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Flippa Vs. Sedo

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If you are looking to sell a site, you need to go with the right marketplace. Picking the wrong market for selling your site can cost you thousands of dollars in lost profit. It would help if you also considered a good market place to sell domains and plugins as well. Applications can sell for millions. Why risk getting a low price when you have invested years into making the next big app? With this guide, we wanted to look at Flippa vs. Sedo. Each one can do things very well. What are the advantages for both? At the end of our guide, Flippa vs. Sedo, you will know the best options for selling domains and sites on the market.

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Flippa Vs. Sedo

Working With Flippa

We have all seen the stories now where a small team will come up with a great idea, throw together an app, and then make millions. With the growing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, sales will continue to heat up. Take, for example, Lisa’s case, an application that was built to apply machine learning to the real estate industry. The leasing business will never be the same now.

How much were people willing to spend on this new idea that would make leasing much easier? The small team of just five or six people took home a huge payday for 60 million. They are set for life! If you have similar aspirations, you need to look toward the best brokers to sell you sites and applications. One of the best in the business is Flippa. They will act as the middleman to make sure you don’t get burned by a bad deal.

One of the best aspects of Flippa is that they act as protection for both sides of the transaction. The buyer wants to make sure the numbers are real. We know that the number of clicks can be faked. There are services out there that will take control of other people’s computers to boost numbers. This can be used on YouTube videos or used to make numbers look bigger for a site. When you go with Flippa, they can make sure fraud is not involved.

Buying Real Estate

Before we really jump into how Flippa can help you, we need to think about what you are really buying. Many times, you will see a site referred to as a real estate. That seems strange at first. What does a website have to do with real estate?

When you buy an apartment building, you count the number of doors. A real estate investor may say that I own 8 doors. This means he might have a small apartment building with four units and then two duplex buildings that he is renting out. Each door represents a different stream of income. Not only will the current tenants pay a monthly fee to live there, but you also have appreciation from the buildings as well. Real estate prices are on the rise and it seems like that will continue for a long time.

Flippa allows you to buy a digital property. Instead of collecting rent, you are getting a revenue stream each month from products sold or people clicking on ads. You may even buy a site that offers an application that charges a monthly fee. All of these make up the “rent” you are going to get every month. On top of this, there is also the appreciation for a site. The longer a site holds a good rank with Google, it can establish the site as an authority. Once a site is viewed at the subject’s authority, the value will continue to rise for your digital real estate.

Sedo Vs. Flippa


With Sedo, the idea is similar to Flippa, but a bit different. While you can buy a site on Flippa and then look at your forward revenue to create an evaluation, Sedo focuses on buying domains. Here is a list of what kind of services you can get from them to better understand who to sell your domain with.

  • Broker service
  • Domain appraisal
  • Transfer service
  • Partner program

With the broker service, Sedo will act as a middleman. This is similar to Flippa and how they create a nice market place where you can feel safe buying digital properties. These are some of the best brokers in their industry, and because they focus on domains, that means that they know the market well. When you team up with Sedo to buy or sell, you are going to have choices. When we compare the two and look at Flippa vs. Sedo, it is obvious that Sedo takes the number one spot for trading domains.

The Sedo team has many global contacts, so you won’t be restricted to Europe or North America when you are looking to sell a valuable domain. Sedo has one of the most successful teams with more than 15 years of experience. If you wonder how much these domains go for, they have had valuable domains go for over ten million USD. The current record they hold is 13 million for sale. As you can see from these figures, this team is serious about getting top dollar for you.

Support From Sedo

So far, when we have looked at Sedo vs. Flippa, we have figured out that Flippa will have many choices to pick from when it comes to revenue sites. If you are looking for a domain that will be easy to remember, you would be better off working with Sedo. Each one has something that they specialize in. Depending on your needs, you may want to combine the two. You could buy a valuable domain from Sedo and then move over the content from a site that you buy on Flippa. Migration now is easy for most platforms. This way, you will have a domain that people are familiar with and an online store that people want to purchase from.

If you run into any trouble with Sedo and don’t understand the service, contact the support teams. They have won numerous awards in the industry because they pay attention to their customers. It is a unique talent to easily answer technical questions with somebody who might not understand all of the ins and outs for sites.

Sedo Will Help You Negotiate in Mandarin

You will be able to negotiate in many languages, including English, Persian, and also Mandarin. We all know that China is becoming an economic powerhouse. In China, all people are required to speak Mandarin. It is the official language, and that means you can now negotiate with over a billion people. With China having the highest population, you are really growing when you open yourself up to deals from there, where you might find your next big deal.

Buyers can be anonymous, and it won’t come with high fees. If you have not bought a domain before, try out Sedo. You will be surprised how easy the process is.

Flippa Vs. Sedo – Conclusion

In conclusion, which one should you go with? It really all depends on what you are looking at. If you buy a well-known domain and stick with it, that domain could increase in value 3 times or 4 times after a few years. It is not uncommon for popular domains to sell for millions. You can think of owning a valuable domain like an investment. If the right company with deep pockets wants to buy it from you, you will get a nice paycheck for parting with your domain.

Sedo has built up a good reputation in buying and selling domains lacking with Flippa. When you work with Sedo on a domain, they have the biggest database. They understand what is selling and the value for a domain. When you have the most data, you can make a more accurate prediction on what something should sell for. Plus, since they have such extensive records, they can often appraise a domain in just a matter of a few days. That is a quick turnaround.

Flippa might not have the overwhelming information for domains, but you will have a good middleman for buying sites, applications, and plugins. They sell a large number of different vehicles that can be used to make a profit. If you understand WordPress and want to put in the work making content, you could create a great business just by making starter sites. Get people started with a nice theme, a good looking blog, and a profitable niche. Either way, both Sedo and Flippa are good for creating a digital investment that will pay you for many years.

Reviews And Tips

We went over some of the highlights you can expect from Flippa and Sedo. The different sites focus on different avenues, so we wanted to emphasize their goods. If you are interested in more software and service reviews, make sure to stop by often. We will have more tips and tricks for WordPress here.

Go visit Flippa and buy and sell websites!

Visit SEDO in order to buy and sell websites!

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