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Go Online And Find Your Deals With Mydinners

Go online and find your deals with mydinners

Most of the world has been shut down – on and off – for the past two years under Covid-19. This includes charming restaurants around the world. Some are harder hit than others. It’s been hugely tricky for most places to get guests, and several have had to shut down their businesses. Several restaurants have tried deals on various menus or items, with some areas succeeding and others failing. 

In Denmark, an online website, mydinners, has managed to gather deals from all over Copenhagen on one site. This aims to give you, the consumer, a good and straightforward overview of your possible deals in your local area. In addition, this website helps large and small restaurants share their menu and any good deals so that they can get some guests back to the restaurants – and for their takeaway.

Collecting deals on takeaway and other items online so that the consumer has an overview of any offers also satisfies those who prefer to avoid too much physical contact due to Covid-19. Furthermore, it allows the consumer to continue to enjoy a lot of delicious food from all over Copenhagen without having to move too far out into populated areas. 

A smart overview of deals in Copenhagen – tips and tricks for your website

With its simple layout, this Danish website has created a user-friendly site, focusing on deals without too many distractions. We think mydinners. dk is an excellent example of how a website can be made simple and beautiful with both search engines and user experience (UX) in mind.

Therefore, we will pull some examples from their setup for deals to exemplify what you should focus on in setting up your website. 

The website uses a tight, modern, and neat layout and design, where they focus on not having too much “stuff” on the website that is not relevant for the user. Unnecessary information has been cut out, and overall a layout with simple and calm colors has been kept.

In addition, they have one clear message throughout that shows on the front page – great food experiences through deals. It’s important when building your site that your message shines through so it’s apparent to the user what you can/will do.

Once you’ve got the basic pages built, such as “contact,” “about,” “the front page,” and whatever you’re offering, you need to start sharing knowledge. Here we mean that you should write content that both Google (and various search engines) and the user can read through. 

This gives you great authority and credibility, and you show that you are an expert in your particular field. For example, at mydinners, we see how the website shares their knowledge of food experiences across Denmark and guides deals and offers in takeaway and physical restaurant visits. 

Another essential element of building your website is remembering the user experience, so you need to remember to create interaction opportunities for the user. This makes for a better life experience on the site and a greater chance of generating conversions. On mydinners, you’ll see “call-to-action” buttons, for example, that refer to purchasing deals or linking to the restaurant’s Instagram or website.

A slight inclusion but with a significant impact is the font on your website. Pick a font that is readable and appropriate for your desired universe. It takes so little to give an excellent overall impression. Preferably choose a font without “feet,” as it is easier to read on a screen.

Mydinner website graphics

So, overall, remember:

  • Simple layout, without “noise”
  • Have a clear message
  • Knowledge section in your field
  • Remember interaction options
  • Choose the right font

You can read many more tips and tricks on building a good and effective website here on our site. 

Make it interesting

Moreover, create a simple layout to give your visitors (and Google) clear identification of the content on your website; remember to make it attractive for the user. 

With the fast-paced world, we live in, catching your target audience’s attention can be difficult. It is therefore essential to create content that is eye-catching and interesting to the visitor. An excellent method is using pictures, videos, and gifs. 

However, always have SEO in mind. Google knows a lot but cannot read pictures -yet. So make sure your photographs have unique names containing your keywords, making it easier for Google to understand the relevance of your photographs. 

SEO optimize your website

SEO has become hugely popular in recent years, as it’s the organic way to gain online visibility on search engines like Google. It contrasts with the otherwise expensive paid market for advertising and publicity and is, therefore, an excellent opportunity for even the smallest business to get in on the online auction.

Mydinners also understand the importance of optimizing their website for SEO, relevant to search engines, and how a page ranks highly on the user, Google searches. This leads to more visitors and, therefore, conversions to a website, and we, therefore, recommend that you remember to keep SEO in mind when setting up your website – just like mydinners.

When visiting their website, try to scroll down, here you will find what we call ‘the footer.’ 

As a user, you might think that the purpose of this is to make it easier for you to find the different pages of their website, i.e., if you are looking for their guide on the best burger in Copenhagen, you will find the site containing their focus here. 

However, this is not the case. It might be to make it easier for the visitor to find the different sites. Still, moreover, it is a genius way of creating more SEO optimization content without it taking up too much space of their webpage and ‘hiding’ it away. You will most likely only land on these pages if you search for the keywords they are created to target – How smart is that?

So, when creating your website, do like MyDinners. Create pages to optimize your SEO, where the content is based upon relevant keywords for your website. 

Mydinner website graphics 2

SEO optimize your web page – extended

Furthermore, what is brilliant when building a web page like this is that you can easily link to other pages of your website. So, for instance, if you have a webpage on good restaurants, which you would like to be the first result on Google, you can create cluster pages to make more authority on your targeted webpage.

Create more pages that focus the content on good restaurants in different locations. Then you can easily create links, several places in the text to other cluster pages and your main page, being on good restaurants in general. This way, you will generate more authority on your main page.

But be careful! Please do not overdo it. Google is brilliant, and if you overdo it, the search engine will instead punish you, as it will see your content as spam and not being relevant for the keyword.

See your cluster pages as great tools for optimizing your SEO and actual pages that you would want your visitors to appreciate, as they will land on it due to the searched keyword. They might as well click on your internal links to other pages. 

This is, however, just a tiny piece of the cake when talking about SEO optimizing your webpage.

If you want to learn more about SEO, dive into our detailed guides, which you can find on our website.

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