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DreamHost hosting plan offers

The winner of PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for five years in a row, DreamHost has proven to be a good choice among new users and tech experts. When you set up a site, it has to inspire confidence with customers and the search engines. Are you putting forth your best image when you use a discount host? It is better to go with an excellent host like DreamHost and look for reasonable offers. What are the current DreamHost offers? We will cover some of the best ways to save with DreamHost right now.

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DreamHost Discount Offer

If you are curious about WordPress, DreamHost is running many discounts offers right now. For example, you can get basic WordPress hosting for just $2.59 a month. That is a discount of 68% when you use the three-year plan. You will be hard-pressed to find a deal that is lower every month. This includes:

  • Good for one website
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free domain name
  • WordPress will come installed already
  • Automated migration from another host
  • SSD storage to make sure load times are quick
  • Website builder is included
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Email can be added for a little over a dollar

As you can see, the price of just over two dollars for every month includes a ton of choices. We all know if we want fast speeds, it is better to go with the more expensive option of using SSD storage. If you were to install this yourself on your personal computer, you would need to unplug everything first, open up your case, hook up power from the motherboard and attach the SATA cable. Instead of doing the installation yourself, you can work with DreamHost. They have professionals that take care of all the hardware needs. Their servers are already equipped with fast storage, so you don’t have to worry about it.

On top of DreamHost using the latest technology with this offer, you also access unlimited traffic. Many hosts don’t offer this, which can create issues if the content goes viral. With so many companies using social media, it would be great to have that one post that goes viral and attracts users worldwide. You can only take advantage of this, though, with unlimited traffic. Otherwise, you will find yourself capped, and that vast opportunity will pass you by.

Does DreamHost Offer Free Domain?

When you are just getting started, it might seem like many extra costs are involved with web hosts. You need to pay for the actual hosting, the SEO package, managed hosting in case you run into trouble, and also a domain name. It makes things easier when your host can give you a free domain. Does DreamHost offer a free domain?

DreamHost will give you a free domain for only certain tiers and programs. You can get the free domain with the Shared Starter and the Shared Unlimited/Happy Hosting program. DreamHost customers that sign up for a full year will also be given a free domain credit. You can use your credit toward one of the following domains:,, or .xyz

There is some fine print with this deal as well. If you sign up for one of these plans and get your free domain, canceling the service will make you responsible for paying the fee. Otherwise, users would sign up for the DreamPress program, register their domain for free, and cancel immediately. The fee will be deducted from the refund back to you after canceling. You also can not return the domain name. The domain name you registered will still be under your control until it finally expires. Keep these tips in mind when working with DreamHost and consider which plan to go with.

DreamHost Discount offers

Does DreamHost Offer Domain Privacy?

When you register a domain with a host, they require a lot of information. This includes your phone number, your email address, and a mailing address where you can be reached. You probably don’t want a lot of this information getting out to everybody. That is to be expected.

If you run a site that could have risks to your privacy, personal information needs to be guarded. For example, say you run a site for one of the political parties in your country. This could attract a lot of negative attention from outsiders. If you are critical of places like China or Thailand, this could also make it necessary to keep your personal information guarded if you want to avoid trouble later on.

With DreamHost, privacy can be included automatically. Domain privacy is free. With many registrars, they will charge you extra for this service. When you work with DreamHost, all of this is included for free. Be careful, though. Not every domain allows for privacy. Certain countries have made it so that you can’t use the privacy feature. Things such as .asia and .barcelona will require you to find privacy in another way. When you purchase a domain from DreamHost, feel free to add domain privacy later for free.

With your physical location and contact information hidden, you will get less spam and fewer scams that come to your business. We are glad that DreamHost takes privacy so seriously, and they are always looking out for their customers.

Does DreamHost Offer Free Domain With Hosting?

While we are on DreamHost and domains, we also want to know if DreamHost can offer a free domain when you get hosting. As stated earlier, make sure you check the tier you are in, and the program can offer this. That will guarantee that you can still get your free domain along with the extra privacy. A domain is an essential aspect of your business. If you go with something not memorable, people will be less likely to visit your business onlSo using a domain name that people will remember later will help boost your sales and visits.

Does DreamHost Offer Cache Plugin?

Another question that we want to address would be cache plugins. A caching plugin generates static HTML pages. These can then be saved on your server. In this case, the server would belong to DreamHost. Once DreamHost has a cached version of your site, they can serve it to customers much faster than having to load the same site over and over.

An excellent way to think about this is to remember several pieces of information, for example, say. Say you are working in networking, and you need to keep in mind port numbers. You write down the port numbers and services that you need to remember on a sticky note. Now when you need the information, it is easy to access. A cache of information works similarly. You can easily access the info and save time in the end.

So, does DreamHost offer a cache plugin? DreamPress uses a built-in server cache along with the object cache. This will allow WordPress users to take full advantage of the faster load times you will get with an HTML page. Don’t bother installing additional caching plugins. Things are already done for you.

DreamHost offers

DreamHost Offers Conclusion

In conclusion, DreamHost offers excellent deals year-round. If you are a WordPress user looking to find a good place to park your site, it won’t be easy to find another host that offers so much for under three dollars every month. Right now, you can save up to 72% for the Unlimited plan. That is a fantastic offer that won’t be around for long. With the Unlimited tier, the cost is only $3.95 every month. In addition, you will have free migration, SSL, and also unlimited visitors. The best thing about this plan, though, is that you can have unlimited sites.

If you compare the $3.95 price with what you pay for just one site, you can see why this is an excellent offer to go unlimited with DreamHost. This would be great for an agency that is just getting started. When you have many different pages you need to host, it is essential to get in at a low price. The solid-state drives will be just what you need if you want your customers to have fast speeds and a good user experience.

The Guarantee

If you feel like you are hesitating with trying this service, remember that this product does come with a guarantee. You can get a 97-day guarantee to work with the service and see if this will be right for you. There is no need to feel rushed. Instead, conduct business like you usually would. If you think that the customer service is not meeting expectations, you can cancel at any time. Now that is a good DreamHost offer!

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Enjoy the latest DreamHost offers and start saving money.

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