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Getspace Review – The Pros and Cons

 Getspace website

Looking for either web hosting or cloud hosting? Why not try Getspace? They have reseller hosting as well as virtual servers. With such a large variety of hosting to pick from, you are going to enjoy their fast speeds. If you are based out of Europe, you are going to get along great with this host. Residents of Ireland now have an excellent choice when it comes to who they can place their site. Let’s get started with a quick review of Getspace.

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Easy To Use

If you use WordPress and you are based out of Europe, why not try Getspace? They have reseller hosting plans including one based on SSD NVMe disks which are incrediblefast. What does this mean? Let’s take a look at the old form of storage and the new way of storing data.

HDD is a data storage device used by some hosts. You may even have this on your computer right now. When you start up your computer, the sound of the spinning disk might be heard. The ones and zeros that make up all data are accessed on this spinning disk. Everything is stored magnetically. Heads will read and write the data on your disk as fast as possible, but keep in mind you are still spinning this disk at high speed to access things. A good way to think of this is one of those old turntables that would play vinyl records. These HDDs come in 2.5 inches and 3.5-inch sizes. If you are still using this system, it is legacy technology.

New hosts like Getspace like to use SSD. This solid-state drive has no moving parts. Remember how we thought of the hard drive as a big turntable? The solid-state has no moving parts. That makes it much faster. Everything gets stored into integrated circuits. Since you don’t need a spinning disk, the form factor can be smaller. In some cases, a solid-state will only be the size of a stick of gum. What does that mean for you as the customer?

Getspace free website

Getspace Uses Cutting Edge Technology

You want to use a host like Getspace, who will use new technology like solid-state drives. Not all of the competition have made this switch. An SSD will make a huge reduction in access time, which means users get the data served faster to them. If you run a business, you need to focus on speed. How fast does a page load? Are customers leaving because your current host is still using legacy technology?

Faster speeds give an advantage to Getspace in a variety of ways. You will see performance benefits when you log in to the system and wait for apps to load. Customers will also be happier since they will also be able to log in with your system faster. Why make a customer wait for an app that can total their final expense? In terms of shopping online, most of the time, it comes down to speed. Even Google will push you up higher in the rankings when you can easily handle large files.

Old legacy hardware will still be using SATA which is going to tax your system when a lot of customers are trying to access your page. Instead, use the new and improved PCI Express. PCIe is going to give you a faster way to interface with everything. Don’t your customers deserve a host that uses the best technology out there?

If you are thinking about switching over, call your current host and figure out how they are handling storage and serving your site. You might be surprised that your current website is still using old technology. Why stay stuck with something like a turntable playing records? You can move over to Getspace and work with a host that stores all the data in integrated circuits.

Getspace Review – Pros

We covered one of the biggest reasons why you would want to start working with Getspace. What are some other pros you can look forward to?

  • Cloud hosting plans
  • VPS plans
  • Integrates well with WordPress
  • Reseller options

It would help if you had a host that would have many different options to pick from. Right now, WordPress is the biggest platform out there. Created by Matt Mullenweg, who owns Automattic, WordPress started almost twenty years ago! That is a long time to master the art of creating a web page.

WordPress is still going. They are not satisfied with hosting over a third of all sites. WordPress still has large companies investing millions of dollars into the platform like we just saw with their Series D funding round. Even better, the system is totally open-source. When you host with Getspace, you can always go to the repository at This repository is huge and helps with version control. Is there any doubt that you are using the right version of a plugin? You can make sure you are ready when you download it from the official repo. On top of this, since WordPress is open-source, people are always adding to this system. You will often see new plugins popping up that people can modify and customize. Overall, this is a great system, and Getspace makes it all easy to operate. You can install WordPress with just one click—an awesome system.

Getspace Review – Cons

With so many excellent features, you have to assume that this host also has a few downsides. Let us take a look at our Getspace review:

  • North American users will want to go with a localhost
  • Needs a longer free trial

A few users found that they were waiting long before they had the support to get back to them, even though most of them experienced fast answers from their support. Getspace offers support in 6 different languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, English, and Slovak. Of course, you always try to find that balance. With larger companies, they can get back to you faster but often charge more. That is the nature of hosting. If you want to help on-demand, you need to pay a higher monthly fee. Getspace still has very reasonable fees so we are sure as they expand, they will have even more support employees that are active.

Keep in mind also; this company is not based in North America. If you are a user in the United States or Canada, you may have trouble getting full support during the most active hours. It would be better to go with a more local host. Speeds should be faster since the location of the servers does come into play. There are many different hosts to pick from when you are based out of the United States. Check on our website for hosting reviews. We go over the pros and cons of all the most popular hosts so you can make an informed decision.

Getspace free hosting


Hosted sites work with CloudLinux. This operating system can help you avoid problems that other users might face. Why is this?

The first version of CloudLinux was released in 2010. It was founded one year earlier by Igor Seletskiy and is based on the open-source operating system Linux. If you have worked in technology, you know that Linux is the most popular open-source operating system out there. Started by Linus Torvalds, he wanted to help people with an operating system you didn’t have to pay for. The kernel always has updates going on with coders adding to the already great system.

Since Linux is made with expert programmers’ help and chooses which updates will be best for the system, it is also very secure in avoiding hacking attacks. You can host your data with Windows-based systems, but these will always have exploits that attackers are trying to use against you. The Linux system is overall much more secure and stable. CloudLinux, as an OS, is marketed to shared hosting providers, just like Getspace. The software company CloudLinux, Inc distributes it, and it is becoming even more popular with time.

This operating system is based on the CentOS operating system and uses the OpenVZ kernel to keep your hosted page stable with minimal downtime. In fact, the excellent uptime that you see with Getspace comes from the fact they are using a Linux based system versus Windows. We recommend that you look further into the changes that Linux, in general, is having on the market. You may find that Linux will be your next operating system for your home computer once you see all the advantages.

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Getspace Review Conclusion

In our Getspace review, we covered some of the cutting edge technology they are using. If you want excellent hosting for European users, you will want to check this one out. They use CloudLinux, which is great for virtual environments that are very safe for hosting. Secure and safe hosting is a must as the technology continues to evolve. The use of solid-state drives also helps them provide fast loading speeds and excellent data transfer speeds. For more in terms of software reviews and reviews on hosting, keep it here with Superb Themes.

Are you ready to give Getspace a try? Click the button to visit Getspace & Get started!

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