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FastComet Coupon Code – Save 70% On Shared Hosting!

FastComet Coupon Code

Have you been thinking about switching your host? Now is the right time to make a move. If you have slow speeds and faulty service, you will want to try out FastComet. This host utilizes solid-state drives and hosting in the cloud to ensure you always have the right amount of resources. When you have a fast site, you get more sales. It is as simple as that. Looking for a FastComet coupon code? We can help you with that—type in NEW2021 or NEWCLOUD and save money!

You can save 70% on shared hosting using the NEW2021 FastComet coupon code, and you will also get free migration as well. Alternatively, save 25% on VPS and dedicated servers using the coupon code NEWCLOUD.

Get a 70% discount on all shared hosting and hosting plans!

Let’s Dive Into The Details

Why make a switch now? Here are just some of the highlights to enjoy:

  • Focused on eCommerce sites like OpenCart
  • A wide variety of choices with cloud VPS systems and dedicated CPU servers
  • Guides to help any user
  • Meager prices right now

You need a host that you can depend on if you want to excel in business. At Superb Themes, we are always keeping track of all the coupon codes. Often, we have a link to click on so that you can see the available code. Using our current codes, you can save big on hosting. FastComet has low prices normally. With a coupon code, those prices will drop even more. This is a prime opportunity to get into an agreement with a perfect host.

FastComet decided to spread out their sales for the whole year. If you head on over to their main site right now, you can get an awesome deal on hosting. Even better, the current host’s migration is free when you use the code that we have. Why restrict yourself to slow speeds and poor service? FastComet has shown that they are a host that cares about their customers over and over again.

Let us explore just a few of how they can help you. Once you see the wide variety of ways they can serve you, you will want to use one of our coupon codes to test out the service yourself.

FastComet Coupon

FastComet Pricing

What are we looking at in terms of pricing? For cloud hosting based on solid-state drives, you will have a monthly price of just $2.95. Along with that meager price, you can look forward to the following:

  • Website starter kit so you can hit the ground running
  • Free site transfer from another host
  • Domain transfer so you can keep the name you like
  • cPanel plus Softaculous
  • 15 GB space to use
  • Solid-state drives perform better compared to typical hard drives

All of these will be available on a site that you choose. Like we said before, there has never been a better time to make a switch. Maybe you were scared to move to a new host. You thought it would cost too much. Perhaps you felt like it would be difficult to make that shift.

FastComet is going to help you get through the change in hosting. If you act quickly, you can move your VPS or WordPress site to them at no charge. If you are not technical, you don’t need to concern yourself with that. The experts they have and their staff are all comfortable working with people that are not tech-oriented. They can explain the various terms and tell you why they are making various changes.

Which Servers Does FastComet Use

One of the first things we should cover when we talk about hosting is a server. There are some confusing terms for web hosting and what you get with a server that you are renting.

A server is a dedicated computer that provides services to clients. This might be another server, or the client could be all the computers in your office. This centralized machine can help desktop computers and laptops. What does the server do that you get from FastComet?

A server really can do almost any tech task. Maybe it serves your web page to customers. Perhaps it acts as a mail server and interacts with clients using SMTP. If you wanted, you could even turn your own desktop computer into a server. Why would you not want to do this?

A server needs to run specific operating systems. Windows Server can handle a large amount of traffic and connections. Linux is also another popular choice that can be utilized as a server. The hardware inside the machine is also specialized. Look at the desktop or the laptop that you are currently working on. Many of you will be using a CPU that is part of the Intel Core series. Instead, a server will use a Xeon processor that can handle many more connections and calculations with many cores.

The Right Choice

Now we have a bit more understanding about what exactly a server is and what it can do. It is not as simple as just taking your desktop and downloading a few programs so that you can host your own page.

If you go with FastComet, you have technical support and customer service to retain you as a customer. We have all been there when it comes to working with a host that doesn’t care. You have urgent questions. It seems like your code is not compiling correctly, or a plugin is not working as the tutorial shows. You need answers quickly.

The professionals with FastComet understand that your business is often on the line when you have a technical question. They aim to be number one for solutions for your small business and your personal sites. FastComet has excellent client retention since they treat each inquiry as if it came from a large Enterprise level client.

The core values for the company emphasized transparency and being honest. If they think that you would be better suited to another host, they will let you know. They also will not insist that you upgrade your system to a tier that will make them more money when you don’t need the added horsepower. The experts want you to understand each part of your product to be an informed customer and make the best purchase.

Fast Response Time

We found that another big reason so many are looking to get a FastComet coupon code right now is the response time. Not only do they treat all their clients with respect, but they are also ready to respond at any time.

Support with them is year-round. They will be available to you on weekends and even on the holidays. If you find yourself traveling and you are in a new time zone, don’t worry. They can take calls even when it would be two in the morning local time. That is the kind of service you can depend on and why we want to provide you with a FastComet coupon code during this Black Friday list of sales.

Another big thing to note is how fast problems get solved. They don’t just direct you over to a manual or send a link that you need to read independently. With 10,000 different support requests that were looked at, 83% of the issues were done in under fifteen minutes. Considering we are talking about complicated technical issues, it is surprising that they can accomplish this.

They also serve you with three different levels of escalation. If the first person you reach a level 1 can’t help you; your issue quickly moves up the chain. The first person you speak with won’t waste your time. When you need to be escalated up to a supervisor, it will be done fast to ensure that you stay under that fifteen-minute mark. At the highest level, FastComet is going to have their best people looking at your problem. We can say with confidence their experts will understand the situation quickly.

FastComet rewards

FastComet Coupon Code Conclusion

Once again, we want you to use the coupon code “NEW2021” or “NEWCLOUD.” That will be the best way to try out this service and see if they are right for you. There is a giant list of products they can give you, ranging from cloud computers for a personal VPS, or you can rent servers just for the raw CPU power.

If you make the change right now from your current host, you can get the migration done for free. Don’t worry about following complicated tutorials. The migration will be done step by step, and they can guide you for every part of the installation. They offer help with WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento if you are trying to start your own business. The support staff also work around the clock and have a reputation as a group that can get results quickly. When was the last time you had a tech question that was solved in under fifteen minutes?

For more in terms of coupon codes and hosting reviews, continue to visit Superb Themes. We also provide themes and plugins that can make your WordPress site more professional. All of your themes come with excellent support, and our staff is waiting to answer questions.

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