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Duda Website Builder Review

Duda Website Builder Review

If you are involved in creating sites, chances are you have already seen ads for Duda. They have put their ads all over popular sites such as YouTube and Twitter to try and sway people over to trying out their service. Should you make the change from Divi or Elementor and start using Duda? Are they better than using Wix or even Squarespace? We will go over some of the top reasons you might want to check out Duda and how they could increase the quality of their service. Let’s start our Duda review.

Are you ready to give Duda a try? Click the button & try out Duda for free.


Before diving into why you would want to make the switch to Duda, let’s look at some of the most prominent reasons why people enjoy using this platform. Pros include the following:

  • Many different apps and widgets to pick from
  • Plenty of templates for fast construction
  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive controls

It would help if you had a builder that gives you a wide assortment of different apps and widgets for your page. Depending on your industry, you might have completely different needs in comparison to the next user. This becomes personalized very quickly with such a huge toolbox.

Creative control is in your hands. With so many templates, you will find something that fits your niche or a specific field. The templates use attractive designs so that everything will appear modern and appealing to the eye. These templates are easy to use, and the purpose of the various widgets and buttons will be obvious. You can learn just by using the software instead of reading a manual. Let’s continue the Duda review with the cons.


It would not make sense only to cover the best parts of this program. We also briefly want to see how things could be better. Some of the cons that stand out are as follows:

  • Not the cheapest price plan
  • SEO optimization could be better
  • The templates should offer more options for advanced users

When compared with similar systems, the lowest tier for Duda runs $14.00. This price is not bad, but we have seen similar plans that are cheaper. To get this monthly price, you need to sign up for the annual plan. You may find that you want to switch over to another plan while using Duda. This will be hard if you are locked into an annual contract to get the lowest price.

SEO is more important than ever. You may need to supplement using Duda with other tools that put a focus on search engine rankings. We feel that they could have done a better job giving elements and images the best tags and metadata. In the future, you need everything labeled properly if you want it picked up by the search engines.

While it is simple to use the templates and the system they set up, this can also be a downside. Some of the more advanced users felt like they didn’t have enough options to pick from. If you feel like you fall into this category, skip Duda and use one of the more complicated drag and drop builders.

Building Is Easy

Building Is Easy

If you own your company or business, we know how important it is to have a site on the web. With zero presence on the Internet, it will be hard for customers to contact you, find your building, or learn more about your company. Many of us take this for granted now. If you are curious about a new restaurant, you look it up on Google. You want to read reviews and see where the physical building is located. If your company never created a page for the web, you will be giving up quite a bit of traffic.

While we can confirm a site is needed, it is still hard to put up a site independently. How do you host it? What should the homepage look like? Will you be able to get help if you need it? These are questions that many people are worried about. For younger business owners, it is not difficult to put together a slick-looking site quickly. When you are an older business owner, it might seem very intimidating to learn about this new technology.

Duda bypasses your concerns by giving you a wide range of templates to pick from. Once you come across one you think would fit your given niche and industry, import the template and get started. Change out the text with your own taglines and products. Fix the images by replacing them with your own. The system is very intuitive, and you will understand it quickly.

A Variety Of Widgets

Another aspect of our Duda review is widgets. If you feel something missing, like a pop-up or a form, you have widgets for that. Now you have your own custom page that is ready to publish. It just so happens Duda is a host, so that it has already been resolved. This is really handy when your host also gives you the tools to build your site.

For example, say you are having trouble with a plugin. It was recommended to you as a great form builder. As you start to put together the different fields for your form, you test it, and you want to see where the data is going. Normally you use MailChimp to talk to customers through email. The data from the fields are not getting pushed to MailChimp. In fact, you have no idea where your data is going.

A Variety Of Widgets

Less Technical Issues

One of the most important aspects of our Duda review is technology.

This is a frequent problem when you have interactive features on your site. These technical headaches pop up all the time. When you are using a pop-up builder built by one team and combining it with a page builder made by another team, at times, they don’t communicate well. Data can be lost, and that is data you need to build a company.

Push all of that to the side. Going with Duda gets rid of extra costs. You are given a form builder and the ability to do nice-looking pop-ups that will appeal to customers. Why spend the extra money on plugins that build these when it is already provided for you? On top of this, the widgets will work well with your page builder because they are all made by the same company. If you call Duda with questions about WP Forms or Ninja Forms, they might have no idea what you are talking about. When you use their provided tools, everything will go smoothly for a lower cost. That is why agencies and individuals are both moving over to this new service.

Less Technical Issues

Who Does It Apply To?

With slick features for individual people and agencies, both will get a lot out of this builder. We also noticed that Duda made their system very competitive for particular industries.

Take, for example; you have a site built up around a hobby like wakeboarding. Don’t spend hours trying to build a forum using PHP. They already give you the tools you need with Disqus. Now customers can speak with you and give their feedback. They can also speak with each other in a forum-like setting. Tools like this that are premade save you many hours that you could be wasting on making your own code in PHP.

Restaurants will also want to take note of the many options that Duda has laid out. We all know, with the virus, the way restaurants serve customers has changed. Duda comes with OpenTable. This is programmed for you already to accept reservations from customers, so when there are too many people scheduled for one time, you can set a hard cut off. That is important in our new world, where many restaurants are limited in terms of how many patrons can be in their building at one time. Set up a reservation system so that you are always in the proper bounds of the laws set by your local government.

Menus are also one of the great features of Duda. With so many people ordering online now, you need a great looking online menu that people can look at. Customize your layout and import images that you took. This is a great way to make a visual menu to get people hungry as they browse your restaurant site.

Squarespace and Wix

Both Squarespace and Wix might be better known, but Duda has really impressed us. With just a brief look at some of the options, we are sure you have seen how it is worth it to pay a little extra each month. If you want to try and break away from using either Squarespace or Wix, it won’t be easy. They have purposely made their system so that it will be a real trial to export your site.

Using your RSS feed, you will record all the content you published on your site. You can use this to migrate away from SquareSpace and a builder with more options, such as Duda. Also, there are services such as 10Web that have tools that can clone sites. By looking into duplicating your current site, you can break out of the ecosystem created by a company like Wix, so you have more options. We think you will be a lot happier working with a company to add your own custom HTML and JavaScript. Now you are in control if you so choose.

Duda Review Conclusion

For our Duda review, we looked at both the pros and cons of this builder. While some of the other drag and drop builders may be cheaper, they don’t offer the same widgets and features. Our Duda review also went over how this service is convenient for certain industries like restaurants. If you have not checked it out already, they have a free trial that you can utilize. For more in terms of software reviews, keep it here with Superb Themes.

Are you ready to give Duda a try? Click the button & try out Duda for free.

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