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DesignEvo Review

DesignEvo Review

DesignEvo is a great site for free logos. If you run a business or a non-profit organization, you need to make sure your branding communicates what your company does and what your team is capable of. Logos no longer need to be expensive with several revisions going back and forth between you and the designer. Logos now can be done for free and you are in total control. If you don’t like the way your design looks, tweak it or start over with a new template.

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Branding all around us

Take a look around you. If you are at work, walking on the street, or even sitting in your home right now, you have logos all around you. Think of the Golden Arches that represent McDonald’s or the bold colors and arrows embedded in the logo for FedEx. Many times, you will recognize a business without even seeing the name by just looking at a familiar image or set of colors. Many times, you can tell what sort of company you are looking at just by a brief glance at the logo. This makes the image a fast and easy way to communicate with potential customers. Without a logo, it will be difficult to brand yourself and start to pull away from your competition. When you have a logo that was done well, you will improve the perception of your company and start to become recognizable to customers.

Why is a Logo Important?

 A logo is important because it conveys many times the first impression people have of your company. It needs to be a good impression which strong logo design will do. People are busy with many things fighting for their attention. Create a logo that will catch their attention and create excitement around working with you.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an excellent way to build logos for free. It is suitable for a wide range of users including business owners, agencies, and startup companies. Normally logos would require an expensive graphic designer and require many mock-ups, but using DesignEvo puts the control in your hands.

The interface is easy to understand and makes creating a logo a trivial task. There is a wide array of icons, fonts, and templates that are already made for you. With so many tools at your fingertips, you can focus more on the design side instead of worrying about your technical skills. It is perfect for people that don’t have experience with design and need to create something quickly without a huge learning curve.

How to Use DesignEvo

First create an account using your Google Account, Facebook, or email address. The process is easy and you will be able to save your work and access it later. Next, click on the button Make a Free Logo. You will be brought to a new screen where you can see a wide array of templates to choose from or you can start from scratch.

How to Use DesignEvo

If you look on the right-hand side of the screen, you will find that Design Evo has already gotten you started with many different templates that you can choose from. With over 10,000 designs waiting for you, it isn’t hard to find something that will fit well with your current design choices. There is a popular category so you can see what other users like using right now, a way to favorite designs you like, and also categories to choose from. The categories range from automotive to technology. This is a great way to narrow things down if you already have a good idea what direction you want to go in.

Logo search

Say you are a wedding photographer and you are just getting started with your business. After creating your free account, you look through the categories and notice one for Art and Entertainment. Scrolling over the numerous choices, you come to one that you think looks perfect for your company.

Once you choose a design, you will be prompted to pick a Logo Name and also your Slogan.

pick a Logo Name and also your Slogan.

This is optional and you can skip this step, but it can help you stay organized when you name your logo something you will remember. After filling out this information, click the button Get Started.

Components of Your Design

Once you click the button to begin, you will be presented with many options. It may seem overwhelming at first with so many choices, so there is a brief tutorial that points to the different parts of the page.

You design is made up of four parts:

  • Icons
  • Text
  • Shape
  • Background

These can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. From here, you can import graphics, change your font, select a new background color, or add shapes to the design.



No matter what kind of icons you are looking for, there will be something professional to choose from. If you are a rising YouTube star, you have access to the classic white arrow on a red background. Maybe you are a social media influencer that is selling your services. There is also the popular thumbs up icon from Facebook to show that you are involved in social media. When you bring an icon in, you can rotate it around or change the size. If the icon is not right for you, simply just use the undo button and you will be ready to look for a new graphic to use.


Text is also made easy with this system. You have many different fonts to select from depending on the type of business you have. Wedding photography might use a font that is more flowery versus a digital agency that wants to give the impression they are on the cutting edge of technology. It is easy to move the text around the screen to make sure everything is aligned correctly. It really is amazing that DesignEvo gives you so many fonts to choose from that are all free of charge to use.


Once you have selected your text and the right icon, really make it pop with various banners and shapes to frame it. Similar to the options for icons, you can expand the shapes or shrink them just by dragging your mouse. The process is easy and there are plenty of ways to highlight your brand and logo with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Last of all, complete your design with a nice background. You can choose to leave it blank if you are satisfied with the current design, or you can add some color that will compliment the current design. Gradients are available that can attract the eye and bring a more professional polish to the overall look.

Completing the Design 

Now that you are done designing, you can preview the logo. This is a great way to see how it will look on a shirt or an official business letter. Save the logo to the system and access it later, or download it right to your computer. Right now, with Superb Themes, DesignEvo is offering an awesome deal. Log in to your free account that you already made. Put your logo together using the steps above. It is that simple!

Benefits of Plus

Using the guide from Superb Themes is going to get you a lot of advantages over the basic package. The plus package features the following:

  • High resolution files so that everything is crisp and clear.
  • Transparent PNG file.
  • The ability to edit and download the file as many times as you need.
  • Support from the experts.
  • Print ready files that are going to look great.
  • Vector files.
  • Access to the font files.
  • Ownership of the Copyright.

This is an amazing deal being offered by Superb Themes and DesignEvo together. The competition is not going to be even close to this deal.

Online Competitors

Most are aware of sites such as Fiverr and also 99 Designs where it is easy to get logos done by professionals online. How is DesignEvo better than these competitors? First, you have to consider how easy it is to do the work yourself. There is a lot of money to be saved by going in and completing the design as the entrepreneur or small business owner that is just getting started. Professional graphic designers can start at $25.00 an hour on the low end and it will just increase from there. When you use this website, you will have more capital left to invest into what really matters with your business.

Keep in mind also that you will not need to contact a designer several times as you iron out the logo between the graphic artist and the rest of your team. It can be difficult to accurately convey what you want from an image or artistic piece of work. Skip the back and forth and get the job done quickly with DesignEvo. The process is easy and they have given you so many tools to work with, you will have a great looking logo that is going to pop and catch the attention of customers. Don’t forget to read our guide on how to add a logo to your website!

Are you ready to give DesignEvo a try?
Click the button & try it for free!

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