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Elementor Cloud Website – An Excellent Solution for Building a Website

Elementor Cloud

It’s hard to believe you could be in the WordPress industry and have never heard about Elementor. This page builder has simplified site creation like no other tool before it. However, Elementor is not just an effective page builder; it’s on the way to becoming a fully-fledged tool for building complex websites.

Elementor Cloud Website is a perfect choice if you are an Elementor fan and must create a good-looking website. It’s an all-in-one solution to design and manage a small or mid-size website. Setting up the site is pretty straightforward, and you don’t need to write any code. On top of that, you can use your favorite page builder for your new website. 

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Elementor Cloud Website At Glance


The Elementor Cloud Website is the ideal tool for beginner to intermediate web admins who prefer an end-to-end platform for their WordPress websites. You get professional hosting, the premium version of Elementor, Hello theme, and WordPress pre-installed. 

Elementor partnered with Google Cloud Platform to use its cloud infrastructure. Hence, the hosting performance and security are out of the question. You get free integration with Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) to deliver your site as fast as possible. On top of that, you get a free SSL certificate and automated daily backups. Finally, don’t worry about issues when setting up your site. The support team comprises helpful experts who are always ready to solve your problems. In these circumstances, you ensure a top-class environment for your website.  

Worth-Mentioning Features

At first sight, the Elementor Cloud Website looks like an appealing opportunity to host, create, and maintain a website. The following paragraphs will help you make an educated decision. 

Elementor Pro Included

It’s worth recalling that owning an Elementor Cloud Website subscription comes with unlimited access to Elementor Pro. This means that you have the most feature-rich WordPress page builder at your disposal to create your site. We took Elementor for a spin, and without any doubt, it earned our respect. It offers unlimited customization options without writing a line of code. So check the library and use the suitable demo for your site. They were all created by experts, so use them with confidence!

WordPress Pre-installed and Hello Theme


Installing WordPress core and a theme are simple tasks that take time. If you choose Elementor Cloud Website, you get WordPress pre-installed. It’s a piece of cake for experienced webmasters, but it doesn’t sound very easy for newbies. Finding the proper theme for a website is challenging for everyone. The team behind Elementor developed the Hello theme, so it’s fully compatible. You are free to use any theme you want, but Hello is super fast and 100% compatible with the entire setup—both host and page builder.

Top-class Performance

Nowadays, a fast-loading website isn’t a fad! Users have high expectations—if possible, a website should load instantly! Elementor Cloud Website is a platform that stimulates performance. Google’s infrastructure provides the best performance, scalability, and security environment. Indeed, the Elementor plugin bloats the site size, but it has many features that fully deserve the tradeoff—performance vs. features. Besides, its impact on loading speed is similar to many other complex plugins. Finally, the powerful CDN delivers your site from the closest server to the user to speed up site rendering.    

Automated and Manual Backups

Some hosts offer free backup services, while others charge a small fee. Elementor Cloud Website comes with automated regular site backups at no cost. Additionally, you can manually back up your site directly from the dashboard. As a result, you don’t need to install a backup plugin.

Enhanced Security

Regular backups give you the much-needed peace of mind to run a website. You know that it’s just a matter of a few clicks to restore the latest site copy in case of emergencies. But that’s not all— an experienced team of experts 24/7/365 monitors your website. In addition, powerful security systems ensure that your website resists different hacking attempts. 

You get a free SSL certificate, so the communication browser server is encrypted, limiting hackers’ options to break into your site.

20 GB Storage & 100 GB Bandwidth & 100K Monthly Visits


These specifications of Elementor Cloud are enough for a small and medium website, but they might not be the right fit for large or enterprise projects. Whatever the case, you have enough space to store your assets even if you run a content-heavy website. The bandwidth is also sufficient for handling traffic spikes.

100K monthly visits is a dreamy milestone for many websites, yet it’s achievable! This limitation might negatively impact Elementor’s experts will provide the proper guidance if you surpass the limitations.

Custom Domain Name

 You have full freedom over your website name. Either go for a custom domain name or use a subdomain available under elementor—cloud domain. The former option is suitable for serious projects with consistent branding. The latter option fits small projects and tight budgets. Bear in mind that Elementor doesn’t offer domain name registration services. Yet, adding your custom domain name to the Elementor Cloud Website is free and simple to do it!

Pricing Vs. Value


It’s natural to ask yourself how much it costs for such an interesting service. While most companies use the monthly subscription model, Elementor asks for a flat yearly fee. You get all the above by paying $99 a year for each website hosted on the platform. 

Is this affordable? It heavily depends on your budget, but the pricing vs. value is certainly favorable to the Elementor Cloud Website! Pure and simple math sustains this idea. Let’s suppose that you want to build a WordPress website. You must invest in a domain name, hosting, a theme, and a mix of premium and free plugins. We exclude the price of the domain because you need one regardless of your choice. Yet, you are free to use a subdomain under domain by choosing Elementor Cloud Website. The hosting cost for a website is around $40-50/year. You can pay more for better services, but on average, $40-50/year is an acceptable amount. A good theme costs $30-$100. You may use the theme of your choice for the Elementor Cloud Website or select Hello, a theme developed by the Elementor team. It’s free to use for everyone, and in addition to Elementor Pro, you get unlimited powers. Alternatively, you could choose a WordPress install on a standard host platform.  

 The biggest benefit is that Elementor Pro is included in the Elementor hosting services. You would pay almost half the price of hosting the site just for an Elementor Pro subscription. Essentially, you pay around $50/year to host your site on a high-performing cloud platform, which isn’t bad!

Is Elementor Cloud Website Suitable for You?

While you certainly get value for your money, is the Elementor Cloud Website the best fit for your needs? The performance and security of the platform satisfy even the most demanding users. Elementor Pro is also a frequent choice of webmasters when it comes to page builders. The biggest issue is if your site attracts more than 100K visits per month or if it needs more than 20 GB of storage. These limitations aren’t restrictive for small and mid-size projects. However, complex websites and online stores might be affected by these limitations.

Elementor Cloud Website is a great choice if your site’s growth isn’t affected by these limitations. It’s an even better solution if you are an Elementor user. The best choice is when you want to purchase Elementor Pro for a new website. Spend an extra $50 and get a year of performant hosting for the price of a yearly subscription.

Elementor Cloud Website isn’t a solution for complex websites and enterprise projects. In these instances, headless WordPress is perhaps a better alternative. 

Disadvantages of Elementor Cloud Website

As with any man-made product, Elementor has some drawbacks. None affects your site performance, but it’s fair to mention them in this review. First, the Elementor Cloud Website lacks some advanced site management tools like WP-CLI and SSH. Second, many webmasters are accustomed to using PhpMyAdmin. Sadly, the Elementor Cloud Website doesn’t include this feature. You can live without them, but it’s good to have them. 

Wrapping Up

You have a strategic perspective on the Elementor Cloud Website. It has many top-class features, and you have plenty of reasons to choose this platform for your next website. Except for highly complex projects, the Elementor Cloud Website is a great 360-degree solution for your website. You can’t go wrong with it!

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