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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Picking A WordPress Theme

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Picking A WordPress Theme
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Thousands of WordPress themes exist out there and its sheer number may require days on end to search across the whole of them. So how do you focus on the perfect one for your site?

Picking the correct theme is certainly important – the proper one should offer your content its flair, keeping it responsive across devices, while also loading fast at the bat of an eyelid. However, with numerous themes in the pool, it can be quite a challenging task to choose the finest one possible.

Prior to purchasing a theme, or spending your time customizing one, ensure to scan this list of do’s and don’ts in the matter of choosing the perfect WordPress theme.

# 1 Do Compose A List Of Your Desired Features In Advance

Do Compose A List Of Your Desired Features In Advance
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Before choosing a theme, it’s entirely important to decide which features are vital and which you can do without.

The Filter WordPress Feature makes it extremely easy to customize your search for free themes based on particular features you desire, such as being translation ready and permitting a flexible header. It’s essential to keep in mind the design before performing a selection. For example, you should be ready to know if you wish your site to possess one column or multiple columns.

In the matter of WordPress themes, less is always more. Going from the bottom up, the theme you select should only possess the features that will assist you attain the goal of your site, not needless ones that clutter your theme.

#2 Don’t Pick A Bloated Theme

The importance of this lies in not having a theme cluttered with features – this will only harm you in the long run. A feature-laden theme may be nice, but it can severely impact site performance. It may compromise security, reduce the site speed at the end or distract the users. Ensure to restrict yourself from installing every feature you consider to be cool.

Whereas fancy music players or gaming capacities may be appealing, they could belittle from site performance. Besides, developers frequently employ code they discover on the internet for these features, thereby forming weak spots in security as they aren’t primarily focused on retaining a site secure, but doing a specific function.

If you possess a budget, think about upgrading to premium themes. Themes that need to be purchased are frequently better and provide periodic fixes and updates, greater support, Improved coding, and better security.

# 3 Do Pick A Responsive Theme

Responsive design just means rendering your site ultra-simple to use – not only on a laptop, but on multiple devices. This implies that it’s compliant with mobile and possesses menus and different widgets that are simple to navigate. Check out features like a fluid site grid and flexible images that can transfer to non-desktop devices. An instance of a responsive WordPress theme would be one that can conveniently translate on a mobile gadget without any hassles.

If the sites run effectively on all the devices with no hiccups, then we can hold that the theme is compatible, flexible, and responsive. It would be more advantageous if the theme has a nice scope of customization.

These are some of the specific Do’s points that you should attend to while choosing a responsive theme:

  • The theme should be mobile-friendly
  • The theme should be browser-friendly

A mobile-friendly website offers you an improved scope of doing business as 50% of online traffic arrives from mobile users! So, remember to examine the responsiveness of the website while choosing a WordPress theme.

To offer an improved experience to the users at various devices, you must also look after the browsers. A theme must be accessible to all browsers as your visitor/user can come from any browser.

A few of the world’s primary browsers are Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You can get a host of tools on the internet that assists you in discovering whether the theme is browser-friendly or not!

# 4 Your Theme Should Support Various Plugins

While talking about plugins, solely WordPress plugins are preferred. The internet is packed with WordPress compatible plugins. A plugin has to add additional features to your websites. So, you must be definite that your chosen theme would be compatible with nearly all WordPress plugins.

Yoast SEO, forms, caching plugins, multi-vendor plugins, etc are a few popular plugins that must apply to every WordPress theme.

# 5 A Theme Should Offer Support

A Theme Should Offer Support
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While free themes are excellent for those on a budget, they can offer some issues. Besides the quality of coding potentially not measuring up to par, selecting a free theme runs you the risk of it not being updated frequently, absence of support, and the theme author leaving the theme entirely.

Themes that offer support are premium themes. These themes assure you of the help in conditions where it can fail. Selecting a premium theme is believed to be a good investment since it provides you with improved support, robust security, and enhanced features.

Premium themes are dynamic, generally offering greater features than free ones, which distinguishes you from the crowd. Try out these premium WordPress themes that only need a one-time cost instead of a recurring payment.

# 6 Color Plays A Vital Role

The majority of online marketing is based on visual appearance. And color plays a major role in appearance. A nice color theme determines better brand recognition.

Always opt for neutral corners and choose colors that attract the user. It is suggested that you surf your competitor’s color choices by visiting their portals.WordPress renders it super simple to modify the appearance, including colors, of a theme by going straight into the file or entering in custom CSS.

Also, don’t ever get confused between light and dark!

Statistics reveal that users favor light-colored sites. A light-colored site raises site visibility, readability, and renders your design more conventional. If you want to pick dark color shades, then favor a pleasant responsive WordPress theme that provides night mode selection.

# 7 Simplicity Is Key

The saying all that glitter is not gold is pretty much applicable while choosing a website theme. WordPress offers an overwhelming number of themes.

Some of it contains complex layouts, plenty of colors, flashy animations, trivial javascripts besides more. All of which stops the website from doing what is necessary.

When picking a theme, select the one that can aid you achieve your initial goal and site purpose. A colorful website with a complicated layout may appear attractive to your eyes but it may detract your visitors from reading and receiving the message and detail you wish to exchange with them.

Simple websites present greater focus on content and enhance your typography. People prefer websites that place the user first. The golden rule of picking a WordPress theme is to always focus on your users.

# 8 Do Not Employ Excess Of Google Fonts

A few themes present limited options in the matter of customization while other themes allow users to modify their font with the application of CSS. The one that presents various customization options must be favored.

If you’re going to select a font, opt for the simpler ones like Tahoma, Serifs, and Verdana or those currently in vogue, like Open Sans, Arvo, Lato, Josefin Slab, and Vollkorn.

# 9 Go For An SEO Optimized Theme

A website is of no use if people can’t locate it online. To ensure that your website is conveniently searchable, WordPress offers you SEO optimized themes. Employing themes like this, you can expand SEO functions and render your website more accessible to SERP – Search Engine Results Page. A WordPress development agency always searches for such types of WordPress themes to build better quality websites.

# 10 Don’t Use Excess Of Widgets

Every WordPress theme is equipped with some default widgets that aid you to do elementary functions of texts, videos, images, etc. However, not all widgets are used completely.

Moreover, things get messier when you include more widgets to your website! Therefore, remove unnecessary widgets by registering or unregistering it according to your needs.

# 11 Supplement Your Website With New Features

If your site is powered by WordPress, in that case you need to know about adding the latest features to your site. Instead of retaining old features, including new ones is vital since new features will help you gain extra business benefits. Further, this would retain the audience and user interest in your site. The outcome will be a high customer engagement ratio for you.

# 12 Give Priority To WordPress Security

Websites are all the time vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacking. Hackers can breach the security of any site and steal information, data and take advantage of the users. Perhaps, it may not be possible for you to comprehend the importance of website security, but a WordPress theme can be useful in numerous ways.

Every WordPress theme is secure and assures encryption of passwords. In fact, some professional web design companies in the USA pay special attention to website security by using WordPress themes.


Expectedly, this article has provided you some insight that can narrow down your selection process. The good thing about WordPress is if you plan to alter themes down the road, you’ll possess the versatility to do so.

Spare your moment to select the proper theme for your WordPress website. Invest the right money on your WordPress website platform and target on earning and constituting a brand for your business with WordPress.

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