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Flippa Pricing – How Much Do They Chart?

Flippa pricing

Looking to buy a new site? They can offer a great way to rake in passive income every month. Recently, online stores have become more valuable than ever. If you are looking to cash in on this new trend, you will want to consider Flippa. You can reach more buyers using the number one marketplace for sites, stores, apps, and other digital goods. Please think of this as the best place to understand market trends when it comes to digital properties. What can we expect from Flippa pricing? We will go over Flippa pricing and how this group can help you with your next purchase. Let us get started.

Go visit Flippa and buy and sell websites!

Flippa Pricing Fees

Flippa is a great place to look for your next big app or site to purchase. Keep in mind, though; they have success fees that you will need to pay. A success fee is paid once you are successful in selling. It will be calculated from a percentage of what you sold the site at. The breakdown looks like this:

  • Under 50K – 10% success fee
  • 50k – 100k – 7.5% success fee
  • Over 100k – 5% success fee

These prices are reasonable considering how much harder it would be to sell a site on your own. If you want to really have less stress, there is always the option to use a partner. How does this work?

When you click the link to the partner side of Flippa, you will see a long list of different partners to pick from. Many of them have done millions of dollars in brokered deals. When you consider Flippa pricing, you want to think about the reputation of these partners. How many deals have they done recently? What is the specialty that they offer?

Not all of the partners are created equally. Some will be better at selling a SaaS business. Other partners will be able to help you with an eCommerce business. The fee for a partner is 15%. While that might seem high, you have to consider that they are doing the legwork. They have a network you won’t have access to. If that is worth it to you, go for it. Flippa pricing is very reasonable in comparison to the other sites that facilitate sales. Using a broker will allow you to rest easy at night, knowing your business will be in the right hands.

Flippa pricing success fees

Flippa Listing Fees

Next, we should cover what the listing fee is going to be. If you already have an established site that you have built up, the listing fee will run just $49.00. That is very reasonable considering you can guarantee that many visitors will be looking through Flippa for a good deal. If you have been building up your site for many years using SEO and blog writing, you can choose this option. Thinking about how much you can make from the sale of just one site, the price tag of under fifty dollars is very reasonable.

Do you have the ability to put together a site fast? There are many out there that like to sell starter sites. Maybe you have a great business idea, such as selling niche shoes or other types of apparel. If you have great skills with WordPress themes and know how to put together a site fast, please sell these starter sites. The cost will be just $15 for your listing fee. Once again, entirely reasonable since many of these starter sites will sell for several thousand dollars.

Have a nice domain? The listing fee is going to be $10.00. There is a strategy known as domain parking. How does this work? If you spot a domain you think will be valuable, you can buy it up now. Thinking about the future, green energy and EV vehicles could be the next big thing. People will pay high dollar amounts for a domain that could be, or maybe you want to register When somebody wants to purchase the domain from you, it could be worth several hundred thousand. A listing of only ten bucks is low in comparison.


Besides, feel free to sell apps that you have developed for mobile. These can be listed for just $15.00. You can put them up for sale if you have a starter application or even an application with many users and visitors. When there are many users for an application already, you have guaranteed income to promise your buyer. Think of a popular game that you can make free that also runs ads. That is a prime target for people that want to advertise to certain demographics. Purchase a fun game that shows a few ads to the users, and you have the ultimate way to tap into that young market under the age of 18. With them, clothing and electronics will be hot items.

A Flippa NDA Is Necessary

If you feel like you need an NDA done, that will be simple through Flippa. They can provide a non-disclosure for under a hundred dollars. For a big deal that you want to keep quiet, that is an excellent price. Only $99.00 for a contract where the parties will all agree that they will not disclose any information that is talked about.

You can use this if you are not interested in a competitor learning more about your business. This makes a lot of sense when you realize that a competitor may pretend to be interested in your company to learn more about it. Do you want another party to have access to your financials? It is better not to disclose how much you make a year. When people find a hot niche or market, they may pour more resources into becoming competition for you.

An NDA does for more than just keeping your financials secret. They are also used to guard trade secrets and proprietary information. Just like with any contract, it will not be enforceable if the parties involved signed illegally. To stop something like this from happening, use Flippa. The price is very reasonable considering you know this contract will stand up in a court of law. The NDA also makes it possible to do business with just an individual, or you can use it for a corporation.

Flippa Marketing

If you feel like not enough people can see your listing, that is not an issue. They have several options to boost your site and increase the probability a buyer will see what you have to offer. If you pay $395.00, you will get the Marketing Boost tier. Here, you will leverage the creative people over at Flippa so that more people will notice what you have for sale.

First, you can get on camera and explain why they should look into what you built up. This is a good way to explain how the business works and who should be interested. If you have a website that you built up over time that relies heavily on SEO and blog writing, this is the time where you can point that out. It will turn off some buyers, but other interested parties that match the criteria will continue with the process. A video is a good way to show off the advantages your site has. This can be in the form of moats that are put up so that other companies can not take your market share. Maybe you have a product that only you can create. Now is the time to show these skills off.

Syndication is another way you are going to have more people interested in checking out your listing. With syndication, your site will be cross-posted to partner sites. Flippa has spent time becoming partners with several large sites all over the Internet. Now you are no longer confined to marketing just to people that visit Flippa. Spread out the demographics that you are appealing to.

The Secret Sauce

Last, of all, you can talk about your journey and story with a feature blog post. Once again, if you have a skill or a unique product, talk about that. Show the buyer why they will want to invest. If you have a trade secret, make that known so that you can intrigue buyers. You can promise to give them the secret sauce that makes your particular brand so good. Potential investors are always curious about what sets your brand apart. Did you invent a better process for making a product? Do you have better technology so that you can crank out orders in a more timely manner? These are the factors that get people to lay out big money for a chance to capture that revenue stream. Make sure you accurately describe why you can create a steady stream of cash for a long time.

Flippa pricing additional services

Flippa Pricing Conclusion

In conclusion, when it comes to Flippa pricing, we think the deals they offer are very equitable. For large scales, the percentage taken is low compared to the competition. In addition to this, you can also pick one of many marketing options that will give your visitors a boost. More eyes on the site that you offer will translate into a bigger payday. For more in terms of reviews and also tips, you can always visit Superb Themes. We will continue to put out guides for software and talk to you about the best plugins. Check it out.

Go visit Flippa and buy and sell websites!

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