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Divi Free Themes – What Are Your Options?

Divi Free Themes

Building your site with speed is very important. The elements of the business world move at a fast pace. To keep up, you need a great builder that can support you. Divi is the right drag and drop builder for you. One of the most popular plugins out there, you can quickly build up a site and make changes when needed. What about Divi free themes? We can tell you more about the builder packs that you can get. Our guide will also go over the Divi thirty-day trial. Let us get started so you understand how to take advantage of these Divi free themes.

Are you ready to give Divi a try? Click the button & try out Divi for free.

The Best Divi Free Themes

First, we want to touch on the excellent free trial that the creators offer. For many, money is tight right now. If you invest several hundred dollars into a plugin, it has to help you earn money back. With Elegant Themes, they understand you want to make a sound investment. That is why they offer the thirty-day trial. You won’t need to be nervous about putting down a large chunk of money. Work with the drag and drop features. Build up as many sites as you would like. In fact, you can keep the code that you create. Your site will still be up and active after the trial. If you think there is a better plugin, go with another type of drag and drop builder. You can get your money back very easily.

When you use the Divi free themes, you will have access to many different templates and layouts. All of them are different and unique. Plus, if there are aspects you want to change, you can do so easily. No code experience is needed. That will be a relief to many!

Builder Packs

Do you belong to the Divi Nation? The creators behind Divi have an ongoing design initiative. They want to show you how easy it is to use the themes and layouts. Elegant Themes provides guides that will help you get started. There is also a big group that enjoys working with these builder packs as well. If you want to get started, drop by a forum and ask some questions. It might not seem very easy at first, but many people can guide you in using the software. With six awesome theme builder packs, you will find one that will work for you.

Your Divi Theme Builder is a fully-featured system. Done with templates, you can structure your site very quickly and tweak settings you feel need improvement. You will have access to your headers, footers, posts from your blog, and even category templates. If you are big on blogging and SEO, all of this is going to be a must. They will help you formulate what will look best for your company and your team.

Your theme builder templates will also have a custom header and footer that are already done for you. If you don’t feel like diving into changing up the header and footer, you can do all this easily with the free builder packs. Modules can take things a step further as you build dynamic content that can change in reaction to the user’s actions.

Simple And Fun

You may ask yourself if there is an easy way to build your page. Is something like Divi really needed? One of the reasons so many are interested in Divi-free themes is the fact that Divi makes things simple and fun. Take, for example; you are building a small store that only sells online. That has become a popular choice recently and will continue to gain popularity moving into the future.

For things like adding an item to the virtual cart, you would need to dive into things like webhooks. This is an event that happens that will send out a notification to a URL that you pick. Your user or visitor can even do things on the page that change things on other web pages. Webhooks are great for integrating with a service provided by another company. Perhaps it is a way to register for a seminar provided by a well-known company.

Divi webhooks

If you wanted to trigger these events in WordPress, it could get complicated to understand the concept behind webhooks. You can trigger events when the user adds something to their order, looks at a product, or signs up for a newsletter. An action may look like this:


For some, this will present a good challenge. They want to dive under the hood and really understand the engine behind a website. For others, they don’t have time to get involved with learning this new set of skills. That is why Divi is so important. Utilizing many of the elements they provide, you can interact with your customers and never have to worry about accessing any of these actions.

Extra Divi Theme

Dive Themes Modules

Set up a contact form using a module, and never go back behind the scenes to see how it all works. You have the choice when you use the Divi themes and modules. Modules are a great way to do actions on a page. It might be a simple action such as a small message that pops up when you save a blog post. These actions can also be complex such as a contact form that is several pages long. The data that is collected may go to several different databases as the data gets parsed out. From there, you can add this unique customer id to the various software platforms that you are running and send them a custom email that thanks them for visiting. There is no limit when you get started with these slick modules.

Free Divi Builder Packs

If you are not aware of the free builder packs that Divi puts out, you should become acquainted with how they work. There is no charge, and it is a good way to see that wide array of things you can create.

Take, for example, the fifth builder pack that they put out. You got nicely designed elements that you could put where you wanted on the page. If you run an online store, this was the one to get. You also had multiple CTAs that you could pick from. On top of this, you also had a great search bar that visitors could use. This builder pack was great in many ways. When you get a customer on your site, finally, you want to get them to commit to certain actions. That might be signing up for an eBook that you just put out. Perhaps you need users to sign up for a conference that you are going to hold soon. All of these things combine to push sales. Those CTAs are going to help with this.

Key Performance Indicators

A call to action creates a definitive goal that you are shooting for. If you don’t have KPIs set up, you will never understand where you are at with your business. Key performance indicators are a good way to track progress and see how many people are signing up for a conference or how many people have clicked on a product you are launching. The call to action will help boost these metrics. Simultaneously, the search bar you get with this free builder pack will make it easy for people to search through and find products they are interested in. Overall, we are surprised they offer it for free. This is a must if you want to get serious about sales online.

Divi Themes free options

Divi Free Themes Conclusion

In conclusion, the makers behind Divi have given you many different ways you can get comfortable with their products. We know that some may look at the plugin’s price, and then they will think twice about buying. You want to make sure that the themes will give you more sales before you make that investment. That makes sense.

The builder packs provide a great way to see the impact you can have on sales. They have custom global headers that you can modify to fit in well with the rest of the work you already have done. Nice-looking global footers will make your content and text pop off the screen. Templates are provided for products, blog posts, and your different categories. Customers are going to love working with your call to action as well. The bright colors draw in the eye and encourage interaction. You even have a 404 that they give you as well when the content is not present.

Divi Impresses Once Again

Overall, we are really impressed with all the Divi free themes. We encourage you to check them out and see if they are going to work for you. As always, you will want to check back on a regular basis with Superb Themes. We can inform you about big sales before they happen. Our guides are excellent in helping you get the most out of your software. Continue to check with us for more information about new plugins.

Are you ready to give Divi a try? Click the button & try out Divi for free.

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