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Elementor vs. Beaver Builder

Elementor vs. Beaver Builder

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When drag and drop builders first burst onto the scene, it was a huge change in how people viewed making sites. With just a plugin, you could put together a whole website with multiple pages in just a matter of hours. This was completely unheard of before and really highlighted just how valuable these tools are.

Drag and drop builders come with a variety of templates already set up for you to quickly make an About page or a 404 page in case people can’t find the information they are looking for. In this article, we go over both Elementor and Beaver Builder. Which one is better, Elementor or Beaver Builder?

The Case for Elementor

This front-end editor lets you make changes on the fly. What you see on the design page is how your own web page will look so there is no guesswork. It only came out in 2016 and already has more than 300,000 users. With this kind of exponential growth, we have to ask the question, how did they grow so fast?

Elementor Free

The Free Version of Elementor

Elementor was able to get so many installs quickly by having a free version. Think about this for a moment. If there is a new type of food you never tried before, are you more likely to try out a new dish if you get a free sample? Obviously this form of advertising works since free samples for various kinds of food are offered in both malls and bulk buy stores.

People got used to the free version of Elementor and liked the way it functioned. Once you see the extra advantages that you get with pro, many people are convinced to upgrade.

Widgets and Elementor

There are more than 50 different widgets you can use with Elementor Pro to make your content look more sleek and professional. If you want to add a beautiful image to capture the attention of your visitors, use a widget to insert it anywhere on the page.

The same can be stated for a wide variety of visual media. You can use widgets for maps, videos, or even quotes from customers where they talk about what they like about your product. There seems to be no end to the variety you get with widgets.

The Pro Advantage

When you move up to the Pro version of Elementor, you get even more options to work with. 24 of the widgets come with the Pro version only. You will get Ecommerce widgets that work directly with WooCommerce. This will greatly increase sales for your online store and encourage more conversions which is great for the bottom line!

You also have widgets for social media! Social media is huge as influencer culture seems to have taken over Twitter and Instagram. Product owners will pay influencers thousands to push their products. It isn’t hard to see why you would want your own social media widgets that will help promote your brand.

Last of all, you also have widgets for tables. Once again going back to the idea of Ecommerce, a table is a great way to compare two products or even multiple products to have a consumer make up their mind on which one is best. All the stats and specifications laid out well in a table is a powerful thing!

Beaver Builder Hits the Scene

Beaver builder came out in 2014 and was very successful. That means they have Elementor beat in terms of experience. This also helped them amass more customers and installs as well. In comparison to the 300,000 that Elementor can boast, Beaver Builder has more than half a million customers.

This is huge since the customer base is almost double. This means you will have more people familiar with the platform and of course more programmers writing code for Beaver Builder. Of course, you also have to think about support as well. When you have a larger customer base, it means there are more people to help in forums and online chat groups when you are having problems with a particular feature or need help getting an aspect to work.

Beaver Builder Free

Beaver Builder for Free

We know that Elementor has a free option. Can Beaver Builder say the same? The answer is yes which increased popularity with developers. If you head on over to WordPress, you can access the lite version of the plugin. What does Beaver Builder help you with?

  • Content Widgets for pictures, text, video, and audio.
  • Light code for better performance
  • Mobile friendly for users on phones
  • Combine with WordPress widgets

All of these are in the free version which is impressive. Play with the system and see if they are a good fit for your site or agency.

Beaver Builder Premium

Once you have used the free version, many users start to notice the many time saving features that premium has. Of course, when upgrading to the paid version, you also have the full support of the Beaver Builder community as well. If something is not working on your site, you will be on the same page with everybody else when you are using the premium version of the plugin.

What else can you expect from the paid for version of Beaver Builder?

  • New widgets not available before
  • Contact forms, sliders, and tables for pricing
  • Great support from the team
  • Templates to save time
  • Save your layouts

Save Time with Premium

When you go with the paid version of Beaver Builder you are going to be able to save a lot of time while you are designing. That is really what drag and drop builders are all about. You might have bulky code on the backend, but it is worth it because of how fast you can compile things and create functioning designs for clients.

Premium is huge since you can make a layout just once and then file it away for later. If you work for an agency and you need to put together many websites fast that look similar, this is a great way to do it. Perhaps you specialize in websites for roofing companies. Design one layout for this vertical and then use it over and over.

You also can make your own modules. Known as widgets with other plugins, making a custom module is great because it allows you to focus on what you specialize in. Maybe you are an agency that helps people with their social media. Make a module that easily displays the latest post from Facebook or Twitter! This can be used over and over to great effect.

Which One is Better?

Both programs are similar in how they function. With Beaver Builder and Elementor, you can use a free version which helps to understand the program before investing. Each one has their own customer base that prefers one over the other.

Beaver Builder has been around for longer and has been able to pull more users over to their side, so that will be a big advantage if you go with their platform and have questions. On the other hand, Beaver Builder does have fewer widgets that you can use.

A Difference in the Number of Widgets

Beaver Builder is very easy to understand and use, but the paid version of Elementor has over fifty different widgets you can work with when you get the paid version. For Beaver Builder, you have thirty unique widgets provided to you to help you put together your content.

With Beaver Builder, they call widgets modules and they will allow you to also use third-party WordPress widgets. This helps to fill in some of the gaps that are left, but it would still be nice if they came with the platform as soon as you paid for the full version. Keep in mind also, you can get the Beaver Builder Theme which can also speed up your design time, but this only comes with the higher tiers of the paid for version.


What can you expect with pricing for Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder Pricing is competitive

With the basic version at just under a hundred bucks, Beaver Builder is an excellent deal.

Pricing for Elementor is Better

Looking at the more basic form of Elementor, you can see that you can actually buy in at the lowest tier for much cheaper. The lowest tier with Elementor is going to only be $49.00. That is a significant amount of savings that you will get when you go with Elementor over Beaver Builder.

Paying attention to the highest tier, you can see that Elementor will only charge you $199.00 for unlimited sites and that will also include a year’s worth of support and updates. Granted, you get the Beaver Builder Theme when you sign up for the highest tier on Beaver Builder, but is that really worth double the price?


Beaver Builder has a bigger fan base with more experience, but you are going to pay for it. Beaver Builder was double the cost of Elementor when looking at the different tiers. Elementor also came with more widgets to help streamline the content once you upgraded to Pro. With these factors in mind, we would recommend Elementor to individuals setting up just one individual site and Beaver Builder for agency use where the tools will be used many times.

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