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Grammarly Review

Grammarly Review

Communication is key in any business. You need to communicate well with your employees. Customers also need to connect with you as well. If you don’t communicate with them well, they won’t understand your products or services. Is your communication the best it can be? Many people feel like they are a strong writer because they never had anybody take a critical eye to their work. One program aims to do that with our Grammarly review.

What if there was a way to get your writing to a professional level? How much would you pay for that? Many will pay editors several hundred per article just to make sure it communicates the ideas well and has a good flow. There is no need for that. We now have Grammarly.

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The Use For Grammarly

Many of us didn’t like grammar in school and it is working against us now in the real world. Grammarly wants to change that for a low cost. What can you expect from the plugin?

  • It is the best grammar program on the market
  • Takes no time to set up
  • Teaches you as you go

Let’s go through some of these points individually for our Grammarly review.

Best On The Market

When you are looking for a sales tool, you want the best on the market. Why should that change with grammar and your writing? You may use Word through Microsoft and think that is enough. Perhaps you utilize Google Docs and assume it is going to catch everything. These are not going to cut it.

Things like Google Docs and Word are not designed specifically to catch grammar mistakes. They were never focused on that. It is set up to catch mistakes in typing and also when you make a glaring error and forget to use capitalization. Beyond that, these programs are lacking.

On the other hand, Grammarly was built from the ground up with your grammar in mind. The creators spent years perfecting this. Let’s look at some numbers. They are nine years into this and have been perfecting their machine learning this whole time. The company behind Grammarly finally accepted funding to expand and they were able to get investments over 100 million dollars. Not only that, but they are hiring more people as well and these are high caliber employees. They understand machine-learning and how to perfect the algorithm.

With all this in mind, do you really feel comfortable just using a product like Word or Google Docs? Grammarly is not just the best on the market. They are several levels above the competition that is giving away their products and services for free. This company is just going to continue to expand the user base and grow larger. In turn, the algorithm that powers everything will continue to improve as well with more customers using it.

Powerful Features

We now understand a bit about why this is the strongest grammar program on the market. What exactly can it do for you?

  • Advanced grammar checks
  • Checks for typos
  • Looks for plagiarism
  • Reports your writing style

When you have machine learning behind you, the system finds basic errors in your grammar, but it also finds advanced issues. If there are punctuation issues, those will also be spotted before you send out something that will embarrass you at your job or school.

Alliteration is covered, as well as commas placed in the incorrect areas which will create a comma splice. Are you missing punctuation where you need it? This is going to make a run-on sentence that will confuse readers. They won’t know where the break is in your thought or idea. Have Grammarly point this out and also show you where the comma should go or the period.

Fragments are also covered by the program. This is where you don’t have a complete sentence. When we are writing fast it is easy to miss things. See how this program can help you by suggesting you add the missing verb, subject, or modal auxiliary verb to make your sentence stronger and make sense. We can’t do everything so it is not possible for most of us to be an editor. Instead of paying somebody else on staff to look through all your work, pay for the premium version of Grammarly. The cost is low.

Spell Check

What about spell check? You might assume since you already have Microsoft that it is going to catch these simple mistakes. You need to realize that Grammarly is more robust and it also is more comprehensive. Word and Google Docs don’t always recognize words that are accurate. It can give you a false positive and tell you that you need to change it. You need a system that includes these words in the internal dictionary to avoid false hits that are going to confuse you.


Have you accidentally copied the work from another writer? That might sound ridiculous, but it can happen. You might have created several paragraphs you think are very insightful or witty. In your mind this is original work and should get you more readers. In reality, if your article or essay is too similar to work already on the Internet, you are going to be docked points by the search engines.

Don’t wonder if you accidentally wrote content that is too similar. Just use Grammarly and they are going to scan the document to see if you need to change anything. This is all included with the program so there is no need to download multiple programs. Talk about saving you time and saving you from the wrath of Google. The search engines take copied content very seriously and you should as well. If you run an agency and you hire writers, this is a good way to check the work from your writing team as well.

Writing Style

With our Grammarly review, we also wanted to point out how it helps you improve your writing style. You can improve the quality of your writing by making it more personal. People like it when you speak directly to them. A very clinical way of writing is going to be a turn off. If you are too formal, it may make the message robotic.

Let’s consider an example. Look at the sentence “The brown dog jumped over the fence.” Pretty simple. There is not much to it. Now what if you say “The sepia colored canine launched over the divider that separated two parcels of land.” You can see that both sentences say the exact same thing. The second sentence doesn’t get across the message well though. It seems very clinical in nature like how a robot would describe things. For people that are not native speakers of English, it might be a good thing that Grammarly provides a way to look at your style. You may know all the right words, but how you use them really determines how people understand the message.

A Teaching Tool

For all of these options we looked at in our Grammarly review, you will notice that the program will not just highlight the error or mistake. It actively trains you to become a better writer. After using the program long enough, you may be able to cut off the service. By teaching you why you created a fragment or showing you where you should have added the comma, it makes better writers out of people.

Grammarly tone of voice


Considering how much you will save on an editor, the cost is very reasonable at $11.66 for the month. This gives you the premium addition that is going to help train you to be a better writer and give you a better tone to your writing.

If you run a company, the cost monthly goes up a little bit, but you can still use it for teams that are up to 149 people. The business version will be $12.50 for the month and gives you peace of mind when you are communicating with a large group of people.


You might feel like Grammarly won’t really apply to you. Maybe you have a business that is more mobile where you are constantly on the move. You will still want to get Grammarly to help you out with your dictation. For our Grammarly review, we looked at all the different platforms that support the software.

  • Mobile app
  • Extension for Word
  • Desktop version
  • Browser Extension

There are so many different ways you can utilize the tools that they set up. When you have a browser extension, it is all automatic. While you type out that next big email to try and get a meeting with a client, Grammarly will activate. Maybe you are using the same words too many times and it will throw off the reader. The software will provide you different synonyms that you can use instead.

Perhaps you are on mobile and making a quick change to your site. Corrective lines will still go across your screen to stop you from making a typo that will be unprofessional. Reviewers experimented with similar programs like Ginger and ProWritingAid just to find out that Grammarly is the easiest to use. It integrates well with other technology you are already using such as mobile apps, web pages, and email.

Grammarly Review Conclusion

In conclusion, for our Grammarly review, we strongly suggest you try out the free version. See if it helps your writing and if you enjoy the way your work flows. Continue to check back with us for further reviews and ways to speed up your work process.

Are you ready to give Grammarly a try?
Click the button & try out Grammarly for free.

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