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[All Themes] How To Disable Comments

Having issues managing comments in WordPress? Here’s how to disable them, either site-wide or for specific pages/posts.

Using a Plugin to Disable Comments

  1. Get the Disable Comments Plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.
  2. Once installed, activate it to disable comments across your entire site.

Disabling Comments on Specific Posts or Pages

  1. In your dashboard, select ‘All Pages‘ or ‘All Posts‘.
  2. Hover over the page/post title and click ‘Edit‘.
  3. Click the 3 vertical dots icon at the top-right. Select ‘Options‘.
  4. In the popup, make sure ‘Discussion‘ is checked.
  5. Find the ‘Discussion‘ box on the right side under the ‘Document‘ tab.
  6. Uncheck ‘Allow Comments‘ to disable them. Click ‘Update‘ to save.