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GeneratePress Coupon Code

Flashy themes with too many options might be slowing you down. Have you looked at the load time for your site recently? Many people are shocked when they pay for a site to be built and it has a load time of over eight or nine seconds. That is going to cost you in terms of retaining customers. Any site that takes close to double digits to load now is at an extreme disadvantage. What is the solution for this? Try GeneratePress. With both a free version and a paid version, you can start to build up light and responsive pages. With our GeneratePress coupon code, you are going to save ten percent. Let’s explore why you might pick this plugin for your next project.

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What Does It Do?

When the creators made GeneratePress, they wanted to highlight key features to make it stand out. The key things to consider are the following:

  • Stable platform
  • Secure
  • Light
  • Fast

Sure, there are other themes and layouts that seem very flashy. They will include brand new technology in regards to maps, sliders, and interaction. While these features will capture the eye of many visitors, it can also slow your site down to a crawl.

With GeneratePress, they take coding seriously. Just like there are many ways to make a house, there are many ways to make a plugin. Not all coding practices are top notch. Some include libraries that are never used and not needed. Code needs to be reviewed for quality to make sure that it won’t get people in the community hacked later on because of sloppy work.

Leaders in the WordPress community have reviewed the plugin here, looking at the lines of code. This independent review brings a new set of eyes to the process to make sure everything was done by the book. You are given a guarantee that the plugin was made with the latest coding standards which also makes it the most stable.

Small In Size

How large is the product from GeneratePress? Before we answer that, we should look at the typical size for themes you might already be working with. For the most part, themes are placed between 1MB and 10MB when you look at how much space they are taking. For example, the TwentySeventeen theme is 1.3MB. When you look at a more advanced theme though such as Avada, suddenly the size increases several times over. Avada comes in at 5.5MB. This does not even include all the various extras that might be present. Most people will customize it further to their liking which means more space will be taken up.

Plugins also are taking up more space than you would guess. You have popular plugins such as Jetpack that will use 21.4MB. Even Yoast, which we enjoy using to make sure our SEO is on point, will take up 13.7MB. Compare these numbers with a normal install for GeneratePress. It is less than 10KB. That difference is gigantic.

Low Footprint

To really put all of this into perspective, we need to take a look at how much a megabyte is.

Megabyte – 1,024 kilobytes.

Kilobyte – a kilobyte is often shown as KB as an abbreviation. It is roughly 1000 bytes.

To give you an idea of how small a kilobyte would be, a short email takes up around one to three kilobytes. Contrast that with the fact that GeneratePress installs at less than 10KB. Can you imagine that? It is around the same size as the email that you just sent this morning. It is hard to find a lower footprint than that.

Great Speed & Discounted Price

Great Speed & Discounted Price

From the previous paragraph, you can see how much smaller this plugin will be compared to other plugins. We are not even looking at themes that are popular and several times larger. How does this help us? What advantages does it give us when we are working with such lightweight code?

First, think about speed. A good comparison would be two cars in a race. Do you want the car that has all the latest features and gets weighed down by so many options? Compare that with a car where they stripped out the seats and everything is just the bare parts and essentials. You already know which one is going to be moving faster in a race. It is the car that doesn’t have excessive features. This is why so many people are interested in getting a GeneratePress coupon code. It speeds up your whole online presence.

Favored By Google

Sites with clean code are going to be favored more by Google. By having a site that is very light in terms of how much room it takes up, Google will push a site like this to the forefront.

All sites that work with the WordPress system are made up of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. The creators of the software understand this. HTML is kept to a minimum so it doesn’t impact performance. The CSS they use is also clean. Bloated themes might look good, but the people behind GeneratePress paid close attention to what they were doing. They didn’t want a huge collection of features where each one needs to have their own section for CSS. All those different style sheets start to add up and weigh things down.

Next, JavaScript is what powers many of the things you do on a website like clicking on maps or using buttons. If it is not done well and uses many different libraries, that will also slow down things as you load your page. A good example would be jQuery. What exactly is this?

Additional Libraries

Many plugins and themes will use libraries such as jQuery to do the heavy lifting. It is a JavaScript library where you can import it and write less code. In theory, this should save you time and jQuery is considered lightweight for what it does.

Bringing in jQuery will make working with JavaScript much easier, but it comes with a downside. It weighs down your theme. Think about this. JavaScript makes simple tasks a snap because you just make a call to do it for you. The reason why it can do so much with just a call is that it is bringing in so many additional lines of code. Think about all the code you are not using that is just sitting there that will never be called. That is why the creators behind GeneratePress wanted to avoid it.

While jQuery is great in situations where you want to tweak CSS and manipulate HTML and your DOM, it is better to use a theme that just has vanilla JavaScript. You only get this when the team is a group of experienced coders. They can provide all the functionality of an awesome theme and they don’t need to delve into a library that has been beefed up with a lot of options. If you want a fast WordPress theme, go with the team behind GeneratePress. They stick to a very high level of quality with their work and avoid using the entire jQuery library since it is not needed.

Additional Libraries


We now have a much better understanding of why GeneratePress is generating a lot of buzz. Many people are looking for a coupon code to save an additional couple of dollars off the normal price for pro. To give you an idea of how complete this theme is, not only is the JavaScript scrutinized very carefully for speed, but your PHP files are also looked at closely here as well.

PHP is one of the moving parts for a website that can create dynamic actions. It speaks with WordPress in a sense and looks for content so that it can display it on your site. This could be availability of products or the current price for a service that you offer. This is great and one of the reasons why it is so easy to construct a business on the foundation of WordPress and a good theme.

There are downsides once again to leaning on PHP too much to accomplish your goals with a site. When you have too many requests from PHP, the whole site slows down. This problem gets compounded when the coding is done poorly and there are many extra lines of code that are not needed to accomplish the task.

Falling Into A Trap

The big themes that people are familiar with often fall into this trap. They will rely on calling on PHP too much as the site loads. These massive themes will look flashy and catch attention, but if they take too long to load, nobody will stick around long enough to enjoy them! It can be better to go with a simple theme that just displays the essentials such as your phone number and email for contact.

The people behind GeneratePress take all these parts very seriously and have trimmed the code as much as possible for HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. This can only be done when you are dealing with a team of experts that can avoid the traps and cut out what is not needed. That is a tough balance as users demand more features but want the same speed and loading times. GeneratePress leans more toward the side where they trim everything not absolutely needed so you have a lightning-fast site.

GeneratePress Coupon Code Conclusion

In our review, we covered how to get your GeneratePress Coupon Code. If you act quickly and snag your GeneratePress coupon code right now, you can get ten percent off your purchase. We also went over why the theme is so fast, and what you should look for in your next theme! Keep it here with Superb Themes for even more discounts and reviews.

10% Coupon Code available. Click the button & visit GeneratePress to claim the coupon code!

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