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GoWP Review – Our Honest Opinion!

GoWP Review

Want to increase your revenue streams for your agency? Looking to get rid of high touch and low-value actions such as site maintenance? GoWP can help. If you run an agency, you should be focused on how to increase revenue. You need to be identifying ways to bring in more clients, increase their visitors, and dominate the competition. In our GoWP Review, we will cover how they will help your agency focus on what matters. We will also cover tiers and pricing. Let’s get started with this GoWP review and how they can help your digital marketing company.

Let the pro’s do your WordPress maintenance – GoWP

GoWP Help You Will Low Value Work

GoWP is a site maintenance company. They provide backups, updates, and easy-to-use white-label options. If a client comes in asking for a small change to a site, you need a plan in place to handle this. You can drop everything that you are doing and take care of it right away. Many times, this is what the client expects. Is that the best use of your time? Let’s look at how GoWP can help you grow your business by deflecting low-value work elsewhere. GoWP gives you the following options:

  • Focus on high-value tasks
  • Revenue will be coming in every month
  • Your clients will be happy since requests are handled ASAP
  • Your agency can grow faster

Focus On Base Operations

In any corporation, you have the division of labor. Some employees work the production line for a car factory, while others act as customer service. Managers oversee all the different divisions and aid with load balancing and making sure deadlines are met. Imagine now that you didn’t have employees that specialized in certain tasks. A complaint comes in from a customer. They need their problem handled immediately. You have employees taken off the production line to understand the issue. These production employees are then trying to understand the issue and the best way to fix it. Meanwhile, the production line is slowing down. This contributes to lower revenue.

From just this example of a car factory, you can see why companies want to divide up tasks to the people who are best suited to having things resolved. Customers are attended to as soon as possible. If you slow down your base operations, though, it hurts the company overall. That is where GoWP comes in. A customer requests a small change to their site. You then pass off this request to GoWP.

GoWP Review effect

Constant Income

Constant income is integral to keeping your agency healthy. It is great to get a new client. The start to finish process can give you a rush when the client finally signs on the dotted line. You know that as long as they stick with you, that will be money in your pocket every month.

There is an inverse to this as well, though. While each monthly client brings in constant cash flow, it can also create stress. If they don’t understand clearly your maintenance policy, they can become high-maintenance customers. This occurs when you have a client that refuses to learn. Maybe they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Perhaps security doesn’t even cross their mind.

GoWP can help in these areas. When you use their white-label options, you get that rush from landing a new client, but you also will be able to focus on growing your agency with new clients. Look at the following benefits:

  • Your agency will grow faster
  • Sign up more clients in less time
  • You are not bombarded with requests
  • Peace of mind comes with recurring income

You would be surprised how many constant requests from clients can slow down an agency. Try out the white label solution from GoWP. You already landed the client. Now is the time to focus on what you do best.

GoWP Review – Pricing

We have gone over why you might want to move over to offering GoWP. Now we want to address pricing. It seems like in 2021; many companies are moving to remote work. Many companies are relying more on their online sales. Despite all of this, GoWP still offers very reasonable deals.

Basic Tier- The price here is just $29.00. This will include malware cleanup. You have backups in case something goes wrong. At the very minimum, this needs to be included with every site you work on. Going without a maintenance plan is like never taking your car in for maintenance.

Middle Tier – Here, the price moves up to $79.00 for each month at the middle tier. Even though there is a large jump in price, you are getting much more for your fee. You have 24/7 support for your content edits. That means customers will always have access to help. When you have many customers that you need to keep track of, this is a must. You won’t face constant interruptions, and this can become a revenue generator for you each month. You control the level of revenue from each client. If you feel this service is worth two hundred dollars each month, you will keep the additional funds.

Pro Tier – At one of the highest tiers, you can expect to pay $1299.00 every month. With that comes a dedicated page builder and expert on WordPress. As you build out your agency, you may feel like something is missing from your company. Do you have a WordPress expert? Many times, it can cost thousands every month to get a dedicated page builder. With GoWP, the cost is just a little over a thousand each month.

The Competition

If you are considering GoWP, you should also think about the competition. A GoWP review would not be complete without looking at alternatives. Other companies are out there that can offer similar help.

WP Buffs will also provide support and care packages. Looking at the maintenance packages, you will notice prices are much higher right off the bat. Their lowest tier is the Maintain tier.

Maintain – Cost is $67.00 each month. Comes with backups and security features. You have access to emergency support if your site is compromised. They will monitor your site around the clock to make sure you have 100% uptime. Comparing the prices here, you can see with our GoWP review that they are the clear winner. The price for WP Buffs is well over double. We have to underline that WP Buffs offer a state-of-the-art product, which justifies the price gap. In the end, it is a matter of what you need to maintain your website.

GoWP agency

Should Your Agency Go With GoWP?

We covered a lot so far in our review. We looked at how going to white label with GoWP can add many new streams of revenue. The effort on your part is minimal. You already have the clients that you have been working with. Maybe you offer content writing. Perhaps you specialize in video and photography for clients. No matter where your talents are at, offering WordPress maintenance makes sense.

No agency can do it all. You have to specialize in certain areas, or you will never master a specific discipline. We recommend you just let GoWP handle the edits that need to be made to text and images. They understand HTML and CSS well. Their team can quickly make changes to your pages so that there are no plugin conflicts. You will find that once you no longer concern yourself with making small changes to sites, you have more time dedicated to finding new paying clients.

On top of all this, GoWP also has tools at its disposal that you might not have. Security scans and malware removal are both services that they offer. If you have not spent the money on additional plugins to keep the sites secure, use GoWP. You will be saving money by utilizing an agency that will keep your sites safe from hackers. There is no need to buy additional security plugins when you work with a company that already has all of these features covered.

GoWP Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this is an excellent service to try out. You can look at this from two perspectives. If you need help with your sites and ongoing maintenance, they offer unlimited edits for roughly half what the competition is charging. On the other hand, if you want to white label the service and offer it to existing clients, it will be easy to pitch to the companies that are working with you currently. Overall, we recommend the service when compared to other maintenance companies. For more reviews and discount codes, make sure to continue visiting our page.

Let the pro’s do your WordPress maintenance – GoWP

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