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Genesis Framework Review

Genesis Framework review - We say great!

With everyone so busy, you need to be empowered by your tools. Your WordPress tools need to save you time, optimize your site, and put down a strong foundation for future work. The Genesis Framework can do all of these things. In our WordPress Genesis Framework review, we want to go over the pros and cons of this robust framework. We will also talk more about how it works to be knowledgeable about the platform overall. So, if you have thought about buying this framework, make sure you read to the end for this WordPress Genesis Framework review. Let’s begin.

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Genesis Framework Pros

Jumping right into the many reasons to use this framework, we want to highlight the main reasons to pick this framework when considering our WordPress Genesis Framework review.

  • A helpful community that has built an extensive knowledge base
  • Speak directly with the creators and owners for StudioPress
  • Faster and more performantcompared to Elementor

Right off the bat, you may be wondering, what is the Genesis Framework? Many people have already heard of Divi or Elementor since they are much more popular. However, few people are familiar with Genesis. That is one of the cons we will get to in the next section. Reviewers who have never used a product from this group could reach out to the community to learn more. The community was beneficial in pointing out the significant advantages of using this framework. People reviewing the product also noticed that you could speak directly with the coders and marketers behind the product. If you like giving pointers and suggestions to the people behind your software, you will love how accessible they are.

Genesis Vs. Elementor

Another big plus is how this stacks up compared to popular site builders. We are all aware of Elementor at this point. You can easily use it for free, and the annual cost to use Elementor on 25 different sites is under two hundred dollars. So why would you switch to the Genesis Framework when you have so many templates that come with Elementor?

The main issue with Elementor is speed. Yes, many templates and widgets come at a low price. The software is bulky, though. A simple site with only a few images and no video will get a page speed score in the mid-70s. That is going to impact everything! Your bounce rate will be higher. SEO will be affected by slow load times. Even troubleshooting will be more difficult. Use Genesis if you want extremely fast sites.

Cons To Think About

Our WordPress Genesis Framework review would not be complete unless we considered the drawbacks of using this product. The problems include the following points:

  • Not as popular as other
  •  Big-name builders
  • Many people don’t understand what framework can do
  • Price is a little higher in
  • Comparison to other builders

First of all, there are many questions surrounding the Genesis Framework. Is it related to coding? Do you use it to build forms and popups? In terms of site builders, most of them will not refer to themselves as a framework. Writers and video creators had to go onto the forum for the framework to get more answers. StudioPress has put out a short video to try and explain what the product does, but many people are left with more questions after they watch it. It would help if the instructional video was more descriptive and included more examples showing what you can do with this software.

Another issue is the name of the site. StudioPress powered by WP Engine. What is WP Engine? Why doesn’t StudioPress use the Genesis Framework for their site? The many different products offered can confuse people not familiar with how everything works.


The price is also a bit higher than something like Elementor. Remember, a page builder like Elementor is much more well-known. You can use that platform for free as long as you would like. The paid tier for Elementor is right around forty dollars, and that is for an entire year. It is hard to compete with a price that low. For that low price point, many designers will just buy both platforms to have more flexibility.

This framework is included when you go with hosting provided by WP Engine. So, if you are thinking about making a move to a new host, you can negate the cost of the software by hosting your site with WP Engine. In effect, you are getting access to the framework for free. We will go into more detail later on in this article.

Sorting It Out

First, to understand a bit more about how the Genesis Framework is presented, you have to realize that StudioPress and WP Engine are combined. They are part of the WP Engine WordPress platform. WP Engine is a cloud-based host that can provide affordable hosting with an extensive collection of building tools.

WP Engine has won many awards for its hosting service. The sites you bring to them will have high availability, speed, and security. Since this is a cloud-based host, you can use many different cloud models with them. These include IaaS, hybrid plans, community cloud plans, and private plans. If you have questions about how these other cloud models will work, they have customer support to speak with you. They are working around the clock. Speak with a rep 24/7/365.

Now that we have covered this concept, you can understand better why the tagline is StudioPress powered by WP Engine. You have two great companies that came together to combine efforts. In the end, you, as the consumer, will get a much better deal. Why is that?

