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Discover the finest Framer templates available. Our exclusive marketplace showcases only the highest quality templates, handpicked by experienced developers and designers.

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Framer Templates

Welcome to SuperbThemes Framer Templates! We’re proud to introduce you to our exclusive Framer marketplace, a one-stop destination for finding the best Framer templates out there. As an official Framer marketplace, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the highest-quality, handpicked templates curated by our experienced developers and designers.

Discover the Best Framer Templates

At SuperbThemes, we aim to provide you with an extraordinary range of top-notch Framer templates. You no longer have to spend countless hours searching for the perfect template. We’ve taken the task off your hands and put it into the hands of our seasoned professionals who meticulously vet each template, ensuring only the crème de la crème makes it to our marketplace.

Quality Above All

Quality is our mantra, and it reflects in every template you’ll discover in our marketplace. We’ve made it our mission to showcase only the best, transforming your journey of finding the perfect Framer template into an enjoyable and easy experience. When browsing SuperbThemes, you can rest assured that you’re looking at the highest quality templates in the market.

Templates for Every Need

We believe in diversity and that there’s a perfect template for every type of website out there. Whether you’re setting up a website for an agency, startup, or business, or creating a landing page, blog, magazine, eCommerce site, portfolio, or photography site, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve even got a range of responsive templates that adapt perfectly to any screen size, ensuring your website delivers an optimal user experience on any device. And for those looking to enhance their website’s visibility, our SEO templates are designed to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Hand-picked & Popular Framer Templates

In the category Hand-picked Framer Templates, you’ll find those templates that we found extraordinary. If you’re not quite sure which type of template you want for your project we recommend taking a look at that category first.

You can sort every category, or all templates together for “Latest” and “Popular”. When sorting for “Popular” you’ll find the most sold templates on SuperbThemes.

Official Framer Marketplace

As an official Framer marketplace, we uphold the high standards and quality that Framer represents. Our commitment is to offer you a seamless, user-friendly experience as you browse through our rich collection of templates.