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Elegant Themes Monthly Giveaway 2022 – Win Divi Theme!

Elegant Themes Giveaway 2020

Elegant Themes hosts giveaway every Monday, where they give a free license away to one of their products. You can get lucky and win a copy of Divi, Divi Builder Plugin, or Extra. It works this way: Click the link below and sign up for their newsletter. Every Monday you’ll automatically participate in a giveaway for a free product of your choice from Elegant Themes. It’s super simple!

Click the green button to visit Elegant Themes & sign up for their weekly giveaway.

Elegant themes  

Elegant themes provide you with the best popular WordPress Themes in the world. It’s the ultimate visual page builder and website building framework that allows you to design websites without even knowing the basics of coding. It doesn’t need coding or a deep understanding of technical skills to use it. 

You don’t have to install and configure a lot of disjointed plugins. It’s the best WordPress website theme builder that you ever used before. They also do a giveaway for their customers. If you get picked in the giveaway, you get a free package and some exciting discount on it. The giveaway is held every Monday, but you have to sign up for entering into the newsletter.

Elegant Themes giveaway

Join the Divi giveaway by signing up to their email list  

You can also join the giveaway if you have signed up for the elegant themes and have subscribed to their newsletter. There are no long steps to follow to enter the giveaway; you just simply have to subscribe to the newsletter, and you have to sign in to the account. After signing in, leave a comment for elegant themes to see so they can enter your name on their list. You don’t have to worry because the giveaway happens every Monday if you haven’t won it yet. You have the chance. Try your luck and follow the simple steps to sign up for elegant themes.  

Why Elegant Themes hosts weekly giveaways for Divi & other products  

Elegant Themes hosts such weekly giveaways to make a bond with their customers and help them save some money and enjoy at the same moment. During the entry of the giveaway, everyone is hopeful of winning. It creates curiosity and a connection between the brand and the customers. They gain customer loyalty and think about customer benefits. 

It’s a very simple giveaway, and people enter it every week with the hope to win. Those who get picked are more excited to keep using the subscription and maintain their website themes through the elegant theme gallery. It benefits both the customers and the theme gallery to introduce such fun things.  To make it more exciting and keep everyone engaged, they have named it the giveaway that never ends for you. You can get the chance every Monday to win. Who knows the next will be you? The lucky winners are selected randomly, so people try their luck and become contestants by subscribing to the newsletter and leaving a single comment.

How to claim the giveaway prize  

When you submit your name and if your name gets picked and you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, you will get an email to claim your prize. If you are an old member of elegant themes, then you will get an upgraded account to the next subscription for free. 

If you are a new member, then you will get a free 1-year subscription to the elegant theme package. You can win this price if you subscribe to the newsletter right now and submit your names to get into the raffle. It’s that easy!

Elegant Themes topics

Elegant Themes Black Friday Divi Giveaway   

This is a giveaway that only comes once a year, so you don’t want to miss it. The Black Friday giveaway is also very exciting, and it’s just a one-time thing in the year, so you should keep it in mind as well. There are a lot of exciting prizes in this giveaway, and you get the biggest discount ever on this day.

Divi Membership upgrades   

You will get the best deal on the Divi membership, which is the new theme on the elegant themes, and you will also get its upgrades. Whosoever purchases the theme on black Friday will get the advantage of the sale. You will get this fantastic membership upgrade for free on the sale.  

How to join Black Friday Giveaway  

You can join the giveaway by purchasing the themes from the elegant themes or getting a subscription for you at a very less price. You will get a lot of discounts on this giveaway. Every customer who purchases will get a free prize with it. This is only for one day, so you shouldn’t wait for long and grab your prizes as soon as you get a chance. This sale is insane and sells out very quickly because people love to have prizes and discounts on their purchase Gear up and mark your calendars and avail of black Friday sales. 

Divi Giveaway by Elegant Themes Nick Roach

Nick Roach at Elegant themes wanted everyone to have the opportunity to try this new version of Divi even though they aren’t able to purchase it right now. He came up with an idea of giveaways that will benefit those who have subscribed to their newsletter and taking part actively in the community.  He makes it clear that it’s compulsory to have a subscription to their newsletter if you want to enter the giveaway. The price of the giveaway is the free membership to the Elegant Themes which you can win every Monday.  

Monday is the lucky day of the week now, and you have the chance to try this amazing theme Divi, which can surprise you with its amazing designs and save your time. As the subscription is free for the winner for a year so you can enjoy trying out all the different features that come with this latest Divi 4.0. You will love this giveaway and can try your creative skills on it too. You can also design something by using the theme and show your clients your creativity by making something yourself. 

Divi Giveaway

Divi is a ready-made visual theme that can save the time that will be consumed in coding. You have to put a lot of effort when you are coding by hand, and you are making the effort to make even a small page. It takes a lot of time. It would be a slow process when you start making the themes and pages together. You won’t be able to see the changes before you have completed them. You can use Divi for this work, and it will be a quick thing too. What else do you need when the help is before your eyes.

Why Use Elegant themes for your WordPress website  

If you are a designer and want to make your website real quick, you need Elegant Themes in your life. You can be as creative as you want by using the themes in this page builder. Its Latest theme Divi is very popular among people, you can use it to make changes and test several things on your page according to your choice.  In a short time, you can see if your design is working with the whole page and suits your website; if not, you can change it and make it better.  

Variety of plugins  

You can have a variety of plugins from this site, and it’s the best functionality Elegant Themes provide you with. You just not build sites anymore but also solve problems that occur during designing and try new features to a site that normally takes almost 2 weeks to code by hand.  

Highly customizable themes 

You can make your site exactly what you have thought of. You can customize everything and make it look unique. You can give your products a look that is attractive to you and will give your website a distinct look as well. You can stand out by using the new templates and trying new categories of designs on your site. You can customize your blog tags and pages too. You can also use the logic for your website, so it doesn’t influence the entire website, only the pages you want the customization on. You never get all these features before any website builder, and these changes are great to make your site look distinct and amazing.

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Avoid Fake Giveaways  

You need to keep in mind that Elegant Themes only offer a giveaway on Monday and that the only weekly giveaways are offered by them. They only provide you with a giveaway on Monday every week. Other than this, the giveaway is on black Friday. The subscription is only free when you are picked up as a winner on a weekly giveaway, so it doesn’t come into the trap of these hackers. These fake giveaways can hack your account and also ask for money to join the giveaway, so make sure you are aware of the scam and double-check before clicking any click.

So, Elegant Themes Giveaway 2022 is the best one you can have, and it gives you the chance to avail yourself of discounts and get the subscription for free. These giveaways allow you to try the themes even if you are not able to afford them; the free 1-year subscription can give you unlimited features and templates. Go sign up and subscribe to the newsletter and submit your name. Good luck with the giveaway! You can be the next winner.

Click the green button to visit Elegant Themes & sign up for their weekly giveaway.

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