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expressvpn discount code

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs available on the market. VPNs are great for both online security, privacy and accessing websites that are blocked in your country – or just getting access to more movies on Netflix. The only downside of VPNs is that they’re expensive, ExpressVPN is no exception when it comes to that. Luckily the price can be reduced easily, click the button below to access the ExpressVPN coupon code and get a discount on your next purchase!

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ExpressVPN is actually a virtual private network service that is offered by the British Virgin Island company called Express VPN International Ltd. The minds behind this VPN market it as privacy and a security tool. It is known for encrypting the web traffic or the users and actually hides their IP addresses properly. The optimized network of this VPN provides you extremely fast speeds along with unlimited bandwidth as well. 

Apart from that, it also keeps you anonymous online too. Since IP addresses make it really easy for someone to find you due to the uniqueness of your IP address, ExpressVPN has a solution. With it, you are able to share an IP with a lot of people for protection. 

Protection through the VPN 

The optimized network keeps no record. All of your internet traffic is also fully encrypted too, and ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any log for connections or the activity you have while using the facility. Your IP address cannot be used this way, and it cannot be linked to your online activity either through the help of this VPN. This is what actually makes the whole facility really cost-effective.

Is it worth waiting around for a discount?

Discounts and coupon codes help in lowering the actual price tag of a product or the service being used, and some people prefer to use them whenever they start looking for items to purchase. However, since these codes help in gaining a customer base, well-established brands rarely give out codes. That is actually because they don’t really need to. If one person decides to sit and wait for a discount code, then the drawback would be that the product they’re looking for might become obsolete, and the new update might not be equally suitable. 

Why ExpressVPN doesn’t use coupon 

Being already well-established software, ExpressVPN does not need to release coupon codes in order to attract more people to purchase the service. The only discounts and price fall that can be noted happen during particular events. The prices of the premium package by fall during times like Christmas or Thanksgiving as well. These are often the times when the customers are already expecting to find a discount on the items for purchase. 

Vouchers and coupons are hard to come by

It can be exceptionally difficult to find if the main company doesn’t release a lot of coupons for promotion. The main purpose of coupons is to boost sales and attract more customers to the customer base. The coupons and vouchers play a significant role in quickly increasing sales of a particular product or depleting the old stock of a particular item in order to restock an updated and better version of it. 

However, for ExpressVPN, if a customer keeps waiting for a coupon to come by, then they might suffer if the company decides to bring forward an update. There is a considerable amount of chance that the newer update might not be up to the liking of the particular individual as well. Established names like ExpressVPN seldom need to resort to releasing of coupons in a promotional campaign, and that is why their vouchers are hard to come by. 

However, there might be situations where customers can easily benefit from lowered prices. Prices are often reduced in Black Fridays as well. But this is also the time when the maximum numbers of customers are making the purchase.

ExpressVPN servers discounted

Virtual server locations through ExpressVPN

Sometimes the countries feature virtual server locations too. This particular thing ensures that YOUR whole connection is fast, secure, and reliable as well. What happens is that after you connect to the virtual location, your IP address shows up from the country of your choice. In reality, it is being routed through a server in a country with a better connection as well. 

Why do we need Trusted Servers? 

Being the industry’s most advanced VPN server technology, all the data is completely wiped out with every reboot. This happens because all the VPN servers run on RAM storage. These servers do not really write to the hard drive. This further minimizes the data risk as well. The convenient aspect of this is that the entire software stack has given actually reinstalls fresh in every single server at the time of startup. Without any inconsistencies, the company knows what is running on the servers too. This makes it a whole new level in the market for setting the standards of security. While being independently audited to confirm the necessary privacy protections, ExpressVPN becomes a trusted server for the customers…

Expensive, but worth it, especially with a voucher or coupon code

The most typical way of running the servers relies on hard drives. They can retain the data until the stored data is erased and written over from scratch. This actually increases the risk that servers could somehow retain some information that may prove to be private or sensitive as well. This retained data could create several risky situations if someone else was to hack into the whole server. What is a lot worse than this is that when overcoming the defenses of the servers, these hackers may install a backdoor into the server too. However, this situation can be avoided by the use of ExpressVPN. This stops the operating system and apps from writing any data onto the hard drive. 

As an alternative, the whole system is actually run on very volatile memory or the RAM storage. This is useful because the RAM storage always needs the power to keep the data stored. This is why, with every system startup, the information on the server is wiped clean every time. This stops any hackers or intruders from their persistence. 

What ExpressVPN collects and why does it collect it truly 

This particular information is written in the privacy policy as well. This VPN collects little information about the usage of the service, such as the notice of apps versions that are activated. Instead of collecting the time of the VPN service connecting, the service only collects the dates and the choice of location. 

None of the information collected by ExpressVPN itself is helpful in tracing out an individual’s whereabouts. There is also no record of how the customer has used the VPN service, to begin with. The collected minimal information also has the purpose of dealing with troubleshooting when needed.  

Why does ExpressVPN need to collect any information at all?

There are specific purposes of the information that is logged at all. The main purpose of this is to troubleshoot the technical issues that occur in relation to ExpressVPN. They also provide technical support to all their customers and identify the problems in the connections as well. The team behind this VPN givens advice that is very specific to the country in order to use the service provided effectively. Apart from that, ExpressVPN also collects anonymous analytics data such as connection failures and crash reports. These reports do not relate to the individual user at all. 

Information that ExpressVPN will never collect 

This particular VPN stores no activity or connection logs of the users, which ensures that they cannot see the record of the websites you visit. They never log the websites their users open or log the content of the traffic. What they basically do is run their own private DNS on every VPN server for additional privacy. They also don’t log the connection timestamps, the duration of the session, or the source address. 

ExpressVPN refund policy

Browsing Anonymously with ExpressVPN

The best thing about using a VPN is the anonymity is brought along with it. Sometimes, the so-called VPN providers track your activity on the VPN without informing you first too. The true purpose behind ExpressVPN stands for its values and knows that every single person has the right to privacy. That is actually why they never keep the logs of the online activity of browsing around. With ExpressVPN, you can stay safe and secure. 

You can conveniently hide your whereabouts online and search the internet anonymously. When a user connects to this VPN’s servers, his IP address and his location remain hidden too. There are actually some foil companies that try to increase the prices based on what your place of living is. They mask your true IP address while torrenting with a VPN as well. 

Significance of VPN in terms of its cost

If you don’t have a VPN, there are third parties that are able to view your internet traffic easily. Your own internet service provider can see your entire activity, and then they can share it with other organizations. Governments place restrictions on accessing content by using your data. There are corporations that might use the information to put price discrimination too. Without a VPN, you are basically openly vulnerable to cybercrime and others invading your privacy in public Wi-Fi. This is why the capital value of the VPN is very cost-effective in order to increase your protection.

Click the button to visit ExpressVPN for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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