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CSSIgniter Review – A Theme Seller for Every Budget

CSSigniter review

Even though quality should be the priority for any purchase you make, sometimes your budget restricts you from buying the best-quality product or service. This approach is valid for people buying WordPress products and services.

A custom theme crafted by a professional web agency is the best approach for building a site. However, only a few people have the budget for such a project. A huge majority of WordPress sites have as their foundation a customizable premium theme.

You want to get the most value for your money, so this is the reason we decided to write a complete review of CSSIgniter. This WordPress agency has the most budget-friendly pricing plans as its unique selling point. However, you are wrong if you believe that CSSIgniter sacrifices quality; some of what they create are genuine masterworks.

Are you ready to give CSSIgniter a try? Visit their website to download their themes & plugins.

CSSIgniter: A Short History

Gerasimos Tsiamalos and Anastis Sourgoutsidis are the founders of CSSIgniter, and they have shared a strong passion for WordPress since its beginning. Back in 2008, they noticed a need for new themes for WordPress sites. As a result, they started CSSIgniter, a shop containing ten WordPress themes. Over time, the team and the number of themes grew. In 2018, they served 90,000 clients from 140 countries.

CSSIgniter isn’t a business with the sole purpose of getting more sales. The team members behind CSSIgniter share their experiences with others at many WordCamp events and similar meetups.

CSSIgniter’s Best Features

CSSIgniter is not simply a WordPress agency that sells cheap themes. There are a couple of reasons to look closer at CSSIgniter and even purchase a theme or its entire collection.

CSSigniter pricing

Affordable Prices

CSSIgniter has four pricing plans.

Single Theme allows you to purchase one theme for $49, and you get one year of support and updates.

Standard Club costs $69 for access to all CSSIgniter themes, support, and regular updates for one year. Currently, there are 81 themes in the site library. That means you’ll be paying less than $1 per theme. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Luckily for CSS Igniter’s clients, there is more good news: a new theme is released every month!

Pay $89 to be part of the Developer Club. You’ll get complete access to all the themes and plugins and one year of support and regular updates. You’ll also get access to HTML site templates and to Elementorism, a collection of cool landing pages based on the Elementor plugin.

Finally, get lifetime access to themes, plugins, Elementorism, HTML site templates, support, and updates for $249—the Lifetime Club pricing plan. If you visit their website through a special event such as Black Friday, then you might be able to get a CSSigniter coupon code. That is not guaranteed though.

No matter which plan you purchase, you are free to use the theme(s) with no restrictions, including lifetime usage for unlimited sites.

Impressive Theme Collection

You can purchase a theme from the entire collection, but it’s more financially profitable to buy the entire collection. If you create sites for clients, this option is golden for your business. Not only the number of themes, but also the diversity should convince you to open your wallet. CSSIgniter goes against the trend, as they didn’t develop a flagship multipurpose theme. Instead, they have created a plethora of themes for a large array of niches. Unlike other theme sellers, the number of themes really grows; on average, a new theme is released each month.

Themes for Multiple Niches

It’s not only the affordable prices and the number of themes that make CSSIgniter a great deal. The variety of themes is another vital aspect that matters, especially for agencies and developers. The Lifetime Club pricing plan is golden for them because it ensures complete access to a large array of themes for multiple niches.

Blogging, business, application, hotel, magazine, music, restaurant, portfolio, photography, fitness, conference, and job boards are all covered by the CSSIgniter collection of themes. Of course, you have plenty of themes for launching online stores.

Modern Design

Some themes for sale were released a few years ago, but the developers have worked hard to update them. Consequently, the themes are good-looking, suitable for new projects, responsive, and mobile-friendly. Here is a collection of the themes we like the most.


blockchain wordpress theme by CSSigniter

Blockchain is a hot topic these days, and there is a huge demand for WordPress themes for this niche. You can test the waters by checking the Blockchain Lite, the free version. The theme impresses with its clutter-free design and the multitude of pages related to blockchain activity.

Blockchain isn’t another business theme quickly adjusted for this niche just because it’s high-demand. For instance, it has a plethora of features strictly for the blockchain area. Global market, single crypto, and top crypto are must-have widgets available with the Blockchain theme. A crypto table and a multitude of options to display and download ebooks, white papers, or research works are other features useful for blockchain projects.


Vigour WordPress theme by cssigniter

This is one of the most recent releases, and it works well for fitness projects. Vigour has pages for Classes, Instructors, and Schedule; all of these are necessary for such projects. A shop and blog are optional, but Vigour includes both of them.

The powerful color contrast in addition to big and bold images work like a magnet for potential clients.


decorist WordPress theme by cssigniter

It’s a pity to change the layout of this superb theme. There wouldn’t be so many bad user experiences if all online stores looked like this one. The huge white spaces make the layout breathable, and the simple navigation allows customers to focus entirely on the products for sale.

The red and bold buttons are small details, but they make a big impact by clarifying what the customer should do to start shopping.

Public Opinion

public opinion WordPress theme by cssigniter

This theme fits for blogs and magazine news, given its well-done mixture of white space and content. The purpose of the blog layout is to keep readers engaged, so you have to keep consistent content on your site. At the same time, too much content makes the reading experience like hell. It’s hard to determine how much content is too much, but it seems that Public Opinion has the optimal content/white space ratio.

360-Degree Support

How a brand approaches customer support says a lot about it. CSSIgniter treats this subject professionally. First, each theme has complete documentation. The explanations are clear and concise — you won’t waste time reading fluffy content.

The Knowledge Base includes a lot of helping articles — getting started, troubleshooting tips, and guides are worth checking out if you want to get the most out of CSSIgniter themes.

Members-only are allowed to access a forum and get help by checking the threads or creating new ones.

Finally, members-only have the option of submitting a ticket describing their problem, and a professional agent will provide guidance in less than 24 hours.


elementorism wordpress theme by cssigniter

CSSIgniter’s offering covers an interesting niche: professional landing pages created with the Elementor page builder. These all look stunning and might boost your businesses. The landing page templates have a number of purposes such as collecting email addresses, promoting and selling a product or service, creating some buzz around your fresh business, or attracting more visitors to your site.

 Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to buy a single instance of a landing page or to get access to these landing pages without purchasing the entire collection of themes. Purchase a Developer Club or Lifetime Club subscription to get complete access to these cool landing pages crafted with the Elementor plugin.

Room for Improvement

CSSIgniter has positioned itself as a theme seller that delivers quality at affordable prices. Taking into account this business strategy, it’s almost impossible to find a good reason to disapprove of CSSIgniter’s offerings. However, we believe that this is an area that deserves special attention, and it’s being neglected.

Nowadays, speed is a crucial factor for the success of any website. Speed is a ranking factor, but also affects the user’s experience. No matter how awesome your service or product is, people don’t have the patience to wait for your site to load. In practical terms, this means wasted traffic and fewer conversions. Hence, CSSIgniter should focus more on delivering fast-loading themes. Sadly, you don’t get any information about the themes’ performance on CSSIgniter’s homepage. We won’t say that the themes are slow-loading, but users don’t have any clue about the themes loading speed.


 It’s a bargain no matter whether you buy a theme or a subscription to the entire collection. The themes are designed for specific niches, and come with many impressive features. Besides that, the design is modern and attractive. It depends on your particular needs, but we strongly encourage you to buy the collection of themes. Currently, the difference between buying a single theme and buying the 80+ collection of themes is $20. Bear in mind that CSSIgniter developers are prolific, and on average, they release a new theme monthly.

Are you ready to give CSSIgniter a try? Visit their website to download their themes & plugins.

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