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How To Get The Best Value With WP Buffs Services

WP Buffs for free

Latest Update! Sign Up for a Yearly Plan And Get Two Months For Free!

First of all, a quick update about the possibilities of getting WP Buffs for free. It is now possible to get WP Buffs for free in two months when you sign up for a yearly plan. Go to WP Buffs to learn more about the offer (see link below) or learn more about the possibilities in this article, where we look into how to Get the best value with WP Buffs services

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Why WP Buffs Is A Great WordPress Maintenance- And Support Service

Would it not be great if you had a friend you could always contact that would be able to help you out with website issues? I think we all know a few people like that. They are a whiz with hardware and seem always to find the problem in a block of code. If you need somebody that can help you with WordPress, think about trying WP Buffs. This service has many tiers and comes with great plugins. In the rest of this article, we will take a closer look at the possibilities of getting WP Buffs for free? We are going to show you how to use WP Buffs at no cost. Once you try it, then you can decide if you want to purchase the service.

How Do WP Buffs Work?

We have all been in a position where we feel excited to go live finally. You probably have spent weeks or even months putting together your site. All of the plugins are yet to work together. Your content is ready to go. You have an SEO plan that you put together that you are sure will hit all the right niches. When you finally launch, you discover that there is a huge issue! You probably never staged your site correctly. People can’t access all of the pages. Customers are getting a 500 Internal Server Error. If you feel like you can relate to this, you are not alone.

WP Buffs aims to alleviate issues like this. It would help if you were not forced to struggle with a website while also running a successful business. This is where WP Buffs can come in.

They offer access to paid plugins that can help optimize your site, load pages faster, and secure your server. They offer peace of mind for a low monthly price that you can only get when you leave your site with a group of experts—worried that the service will cost too much? Why not work with WP Buffs for free? Let’s see how you can test things before paying.

WP Buffs For Free In 2021?

First, we want to cover the possibilities of getting a free trial with WP Buffs. They go into detail about how they offered a free trial in the past. There were many issues with this, though. They had an excellent free trial to paid customer conversion rate, but many customers were looking for unlimited edits. This quickly became a problem.

You can imagine that offering WP Buffs for free along with free edits created problems. When working with people who can’t make edits to their site, you are working with very new users. They didn’t even care about the website speed that they could get through plugins. The security for the site didn’t matter to them either. They didn’t know how to make edits to their pages, and they were using WP Buffs for free. The employees got overburdened.

WP Buffs Canceled Their Free Trial Offer Several Years Ago

Not only did it create a hardship for the employees, but people were using the free trial for six days and then canceling suddenly. They got what they wanted, and they then wanted to move on. In reality, it would have made more sense for them to figure out how to make edits on their own. WP Buffs is much more than just a company that can make edits to your site. They give you a total overhaul.

To avoid sinking so much time into customers that didn’t care about what WP Buffs offered, WP Buffs canceled the free trial. It is a shame that customers acted this way and then made it harder for everybody. What is the solution? How can you work with this service to test it?

WP Buffs free trial

WP Buffs The Guarantee

The team over at WP Buffs doesn’t want you to feel locked into a product you don’t enjoy using. If you start working with their service and find that it isn’t working for you, cancel right away and try another service. They will not continue to charge you if the plans don’t match your business.

WP Buffs is just trying to avoid the point that they were at in 2017 where they had less than 100 customers working with them, and people were asking for unlimited edits just because they were lazy. They didn’t value what they were getting! If you want to test out the service, feel free to. You will notice your site is more secure, loads faster, and will look better. While the free trial no longer exists, you can still work with the team and see customer service level. This is a good compromise where everybody is happy. Their team is not getting weighed down by unlimited free edits, and you can see what they are all about.

Other Ways To Get How to get the best value with WP Buffs services

Are there other ways to get WP Buffs for free? Look at their affiliate program. Using them for white label services can be very lucrative. Some of the benefits you get when you start with the white label program include the following:

  • WP Buffs will be using your email addresses.
  • Everything will have your signature and logo.
  • You can see all communications.
  • Custom dashboards will integrate with your branding.

When you white label an excellent service you believe in, you want to make sure you are representing yourself properly. With your logos and signature colors on the WP Buffs service, your customers will never know they are working through another team. You can monitor everything that is going on and make sure that your customers are being treated right.

WP Buffs Will Provide You With Updates When Necessary

Reports will also keep you in the loop. Customers using WP Buffs will get constant updates so that they understand any changes that have been made. If a plugin needed to have an update to be more secure, customers need to feel informed. On top of this, WP Buffs will be sending out reports on your customers as well. You want to make sure that they are getting top-quality help. By checking on everything new that happened with a site, you can make sure that all plugins and themes will run smoothly.

The white label plan will give you deep discounts on care plans for yourself. On top of this, you are making money through the WP Buffs service. By putting this money toward your own discounted care plan, you can get the service for free. This is an ideal situation for sites that already have a lot of different users.

WP Buffs Free Download

A free WP Buffs download is an excellent way to see what they offer currently. When you sign up for their care plan, you get many free downloads. Some of the best premium plugins include:

  • Smush
  • iThemes Security
  • WP Rocket

If you feel like your site is taking up too much space, why not experiment with Smush? This allows you to compress images down to take up less space, and then you can have things load faster. Will you notice a difference in quality? Not. Smush is designed to compress images, but not to the point where you will see significant differences. This plugin is a premium product that you would typically need to pay for using. When you work with WP Buffs and their care plan, you can use this for free and get a free download. No reason to buy expensive plugins anymore.

iThemes is another excellent way to keep your site protected. If you take a look at their site, this company offers a wide array of products, including ways to do backups, design your site, and harden your security. If you run a company, this is another great free download from WP Buffs. Users who are causing trouble on forums or posting spam can block their IP address from the command center. If users are snooping around and looking for pages that they should not access, WP Buffs will adequately detect this, and you will be alerted. Setting up permissions for all your users has never been easier. WP Buffs is an excellent solution if you are looking to sleep better at night.

Is it possible to get WP Buffs for free?

Best Value With WP Buffs Services – Conclusion

In conclusion, we looked at the free trial evolution and getting parts of subscriptions for free at WP Buffs. 

Several years ago, you could use the service for a week and see if you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, many of the users took advantage of this and didn’t want to make edits independently. Instead of valuing the service they were getting, they would ask WP Buffs to make a few edits to their site and walk away. That could never last long. WP Buffs started to understand better what their ideal customer would look like. By appealing more to customers who enjoy all of the free plugins and excellent service, they could expand their business.

If you would like to try the service and save money, sign up for the tier you think would work best and sign-up for a yearly plan. Test the level of customer service. See how quickly the WordPress experts can resolve your issue. If you feel that the service is lacking, you can cancel and move on.

To learn more – book your call with WP Buffs now!

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