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Elegant Themes coupon code

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The Elegant Themes Story

Not many WordPress themes and WordPress plugin companies have succeeded to the same degree as Elegant Themes. Back when Nick Roach was in 7th grade, his band needed a website, and so Roach took a shot at designing one. In 2008, when he was a college student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, he started Elegant Themes in his college apartment. From the start the company has designed exceptional WordPress themes. In more recent years the company has focused on WordPress plugins. We guess that more than 600,000+ clients can’t be wrong.

Elegant Themes has been striving for the past 11 years to provide top-notch quality products and services. It has managed to get around 600,000 customers with a good satisfaction rate. For maintaining operations, it has grown and diverse workforce that covers several countries. In providing third-party premium tools for WordPress sites, Elegant Themes stands second to none.

Divi Theme from Elegant Themes

The crown jewel in Elegant Themes’ portfolio is the Divi theme, which is one of the world’s best-selling WordPress themes. Divi is a multipurpose theme with the right mix of pure, clean design and cool, business-friendly features.

elegantthemes discount code

ElegantThemes F.A.Q

Is Elegant Themes an American company?

Yes, Elegant Themes was founded in Nick Roach’s apartment during his college days in San Luis Obispo, California. Today, Elegant Themes has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Does Elegant Themes make the most popular premium WordPress themes in the world?

There are two different ways of measuring what the most-used premium WordPress themes in the world are: counting downloads and counting actual sales. We believe it’s sales, and not downloads, that count.

Measuring by sales, some of the most popular WordPress themes in the world are: 

  • Divi from Elegant Themes: 600,000 sales
  • Avada from ThemeForest: 539,000 sales
  • Astra from Brainstorm Force: 400,000 sales
  • Enfold from Kriesi: 192,000 sales
  • BeTheme from Kriesi: 169,000 sales
  • The7 from Dream-Theme: 159,000 sales
  • Flatsome from UX-themes: 104,000 sales

What is Elegant Themes’ top WordPress theme?

While Elegant Themes has made several popular WordPress themes, their biggest hit is Divi, one of the top-selling WordPress themes of all time.

Elegant Themes have their flagships Extra and Divi, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other themes with them. They have around 85 different themes that have similar qualities as the flagship ones and are quite well optimized and responsive.

Some of the popular or amazing themes other than the flagship products by Elegant Themes include the following:

  • DIVI
  • FOXY

Are Elegant Themes discount codes available? 

“Discount code” is another way of saying “coupon code.” An Elegant Themes discount code is a code you enter to access a special offer.

The Best Part About Elegant Themes

The tools and products provided by the Elegant Themes are ideal, useful and easy to use for new users as well as for those with limited or no coding skills. There is no doubt in what you get in return for the price is extremely competitive. Divi and Extra, the two flagship themes of Elegant Themes, are great and versatile for multi-purpose use and deployment. 

The products have amazingly top-notch quality graphics. Their products are compatible with the majority of the third-party plugins and themes out there. The rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee provides you with an easier to make decision situation along with time and choice to check and then keep options. Flagship products are made sure to be periodically and continuously updated for hassle-free workings. Each product of Elegant Themes has been provided with a set of detailed and easy to follow tutorials for help and understanding. The drag and drop interface is a very effective and easy to use way for beginners and non-coders.

Does Elegant Themes offer a Divi discount or promotion code?

There are no Elegant Themes coupon codes on offer for Divi, but you can save money by choosing the right license, Yearly or Lifetime. This holds true for all of Elegant Themes’ themes; you don’t need a code, but

Elegant Themes Security

Security is a significant concern, especially when a lot of traffic is involved. Though the WordPress platform is secure it-self, a poorly designed add-on and the plugin can introduce security threats for your site.  Elegant Themes claims that its flagship product Divi theme is critically analyzed through the security frameworks and checks, ensuring that it provides the maximum security from any potential threats that would compromise security. 

Moreover, the Divi theme is said to have frequent updates, and the developer always maintains the integrity of its system as a top priority.

All their products comes with great customer support

Elegant Themes makes sure that it provides fast and reliable support to provide high-quality conversation options along with a live chat system for all its customers. The competent support team is available round the clock to help you with problems. The support team members are well-trained. They are capable of answering every question of yours.

Responsive Themes

It is crucial to have a website that looks good on mobile in today’s world as more than 60% of people use smartphones, and the number is increasing day by day. Mobile users are in large numbers and without making a website look good on mobile, there is no chance to have a successful business based on the website. The good thing is that every product of Elegant Theme is mobile friendly and looks good and amazing on mobile devices.

Elegant Themes products are so easy to use, along with the availability of tutorials and documentation; beginners can easily design a website without hiring any coders. It is very straightforward as all you have to do is drag and drop the part which you would like to add in your site according to your needs and liking. 

The theme is flexible, contributing to the creation of a website a hassle-free task. All the Elegant Theme provided themes are pre-built with everything designed, but there is always room for additional customization.

Elegant Themes coupon code vs. Divi coupon code 

Many buyers don’t realize that Divi is a theme and Elegant Themes is the company that created and owns the theme. When searching for discount codes, you should look for Elegant Themes coupon code or Elegant Themes discount code, not Divi coupon code.

elegantthemes promotion code

 Does Elegant Themes have an affiliate program that I can join?

