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GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Pros And Cons

Many of the fastest themes that are out there are also the smallest in size. When you work with GeneratePress, we see this on full display. They are experts in coding, so they could strip away all of the code that was not needed. What you are left with is very light and loads extremely fast. In our GeneratePress review, we will cover the best aspects of this theme and what could be better. Let’s get started with our GeneratePress review.

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GeneratePress Review – Pros And Cons

Some of the best parts of GeneratePress rely on the fact that the theme is coded so well. Pros can include:

  • Tiny size
  • Does not rely on JavaScript libraries
  • Accessibility ready
  • Extremely fast

These stem from the fact the creators took time to really craft a theme with no extra code. That gives you faster speeds in terms of loading and serving customers.

Some of the cons to consider when you use this theme are as follows:

  • Does not integrate well with other plugins
  • The style could be more modern
  • The free version should have more options

When you are considering if you want to try out GeneratePress to see how fast the theme really is, we feel like they could have included a few more options. This would give customers a better feel for what they will get once they invest in the premium version.

GeneratePress has Written Code

GeneratePress has Written Code

Many themes will tell you that they have the smallest footprint and also load faster than the competition. Do they really? You need to do an independent review of the software and confirm this for yourself.

A great tool to look at this would be Lighthouse. This will give you an accurate assessment of what will be loaded on our page and how large everything is. If you have trouble with using Lighthouse, go to the main page for GeneratePress. They provide screenshots which can help you understand what you are looking for.

There are several other tools that they recommend to use as well. These include Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and also GTMetrix. Any theme designer can tell you that they have the fastest speeds available. It is up to you to determine this on your own and do an audit using various tools. This will help you see your WordPress performance.

All tests should be done with a fresh install of the theme for the best results. Once you start to bring in additional libraries and plugins, these will add additional nodes to your DOM. The larger your DOM tree grows, the harder it will be to achieve high speeds.

Keep in mind as well; modern-day browsers also include Developer Tools. One of the best parts of using a modern browser such as Chrome is that you can see the code behind the scenes. By right-clicking and picking the inspect option, you can see a clear view of the DOM and what exactly is getting triggered.

Is GeneratePress The Fastest Theme?

Is GeneratePress The Fastest Theme?

Many people want a quick answer as far as who has the fastest theme out there. What is the best theme that will get me the most conversions? That is a difficult question to answer. It really is relative because of so many variables. How close is the customer to a CDN? Did they have libraries cached already so that they did not need to load again? How many features did the user add after the fact?

When you look at the main page for GeneratePress, it is obvious they care a great deal about performance. They give you tutorials on how to check things like your DOM tree to ensure additional nodes are not slowing down your load speeds. This company will inform you of the tools you can use to see how big files are and how fast each component loads.

You can always find a theme that is lighter and faster. I could go into the wp-content folder and make a theme right now with no options and zero styles. That will be smaller in size, but there is a trade-off. Customers won’t want to interact with a site that looks like it is just raw HTML. That would be working backward toward the time in the 1990s, where sites looked very basic.

It is important to strike a balance between a full of features and is still light. They worked on cutting out code that was not needed for six years. Each year, the theme would become lighter. It is easier to include libraries like jQuery. It will speed up your development, and you don’t have to code things on your own. This will bloat it over time, though, as you bring in additional libraries.

When you buy the premium version for this theme, you know that the creators will never stop working on it. They will keep striving to make sure it stays lightweight.


Are you compliant with WCAG? These guidelines are always changing and evolving with time. You may have been compliant in the past with version 1.0, but you must also be aware of the new guidelines with 2.0.

What is the cost of noncompliance as you seek to help all of your customers? Consider what happened with the giant chain Walmart recently.

Three residents of the state of Maryland are all suing Walmart on the grounds of discrimination. The case alleges that Walmart violated their rights since the self-checkout kiosks could not be fully accessed. Cases like this are taken very seriously by the National Federation of the Blind. Just one lawsuit from an individual that cannot fully use your technology can result in legal trouble that will last for years and cost millions.

These residents in the United States could not fully complete buying items from the store, which is alleged in the lawsuit. Instead, people with disabilities had to pay money directly to an employee. This defeats the purpose of self-checkout. It can create an embarrassing situation for the customer. In this case, a customer claims that an employee robbed them and took advantage of them. How can you avoid situations like this with your own company?


A large company such as Walmart has the legal team and the funds to deal with compliance issues. Most small companies do not. Are you prepared to make sure you are not involved in a lawsuit, such as the one we just discussed?

If you want to make sure that your website will be accessible by everybody, you need to start the process today. Go with a theme that takes this seriously. GeneratePress has taken steps to make sure your blind users can still understand what is happening on the page. The theme also makes it easier for them to buy products from you and use your system. This is the right thing to do and makes your business more inclusive.

Remember, not all themes are inclusive of people with disabilities. Make sure to look into this before you settle on one of the various themes out there. It can cost you a lot of time and money in the long run if you are not careful about the products that you are using.

Avoid Unnecessary Code

Avoid Unnecessary Code

When they get started, most coders have little interest in taking the time to really dive into JavaScript. It is much easier to just import libraries because most of the work is already done for you. Many companies use libraries since the documentation is well laid out and easy to follow when you implement it into a project.

For the very skilled coders, though, they will go beyond. They understand bringing in something like jQuery will speed things up, but in the end, it creates a less dependable project. Many corporate projects have been halted at the last moment because Angular is throwing up an error.

When you work with GeneratePress, they go back to vanilla JavaScript. What does this mean? How can you download this framework? In truth, VanillaJS is just a joke. This vanilla version is just plain JavaScript, where you understand the language enough to avoid additional libraries. This means none of the additional libraries are used. JavaScript is robust enough to accomplish many things so that many times the additional libraries are not needed. It just takes time for the developers to learn the limitations and avoid taking the library’s shortcut.

Ultimately, this creates some of the smallest code, which then translates to fast speeds for the user. Just one more reason why we love this product. Give the free version a try and see if it is going to be right for you.

GeneratePress Review Conclusion

With our GeneratePress review, we talked about many of the reasons you would want to use this theme. It is one of the smallest and also very compliant if your user has disabilities. The design could be a bit more modern, but what do you expect with something so lightweight? If you are looking for a speedy and flexible theme, there are few on this level. Continue to check back with us, and we will continue to go over great themes and software.

Are you ready to give GeneratePress a try? Click the button & try out GeneratePress for free.

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