic makes it easy to combine all the music acts into one easily navigated directory. For an event planning company, this one template can help you organize all of your tasks so that they are laid out in order by date or clustered together based on location. This is a real game-changer when it comes to the event industry.

If you work in the real estate field, Templatic also has a Real Estate Theme. Since the coders are experts, the integrated IDX MLS will get you more clients and sales. IDX or Internet Data Exchange can cover policies, standards, and also real estate listings. This is important for agents and brokers because you are pulling listings right from the MLS database and then displaying it on your website. All of your listings will be accurate now and up to date since it comes directly from the main source—an amazing deal considering the price.

Right now, doesn’t have any deals on themes or plugins but check back with them frequently. This website is full of excellent resources, including webinars and also articles. Check out the latest news or attend a webinar explaining how to grow your small business. They are always on top of the latest news, including how it might impact your company. also includes many tutorials that are great for developers and people that teach in the tech sector. They can show you how to move all your classes online and then charge through online portals as well! Check out their site today, and you will be surprised by the amount of great content that they give away for free. Once you are comfortable with their tutorials, buy a theme from them and show them some support!

Simple & Minimal WordPress Themes

With speed in mind, one of the things to look into is simplicity for your site. Layouts with a video running in the background and complex animations are great, but it should never cost you ranking with Google. It is important to find the balance between functionality and making something pleasing to the eye. For lead generation, have a simple one-pager with an image that loads fast along with a contact form and a phone number. Your site doesn’t need to be complex; it just needs to get the job done. Please focus on the goals you’re trying to reach with the site to easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Responsive, SEO Optimize & Ready for Mobile

In the past, having a responsive site was negotiable. That is no longer the case as more people use their phones in stores to do price matching, book cruises from their cars on the way to work or watch the news on mobile while riding the subway. The world has changed dramatically, which means your business also needs to adjust as well. 

More traffic comes from mobile sources each year, and devices all have different screen sizes and specs. Is your theme going to be responsive and correctly show your content on a tablet versus a phone? Depending on your site’s niche or the subject matter of your site, you may see over half of your traffic coming from mobile sources. Take, for example, one website that makes aftermarket parts for trucks. They saw a huge jump in mobile traffic because users were looking at the site while they were either at the dealership or in the garage getting maintenance done. If this company ignored where most users were coming from, that would be a huge loss of revenue for them.

Many of the themes you purchase will already be responsive out of the box, but have you tested any of the ones you are interested in? Find some examples of the themes you are interested in and view them on multiple devices. Does the layout stay solid and easy to read? Another great way to test would be to resize the screen with your browser. You will know the theme is responsive because it will adjust as you change your browser’s size. Google also provides a Mobile-Friendly Test page that is excellent for making sure that you are getting coded themes correctly, and it won’t have a fixed layout that is not optimized for smaller screens.

What are some recommended themes that work well on all screens and were also coded well? Please take a look at our list.

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