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Does Bluehost Offer Email?

Does Bluehost offer email

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to ensure your online presence is carefully curated. The wrong web host can scream unprofessional. A poor logo or bad design choices may announce to everybody that you didn’t invest much time or effort into your business and product. With Bluehost, you will get solid service with a popular host. Email is important to your online persona. Does Bluehost offer email? Absolutely. We are going to go over why this is important and how to use the right email. Let’s start to understand more about Bluehost and the importance of your online email.

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Showing You Are Professional

One of the things I appreciate about Bluehost is the fact they are not just a host. They also work hard to educate their users. When you have an issue pop onto the screen, they can explain why it happened and how to avoid it in the future. Beyond that, they also will educate you with numerous blog articles and tutorials. For example, when we are looking at whether Bluehost offers email, you can easily find the answer on their site. They also explain the importance of customizing your email to show you are professional.

For example, if you are starting a company website, you need custom emails for every employee. You are branding your company. Customers need to identify you easily and understand you are a trend maker instead of using old technology. Would you approach a client with a website hosted with a URL that ends in Of course not! That makes you look cheap. It makes it seem like you are not willing to invest any money into your company. The same thing can happen with email as well. You need a professional email that Bluehost can help you with.

Now, you may think to yourself, I already have an email address. All of my contacts are with a Yahoo account that I created fifteen years ago. That is not going to cut it. Using things like Hotmail or Yahoo, where the accounts are old and outdated, makes it seem like your company is old and outdated. Bluehost can get you organized so that they can easily pull in all of your old contacts. Shifting over and migrating to a new email account will be a snap.

An Easy Shift To Bluehost An Email

Some users might be concerned they don’t have time to move their account over. Bluehost is there to help you figure out these issues so you won’t spend hours going through tutorials. In reality, Bluehost can have everything set up for you in a matter of minutes. Migrating contacts over to a new email is done through scripts that make the process automated. You won’t need to shift everything over by hand. You can think of it like when you change phones. After you upgrade, the system still has your IMSI number. That means moving the contacts over to the new phone happens almost automatically.

What if you are on the fence about using email through your new domain and Bluehost? Whether we like it or not, some customers will judge you for using a personal email that doesn’t seem current. Do you really want to take that risk? Plus, you are already paying for it. You are not charged any extra when you get a personalized email from Bluehost. So the question is not does Bluehost offer email? It would help if you asked yourself why you are not using a custom email when they offer it for free.

Branding Your Company

When you get a domain through them, your custom domain automatically has the ability to make email addresses based on that domain. Say you just started Now you can send out messages utilizing There can be no mistake who that email is from. This brands your product or service. Customers will be able to remember your site much more easily. This can spur them on to check out your domain. If you are trying to have more visitors to your site, doesn’t it make sense to include the site name with every email you send out? This is a good way to go from contacting a cold lead to checking out the site when they have free time.

Keep in mind that when you use Bluehost as your email provider, you won’t be limited to usernames available with a free service. When mail through Google first came out, many people rushed to get the name that they wanted. Unfortunately, if you have a common name, something like will be taken already. That means if you want to present your company professionally, you can’t rely on free services like Google. Instead, make sure everybody can get the name that they are looking for. If you have further questions, Bluehost support can go over how to set things up quickly.

Bluehost offer email pricing

Bluehost Email Pricing

What does the email pricing look like when you work with Bluehost? If you go with the basic account, that will be the lowest tier. This will be suitable for one person or a tiny company. You pay only $2.75 each month, and you will have access to five email accounts.

Once you decide that you want to upgrade, the middle tier is only $4.95. This is an excellent deal because you have unlimited email accounts. Not only that, but you will also be able to take advantage of unlimited email storage as well. With the first tier, your email storage will be limited. Last of all, you have the Choice Plus tier. Once again, you can take advantage of unlimited email accounts and unlimited storage for $5.45 every month. When you run a large business and want customized email through Bluehost, this is the sweet spot. The monthly fee is meager, and you can expand as much as you would like. On top of unlimited email, you will also receive spam protection and privacy in your domain.

Bluehost offer email

Bluehost Email Offers

We have looked at several reasons why you want to go with Bluehost for a custom email. First, it will make your business seem more professional. You can import over all your contacts quickly. What about special Bluehost email offers?

For their various tiers, you have a thirty-day guarantee. Keep in mind; this does not apply to domain names. Once you have a domain name that is locked in, that is separate. It is harder to return a domain name, and you often need to hold it until the domain expires. If you are excited about trying email through Bluehost, give it a shot. At any time, you can cancel, and all of your money will be refunded. This is a great offer and allows you to use Bluehost for a full month before you make the decision. Money is tight for many right now, and Bluehost wants to make you happy with its product and service.

Email Restrictions

Are there any email restrictions to think about with Bluehost? For example, if you work with Bluehost as your email provider and get a message saying the speed limit has been exceeded, you may have gone past your hourly limit.

Bluehost is dedicated to stopping spam. We all know how annoying it can be when trying to clear out your email, and all the messages are legitimate. Spam is even worse. Many times, hackers will use spam messages as a vector to infect your whole system. While the message looks like it is from a friend or coworker, in reality, if you click the link, you can compromise your whole system. Considering how serious spam is, you can understand why Bluehost will closely monitor how many email messages you are sending through their service.

Outbound mail is limited to 150 messages sent out per hour. You have no restrictions when you use inbound email. Bluehost doesn’t want to filter what is coming into your inbox if it is legitimate. They will warn you, though, if you go past the 150 messages mark in one hour. This would really only happen with automation and some mass mailing program. If you need to go past this limit, speak with Bluehost by phone or use the live chat. If you explain why you need to send out more messages than your quota, they can accommodate you.

Does Bluehost Offer Email? Conclusion

In our article, we went over many aspects of email with Bluehost. We were able to learn that it is included free when you have paid service with them. The different tiers were also considered to see which ones will offer you unlimited storage and accounts. Finally, we looked at some of the restrictions. If you see a message pop up that tells you that you went past your sent messages limit, you now understand why. Overall, Bluehost is offering a great service for companies. We highly recommend that you use an email with Bluehost.

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