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Top 7 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022

Getting a fast theme is one of the most important things you can control. If you want to have a fast load time, but you don’t understand code, it is very important which theme you pick. A developer has the ability to take out parts of the code they don’t need. This, in turn, will speed up the site and make it react faster. However, users who can’t edit code need to go with a theme where it will have a good performance. We have found 7 of the fastest WordPress themes around, which will be presented in this article.

How can you make sure you get a theme that is going to have good load times? What can you test to make sure that you invest your money well with a good theme that will support you for a long time? We will look at these questions and more as we explore the best themes that load quickly.

Themes with the Shortest Loading Time

We now understand why it is important to choose a theme with a fast load time. This article has stated how to test your speeds and what to look for in a theme that will be fast. Which themes have the shortest loading time? We have put together a list that will help you find the perfect theme that is simple to load and still packs a punch.

Astra theme

1. Astra

If you need to be convinced that Astra works well, look at one of the top testimonials. The CMO of Elementor has given Astra the stamp of approval. He is quoted as saying the theme is fast and easy to customize. He gives his full backing for everybody that uses Elementor. If you want to super-charge your next Elementor site, give Astra a try. Many pre-built sites are also available. Use them to check out your speeds with a site already made for you and get a good baseline for what you want to shoot for.

Themes with the Shortest Loading Time

2. Minimalistblogger

Another of the fastest WordPress themes around is Minimalistblogger. Just like the name implies, this theme is minimalist in nature. It won’t leave you bogged down with a ton of code and features you aren’t going to use. It was created so that bloggers can speak about whatever industry they work in or the hobbies they are passionate about.

From travel to new clothing, this theme is a good way to create a sublime look that will be modern and fit right in with all the latest content coming out. Since it was constructed with speed in mind, it is one of the fastest themes we found when configured correctly. This means it will also boost your SEO as well. Google and Bing love sites that don’t make users wait. Search engines are well aware of the loading time for each site. When you can serve content quickly, you are rewarded for doing a good job. This reward comes in the form of new users and more revenue.

Great for Affiliate Income

Not only does this loaded content quickly, but it will also boost your bottom line. Adsense links already have a place on the page specifically for them, so your ad placement will not look out of place or odd. Installation and setup are both trivial tasks. There is no need to learn a new coding language to get your content out there. Since it all works with the WordPress platform, things are simple. Get this theme today, and you are going to be ready to tackle a new portfolio site or a news site that is going to cover the latest in a specific industry.

Neve theme

3. Neve

Number two on our list of the fastest WordPress themes is Neve. Need a fast load speed for mobile? Neve is made to be lightweight with minimal design features. It is also AMP ready. This means it was created with Accelerated Mobile Pages in mind. Just like the name implies, you will have faster load times on phones and other mobile devices. Give this a try if you are trying to increase mobile sales for your WooCommerce store online.

Simple Responsive Blog

4. Simple Responsive Blogily

Number 3 on the Fastest WordPress Themes is Simple Responsive blogily. Need a theme that loads fast and will be responsive? This theme is great for load time because the code is streamlined. You won’t have a bulky code that is weighing you down when you go with this theme. Increase your productivity when you don’t have to worry about code, and you are just considering your next content post. This will work well with desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Any popular system will also be supported, such as iOS, Android, and even Windows-based phones. Expand your audience while you also make sure your speeds are top-notch.

Divi theme

5. Divi

This is one of the most popular themes, and it is because it works right out of the box. Don’t worry about paying monthly for this theme. The payment is just a one time fee, and then you can use this theme over and over again. This loads faster than the majority of themes, and a drag and drop builder is easy for people to wrap their heads around even if they are not technical. The Divi Theme is fast, making it number 4 on our list over the fastest WordPress themes as we see it.

Gutenshop eCommerce theme

6 . Gutenshop

If you are involved with an online business, you already know how important it is to make sure you have quick load times. WooCommerce powers Gutenshop, so your store is going to match the look of other modern stores. Make grids to show off your latest offerings and easily add new products as they come out. Suppose you are an Amazon affiliate, that works as well with the one-click checkout. Now you can take advantage and partner with one of the world’s largest online retailers. Perfect.


7. Hestia

Last on the fastest WordPress themes list is Hestia. One of the best ways to get a fast load time is to have a one-page site. Hestia was made to load up one-page sites fast with great design. It is already created with WooCommerce in mind. If you want your store to pop and really stand out, use Hestia to put yourself ahead. Your store is going to pop up quickly on all types of screens and get you more conversions. Consumers love shopping on mobile, especially when things are all instantaneous. Our last great choice to pick from!

Sketch Out Your Site

If you want a lightning-fast load time, first plan out what your site will look like. This might seem counter-intuitive. Why would you need to plan the layout when we are talking about themes that load fast?

When you plan what the site will look like, you will know which theme to purchase. Multi-purpose themes can actually end up hurting you in the long run. They can do many things and have a lot of functionality, but those functions come from lines and lines of code. If you are not using all of the features, it will slow down your load time. By drawing out your site on a whiteboard or sketching it with a program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you will be more in control.

Features You Don’t Need

Before you think about every feature you will need to bring your vision to life, consider what you can get rid of. Does your site need a high-resolution video right when you load up the page? Do you need a large gallery of crisp photos? Some sites need these aspects. An art dealer can’t have a site that doesn’t show off their pieces. A video production company should have examples of their business that people can see.

For other companies like landscaping or a painting company, you need to focus on how much you can strip down the site. Some of the best lead generation websites are just one-pagers. These might have a few images and then clearly show a chat feature and a phone number to call to get in touch with the owner. These are perfect for lead generation because they are simple and get to the point. They will always load quickly since there is not much to the site in the way of extra features.

Simple Designs

By avoiding multi-purpose themes that are bloated with fonts and features you won’t use, you will be able to get a good baseline of how fast the site should load. Start with minimal plugins and just a few pictures. Test the website and record how quickly it loads with the current set up. Do user tests to see what your audience thinks of it. Does it meet their needs while still having just a simple contact page and a chatbox? This becomes your jumping-off point. If the page works well and accomplishes the job, you can always go back to this simple design. As you add to the foundation, keep track of load times and how much each plugin will affect what happens on the page.

Testing Speed – the fastest WordPress themes

In the above paragraph, we talked about how important it is to test speed with your most basic design before making alterations. How can you reach this baseline figure? What tools should be used?

Most themes will give you a preview that allows you to create a mock-up design. Even drag and drop builders will provide live examples to get used to moving things around on the page and see the limitations. Do a speed test on the live site you are given access to. Pingdom offers a wide range of tools that can tell you how fast the demo loads in. GTMetrix is another site many digital marketers and SEO workers will use to see speeds and then make tweaks. There are other services out there, and some of them as paid options while others are free. Whichever program you go with, make sure you continue to use it consistently. Switching back and forth between different services will never give you an accurate reading since each service is different.

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