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FixRunner Review – FixRunner Solve Your WordPress Related Issues!

FixRunner Review

FixRunner is very versatile when it comes to website emergencies and maintenance. The service is excellent if you are looking for one-time help or ongoing maintenance. In our review of FixRunner, we are going to cover both pros and cons. How expensive is the service? Is it worth it to invest in ongoing maintenance? By the end of this FixRunner review, you will have a great idea of how the service works. Let’s start with a brief overview of how everything works with FixRunner.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

What Is FixRunner?

First, what is FixRunner? First, we need to be clear about what is offered. They specialize in WordPress support. If you have issues with a WordPress site, these are the experts that can help. They are based all over the world. With buildings in Israel, the Philippines, and the United States, you can always support them. Call at any point, and somebody around the globe will answer your call. They are on 24/7 and ready to help out.

Not only are the agents ready to give support, but they are also all trained to be experts in WordPress. If you feel like you need help managing a WordPress site, give them a try. They have a thirty-day guarantee, so there is no risk of giving them a chance. Their software and knowledge can protect your site and ensure it is not overrun by malware or ransomware. They also provide a lot of different e-learning materials that you can access. If you have questions, they will be happy to go over things with you.

It is essential to work with a technology company that understands the limitations of the users. Many times, people feel like those involved in technology only speak in three and four-letter acronyms. It can be challenging to understand what is going on. What is TCP/IP? How does UDP factor into your webserver? If it seems like things are overwhelming, work with FixRunner. They can break things down. Their team won’t only use confusing acronyms to describe the issues and how they should be fixed. They also want you to get better with technology. The better you understand the technology, the less help you will need in the future. By training the customer to be a better technologist, everybody benefits.

Who Benefits From The Support?

With our FixRunner review, we want to cover what they can do and who the service is for. Several years ago, they targeted a demographic that ranged from large business owners to just solo entrepreneurs. But, reallyy that has a WordPress site will be able to benefit. But, you don’t necessarily need a business to start seeing how a faster and more optimized site will help you.

For business owners, you have many different tiers to pick from. At the lowest tier, you are paying only $49.00 every month. For the highest tier, you will pay $129.00, and that comes with a total of four hours that you can talk to support every month. As you are working on your site, you might feel like a specific part of your site is just not right. Maybe a plugin is conflicting with your current theme. There is some strange overlap between elements on the page. You aren’t sure what to do to fix the issue. Can you relate to this?

With personalized support every month for several hours, the highest tier allows a business to knock out those annoying WordPress problems. You can’t be expected to run a successful business and understand all the intricacies inherent in WordPress. View FixRunner as just another employee that works for you. This employee is there to keep your site running nicely and can also advise you on tech issues. We have all felt the need to have a technology expert on hand. Now you can access a tech expert from anywhere in the world and at any time.

FixRunner Review - offers

FixRunner Review – FixRunner’s Offers?

You have heard about the thirty-day guarantee. The pricing and tiers seem reasonable. What exactly can this company offer you?

  • A one-time fix
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Site optimization
  • Constant cloud backups
  • Bug fixes
  • CSS help
  • HTML support

The world of WordPress is confusing. While it is remarkable the system is open-source, it also leads to issues. For example, if a plugin was coded poorly, no governing body will reject it. This doesn’t function the same way as the App Store with Apple. That means you need somebody that can review plugins and themes that you pull from the Internet. They can tell you why things are not working and how to maintain your system.

As a site owner, it can feel like there is always something to change with a website. This can take away from your core business. At times, you might be wasting hours trying to research specific problems. By the time you have spent so much time figuring out why a plugin is not working, you should have just hired FixRunner. Remember, this service starts at under fifty dollars each month. Many of us spend more on our Internet service or cable service. Doesn’t it make sense to spend money on something that will keep your website running correctly?

Downtime for a site can change your reputation and hurt your brand image. So why risk losing cash flow to a simple computer issue when you don’t even need to hire an entire IT team? The decision is simple.

Ongoing Education

For our FixRunner review, it would be a mistake not to mention their commitment to learning. Like we said from the outset, they want everyone to become a better technologist. So they try to break things down and explain them in a way that everyone can understand. Their dedication to helping you learn more about the technology you use shows with their website.

They offer training that can help you and your employees. WP College is their portal to learning how your WordPress site functions. Access a large number of videos, blog articles, and also tools to make admin work easier. When you have one of their monthly plans, all of this is included.

Even if you feel that you are already an expert in WordPress, this resource can help you train new employees. Many times there are multiple people that need to work on the site. For example, you have SEO writers that are posting content to attract new users. Video editors may also be uploading new videos to showcase events and projects. Even people associated with logistics will need to log in at times, update inventory, and track customer communication. Use WP College to help your employees understand the right way to interact with the site. There are always ways to optimize things when you are uploading content. Let FixRunner train your people no matter which way they happen to learn better.

The Right Choice

We looked at just a few of the ways that FixRunner can boost your business. This brings us to an essential question with our review. Should you use the company for just a one-time fix or have ongoing support? If you are constantly paying for help each month, it might seem that the money is being wasted if you have no issues.

To answer this question, let’s break down the advantages for both. If you have never worked with FixRunner before, you can use this as a way to test out the service. Say there is some annoying malware in the system that keeps interrupting with popups. Give this to FixRunner as a one-time fix. They can go in and show you the process that they use to get rid of annoying malware. Get used to the ticket system and how the process works before you sign up for ongoing service. If you felt like they handled the issue well, at that point, you can sign up for the continuous service.

Remember that the ongoing service comes with many perks. First, you have access to their WordPress articles and tutorials. This can train your employees in regards to how the system should be utilized. On top of this, you will get a minimum of over an hour to speak with them every month. Technology moves very quickly. It is not hard to imagine that you will need an expert for at least an hour every month. If you run a more extensive website, the monthly cost can go over a hundred dollars every month, but you get four hours to sit down and work out issues with an expert at that point. We think that is worth it.

FixRunner Review - satisfaction guarantee

FixRunner Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we give this company high marks. Not many other companies offer this level of flexibility. We like that you can use them just once, and you can get used to the workflow. You also have a 30-day guarantee with them that can be treated like a trial for FixRunner. Overall, this is a great company that is offering ongoing service for a low price. Test them out with a minor issue, and you are going to be surprised how fast and efficiently the problem will be resolved. For more reviews and discount codes, keep it here with Superb Themes.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

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