Combining Services

If you have been looking for a new web host, think about working with WP Engine. When you have a paid plan with them, you automatically access the Genesis Framework. You will also get over thirty different themes that you can utilize to make sites that look amazing. Altogether, you get software valued at over $2000.00 when you sign up for this hosting.

When it comes to trying out this framework, why not get hosting through WP Engine for people on the fence? You can work with the builder for as long as you would like, and you also gain optimized hosting at the same time. Migration is easy, and many staff members are on hand and ready to show you how to bring your data over. Check it out if you were not already aware of this WordPress host.

Admin Features

If you work for an agency or are in charge as the primary administrator for a large site, you need to control what goes on to your main page. With this framework, you can control the blocks that you use. The system is very similar if you are familiar with Gutenberg blocks already. Genesis did atomic Blocks in the past. This has now been upgraded and rolled into the current product. If you had Atomic Blocks before, they would be deactivated once you activate the new framework.

Easily set up who can post to your page. If you have a specific font or style that you want to see, set your blocks to only use those guidelines. This comes in handy when you are hiring a new employee. Maybe you have a sure way to do your spacing and headers. The new employee won’t need to memorize a long list of guidelines. You just give them access to your Genesis Framework, and then the blocks will already have your style system set. This will come as a relief to many busy web admins. 

Restricting Blocks

As the admin, you can also restrict things so that your authors will not access all of the standard features. For example, sharing links can be dangerous for your readers. What if there is malware associated with some of the links sent out by an author? Many writers may be proficient at writing articles, but they may not understand that live links must be vetted. That is where you come in, and you can stop live links from getting posted. Then you can make sure all of the links are malware-free before your post goes live. We think if you are an admin, you need a feature like this to control what goes live with your site.

Giving your authors a little too much power can hurt you in the long run. Set them up for success and only give them the tools to complete the task. As time goes on, you can educate them more and eventually give them more leeway with the blocks.

WordPress Genesis Framework Review

In conclusion, this is a great system to get started with. You have many different ways to have more control of your sites. The system is included with a specific host so that you can use it for free through WP Engine. Overall, the framework creates streamlined and speedy loading sites. We would recommend it going forward.

We do our best to provide complete and objective themes and plugin reviews. We’ve written reviews of Astra, X Theme, and Avada, and you certainly can’t go wrong with any of these themes. Much more, we’ve done extensive research to compile a list of unique minimalist pieces.

It’s time for a new review, and this theme is genuinely unique. Genesis Framework is a standout WordPress framework that somehow goes against the current trend. While most bestseller themes package more and more features, Genesis Framework strives for simplicity.

Roll up your sleeves and read the following review. You can’t call yourself an average WordPress user if you don’t know about Genesis Framework.

Are you ready to give Genesis Framework a try?
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What Is Genesis Framework

Genesis framework review

Brian Gardner founded StudioPress in 2010 to build and sell premium WordPress themes. His team developed Genesis Framework, and since then, tens of thousands of users have used it. WP Engine acquired StudioPress in 2018 with a solid commitment to providing better products.

Many people are unsure about the difference between a framework and a theme, but StudioPress’s explanation is clear and straightforward. WordPress acts like a car engine, Genesis is the frame and body, and a theme is the paint job. In other words, Genesis Framework is a basic theme that runs well straight out of the box, but you’ll get more from it by using a child theme.

Many standalone themes have Genesis Framework at the core. You can create your theme by purchasing this framework, but you have to be skilled at HTML, CSS, and PHP. The more straightforward method is to buy one of the child themes released by StudioPress. If you’re considering trying to get it for free, then read our guide on How To Download Genesis Framework For Free.

Check out the FAQ page if you are still unclear about Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework’s Best Features

The following cool features will convince you that Genesis is a marvelous, indispensable tool that you need in your development arsenal. You should know that Matt Mullenweg (the founding developer of WordPress), Syed Balkhi (the founder of WPBeginner), Darren Rowse (the blogger behind ProBlogger), Joost De Valk (the developer of Yoast plugin), and Matt Cutts (the former head of spam at Google) all endorse Genesis Framework. The appreciation of these influencers should be enough for this tool to gain your confidence.