Once again, Elegant Themes sets a very high standard. Their WordPress Themes Affiliate Program is one of the best WordPress themes and WordPress plugins affiliate programs there are. Elegant Themes gives their clients access to approximately ninety WordPress themes and plugins.

Elegant Themes pays out more than three million dollars a year based on a commission of 50 percent on all sales. When you refer a customer from your blog or website, you receive 50 cents of every dollar they spend. Furthermore, the affiliate program offers a renewal commission: You receive a commission every time a customer you referred renews their subscription.

Elegant Themes’ prices start at $69 a year and go up to around $240 for a lifetime subscription, which makes it possible to earn quite a bit of money as an affiliate partner. 

Another great thing about Elegant Themes’ Affiliate Program is that the cookie duration is 180 days. Even if a customer, referred by your website, doesn’t buy an Elegant Themes product on the day they were referred from your site, you will still receive a commission if they purchase a product at a later time.

Can I get an Elegant Themes coupon code?

At the moment, Elegant Themes offers 10 percent off of Divi. Visit Elegant Themes’ website and go to the Divi section, then press the “Claim your 10% Discount” button in the left corner of the screen and sign up to the Elegant Themes newsletter.  

elegantthemes bonus code

Is Elegant Themes more than just Divi?

Divi is by far the best-selling WordPress theme from Elegant Themes, but they also have several other high-quality WordPress designs. The second most famous Elegant Themes WordPress theme after Divi is Extra, which has sold well, though nothing approaching the sales figures of Divi. The other designs from the Elegant Themes family are great, but again, not nearly as popular as Divi. 

Elegant Themes Yearly Access Bonus Code & Promotion Code

Click on one of our links to visit Elegant Themes temporary secret page with their 20% discount. It is a temporary offer they have, so make sure that you take advantage of it!

Though the price plans are very reasonable compared to the other options, bonus codes and promotion codes are available for Elegant Theme products all over the internet. You have to search for the promo codes or bonus codes over a search engine; you will easily get a lot of websites having coupon codes for the products of Elegant Themes. 

To state a few, websites like bloggersneed.com, alienwp.com, digitalkube.com and many others are out there, providing you with various types of coupon codes for different types of discounts and offers on Elegant Theme products. For example, there are many results like 50% off or other percentages stating a discount statement for the relevant scenario available. Just explore the coupon providing websites to get amazing discounts.

Elegant Themes Lifetime Access Discount Code

Elegant Themes currently have an offer where you get a 20% discount on their lifetime access, use our link to access their secret page with the info.

When looking for a new WordPress theme, it is not possible not to come across the name Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is one of the most popular and well-recognized names in the WordPress world. They have managed to establish themselves as market leaders in the aspect of providing high-quality themes and plugins. 

Elegant Themes has presented around 87 themes of WordPress over the years, along with a number of plugins. They have also been popular because of their price schemes. They provide access to all of its themes in $89 per year with plugins, giving tough competition in pricing for the competitors. 

If you need to use their products for a very long time, they have a Lifetime Access plan, which costs $249 as a one time only fee and gives you access to all existing and future products. They have a solid 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases so that you can check their products for suitability and application according to your ways.

Elegant Themes Pricing Options with Discounts

Elegant Themes brings you a widened variety of products, comprising more than eighty themes with three plugins. For now, they present two plans:

  1. Yearly access to all digital products charging $89 per year. You can save 20% of that by using our link.
  2. Lifetime plan that charges you $249 paid once. You can save 20% of that by using our link.

Both of the options provide you access to all themes and plugins with premium updates, along with very good customer service.

Why you should get one of Elegant Themes products, especially with Discounts & Coupon Codes available

The price plans above do include access to more than 80 themes. The two most popular themes of Elegant Themes are the Divi theme and the Extra theme. These two themes are known to have been the flagship themes for the previous few years. The detailed reviews of the themes are explained in the upcoming paragraphs of the article.

This theme has several unique and amazing features, along with high-quality graphics and a powerful page builder. It is amazingly versatile and works for a diverse range of applications, from e-commerce stores to regular blog sites it is applicable. Good and easy for beginners due to its simplicity and easy to use interface. It has a lot to offer to experienced web designers as with the help of available templates as well as the highly flexible page builder; they can personalize their site to maximum detail. 

Drag-and-drop tool and front-end user interface are the features that provide full control over the design of your site. The theme comprises more than 32 templates and around 50 different modules in its library, provided this large framework allows you to explore your creativity to create unique pages, and to streamline the operational design process.

This theme is tailored explicitly for blogs and magazines in an enhanced quality approach. Elegant Themes ensures the availability of all the key tools which are required for creating a well-optimized news page. The layouts contribute in an ample way to organizing your content efficiently and professionally, along with displaying short previews of your content in the form of customizable snippets.  It has a very well designed and image-heavy layout, which is the reason for its popularity. 

As for boosting user engagement, proper inclusion of images is crucial; this theme enables users to take advantage of the use of images to the maximum extent. It helps them create attractive posts that can gain the interest of visitors, along with keeping them engaged.

Elegant Themes Coupon Code Conclusion

All the above-stated information about Elegant Themes is ample for deciding on purchasing their services or not. The tools that are provided to you are easy to use and are effective for work. The tools help you to manage your work in a hassle-free way, enabling you to focus on improving the quality of your content. 

If you want to make a stunning website in a simple and easy to manage way, then Elegant Themes products are the best option for you out there.

Click the button to access the secret 20% discount on all Elegant Themes pricing plans.

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