Optimized for Search Engines

Genesis results from a team of talented designers and developers who have written clean code with the latest technologies. This outlook is the base of a search-engine-friendly theme. No one says that multipurpose themes are bad, but they have a significant drawback: the multitude of features bloats the code. Genesis is a lightweight solution that doesn’t hog the server’s resources.

Genesis is a fabulous framework launched almost a decade ago and supports Schema, a code approach that lets search spiders extract data from your site and display featured snippets. This support proves that Genesis is a search-engine-optimized framework and a tool that is constantly updated to the latest standards.

Genesis allows you to add meta descriptions, meta keys, and robot meta keys. Usually, this work is the plugin’s responsibility, but Genesis developers wanted to make the framework run without an SEO plugin. It’s a step forward, but we strongly encourage you to install an SEO plugin even if you use Genesis or one of its child themes.

Genesis is also quite fast, and the reason is simple: its lightweight structure doesn’t require any server resources.

Genesis is a reliable platform to create your site. It’s a good foundation for a profitable business.

Professional Security

Hackers know that it’s a massively used framework and do their best to discover security breaches. So the chances are high that hackers can break plenty of sites once they identify a Genesis vulnerability, which means there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Genesis’s developers. 

As a result, the security experts led by Mark Jaquith constantly update the framework to make it unhackable, and Genesis users highly appreciate their work. Use this framework if you want a secure foundation for your site.

Unlimited Updates for Unlimited Sites

Anytime you fall in love with a WordPress theme and want to use it for your sites, you have to pay for the developer license. Many theme sellers don’t allow site owners to use their themes on unlimited sites for a yearly subscription. You usually have to purchase a lifetime subscription, which costs two to five times the price of an annual subscription.

Genesis has taken a revolutionary approach. You can buy the framework and use it for unlimited sites. Yep, you can use it for two or four hundred sites. You also get unlimited updates and support. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Custom Layouts and Widgets

Genesis provides complete control over the entire site. You decide on the design of each page by switching the layouts. The default layouts are

  •  Full-Width Content
  • Sidebar/Content
  • Content/Sidebar
  • Sidebar/Sidebar/Content
  • Content/Sidebar/Sidebar
  •  Sidebar/Content/Sidebar.

For instance, your homepage layout might be content/sidebar, but you can go for full-width content on the blog section.

Another tremendous advantage of Genesis Framework is the use of widgets. Just drag and drop them onto the widgetized areas to get extended functionality. User Profile and Featured Post and Pages are two particular widgets that are massively used on many sites.

First Class Support

genesis framework support

Unlike other theme sellers that only provide support for a yearly payment, you get unlimited support by purchasing Genesis Framework. Someone once said that companies fall into two categories: those that consider customer support to improve sales by satisfying the customers and those that view customer support as a necessary waste of resources. Buyers should avoid the second category.

StudioPress falls into the first category—it genuinely appreciates its customers. Most of them have appreciated the help of the StudioPress customer support team. But before asking for support, check the FAQ page and the Community Forum. You will find thousands of Genesis users asking for and providing help and feedback. Next, visit the blog to find out the latest news about Genesis, the team behind it, and much more exciting stuff. Many blogs such as Genesis Tutorials also focus on Genesis Framework and StudioPress’ child themes.

Professional Child Themes

genesis framework child themes

Developers like Genesis more than any framework or multipurpose theme because it allows them a higher degree of control. WordPress users who have become tired of lookalike themes consider Genesis to escape from that.

Working on child themes only is another particularity of Genesis. A child theme inherits the functionality of the parent theme. In this way, you can perform any change you need on the child theme without affecting the parent, and any updates to the parent theme won’t affect the child theme.

Briefly, Genesis forces you to use a child theme to prevent losing the changes you make when the framework gets an update. Of course, you are free to create your themes based on Genesis, but you can choose one from StudioPress’s stellar works. Check out our suggestions:

Infinity Pro

genesis framework theme infinite pro

Are you interested in a stylish and modern WordPress theme for your business? Then, infinity is all you need. The sleek design impresses viewers at first sight. Infinity consists of the standard business-site pages—Team, Contact, and Blog—and some useful additions, such as Landing Page, Protected Content, and Lead Capture.

Smart Passive Income

smart passive income chid theme by studiopress

Pat Flynn uses this theme on his website Smart Passive Income, a reference blog for people searching for ways to generate a passive income. There is no need for further ado because it’s the core of a successful business.

Foodie Pro

foodie pro genesis framework child theme

You’ll fall in love with this theme even if you aren’t in the food niche. The black and white color combo highlights the colors of your products—a great idea for food blogs. It’s a yummy theme!

Plugins for Extended Functionality

Plugins fix most WordPress users’ problems, and Genesis Framework is no exception. The developers have worked hard to add extra functionality to the framework and some plugins worth mentioning here.

Design Palette Pro

This plugin helps users customize their sites without writing code. It allows you to personalize the header, footer, sidebars, and content area. The price starts at $49 for the basic plan.

Genesis Simple Hooks

StudioPress developed this plugin aimed at helping Genesis users customize their sites by providing snippets of code. It’s free of charge, so use it confidently!

Genesis Extender Plugin

The front-end CSS customizer is the most remarkable feature of this plugin. Developers like the plugin because it helps them write JavaScript code and create functions, hooks, and conditionals.

StudioPress’s Reputation

It’s not a feature per se, but it’s impossible to ignore StudioPress’s reputation. It’s a brand trusted even by the most demanding WordPress users. Even if you aren’t sure about the framework’s potential, knowing that StudioPress is behind it will convince you to open your wallet.

Genesis’s developers don’t rest on their laurels. For instance, even though Genesis was released back in 2010, the framework was written using HTML5 and CSS3, and it’s schema-ready, fully responsive, and compatible with Gutenberg’s visual editor. Not bad for one of the oldest tools for WordPress users.

Genesis Framework’s Worst Features

Genesis goes down in history as the most famous WordPress framework. It’s jam-packed with fantastic features, but it’s not perfect. There are a few things that stop people from using Genesis.

Challenging for Beginners

Genesis is a tool aimed predominantly at designers and developers, so less-trained people often get stuck when using Genesis. In addition, you have to know CSS and PHP to get the most from this framework. Consequently, we can’t recommend Genesis to non-coders, but we strongly encourage you to purchase it if you are a decent coder or firmly committed to learning how to code.

Compared to other famous multipurpose frameworks, such as Divi or Avada, Genesis is frightening. Could Genesis be more user-friendly if it didn’t target beginners? It’s hard to say.

Expensive Child Themes

Everyone agrees that Genesis fully deserves its price. The child themes released by its creators are also stellar, but the price is above what you would pay on ThemeForest or other WordPress theme marketplaces. If you aren’t a designer or a developer, purchasing the framework alone might not be a viable solution. You would need to buy a child theme, so your total investment would be at least $100. Unfortunately, people on tight budgets might go for a cheaper solution.

Genesis Framework Review: Pricing Plans

You can get Genesis Framework for a one-time purchase of $59.95, and you have no limitations on how you use it. StudioPress also sells Genesis child themes, which are genuine masterworks. Buy any theme, and you get the framework as well. Currently, the price of this fantastic combination of theme plus framework ranges from $99.95 to $129.95.

StudioPress offers another bargain, especially for designers. Get Genesis and all the StudioPress child themes for $499.50. What do you think? Is it a huge deal or not? Consider using a StudioPress coupon code for your purchase.


Unlike other reviews, we didn’t focus on the pros and cons of buying a product or service. However, genesis Framework and the child themes released by StudioPress have withstood the test of time. Many users have rated these products as excellent, and tons of reviews praise the products, so the quality of Genesis Framework and its child themes is undeniable.

The big question is if you are skilled enough to use these tools, especially the framework. Designers or developers are likely in heaven with these products, but non-coders expecting a super user-friendly interface might be disappointed. People between these extremes might face some issues, but the support team is helpful and professional to overcome the problems.

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