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Greengeeks coupon code

GreenGeeks came to its existence in 2008, created by Trey Gardner. It is known to be hosting over 300,000 websites, and it comprises data centers in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands. The inventor has a background of working in different web hosting service providers like iPowerweb, iPage, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, Globat, Lunarpages, Hostpapa. There are two very strong claims of the GreenGeeks, first is that whatever happens, they will always provide a 99.9% uptime. Their second claim is that they provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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GreenGeeks is pricey, using a discount code makes sense

For small business or site owners, it is possible that they find the prices of services and products of GreenGeeks expensive. The prices are higher to balance the resource utilization, which is carried out by GreenGeeks in order to maintain its standard of services. If the price is something that is your top priority, the maximum you can do is to attain discount codes and use them. Using discount codes to save a few bucks always makes sense. Discount codes are widely available over the internet for use. It might be possible that you may get a discount code from GreenGeeks in order to save some money on your first-year purchase.

Good Loading Time & Customer Support

GreenGeeks has managed to get an impressive number of only 493ms as its page loading time, so it provides a quite fast page loading with blazing speeds. Their speed is found to be better than the average industry standard. They are found to provide a 45 % faster speed than its competitors. It makes the GreenGeeks one of the top speeds providing hosting service providers.

Customer support is an important thing to be considered while choosing a hosting service. GreenGeeks is known for providing a really cooperative and friendly support team, which has proven to be competent and helpful with all sorts of situations that a customer can face. It is also found that the customers of GreenGeeks are very satisfied with the customer service. The support team is available for you round the clock to help and guide you for the problems you are facing with GreenGeeks services.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting Plan Discount Codes

The majority of the other web hosts provide multiple plans for shared hosting, but the GreenGeeks provide only one shared hosting plan. The plan charges are $2.95 if you choose to pay for a long term like 3 years in advance; the actual charges are $9.95 charged on a per month basis if you choose to pay monthly. This plan provides unlimited webspace, unlimited data transfer, support for unlimited domain names, and unlimited email accounts along with MySQL databases. This package also provides a free domain name and free nightly backups, is powered by RAID-10 SSD storage for optimal performance.

GreenGeeks second plan is for WordPress hosting. It is almost the same as the above stated (shared hosting) plan package, but it is more tailored for managing WordPress.

Cons of Using GreenGeeks

Nothing is perfect in service for all types of situations. GreenGeeks has managed to prove itself to be placed at the top in some areas, but it does not mean that it lacks somewhere. There are a few drawbacks of the GreenGeeks hosting service, which are discussed ahead. 

1. Industry Standard Pricing Manipulation

GreenGeeks also makes use of the common and real industry-standard practice tactic, which is it advertises for a very cheap monthly rate of $2.95 on their official website and on other advertisement platforms, but what the bad thing is that this rate is applied only when you sign up for three years in advance. If you do not do that, then their monthly rate is $9.95, which is charged each month.

2. Questionable Refund Policy

They have an ambiguous refund policy. Like stated, they provide no questions asked for a refund, but when they are asked for a refund, they deduct around $ 24.95 for the domain name registration fee, which is provided free of cost when you create an account with them. What this shows is that their money-back guarantee is doubtful and has strings attached to it.

Hosting coupon codes for GreenGeeks

Though the price plans and rates of GreenGeeks are found to be affordable and reasonable according to the quality and standard of their services. Usually, functionality and reliability are more important than the price factor, but still, it is quite understandable to seek discounts to make savings. Hosting coupon codes for GreenGeeks are not as such to be seen over their official site, the reason must be the affordable price and value balance achieving of their products. 

Though on the internet, you can easily find various coupon codes for the hosting services of Green Geeks. There is no such statement by the GreenGeeks to be found, but it might be present somewhere on their website that they do not accept third party coupons in order to provide discounts.

Above Average Uptime & Environment-Friendly Servers

GreenGeeks is found to be fully complying with its rock-solid uptime promise. The numbers show that over the past few years, GreenGeeks has managed to get a number of 99.9% uptime in its portfolio. This number is slightly higher than the industry standard number, which is 99.94% for the uptime. There are no situations of downtime experienced with them.

GreenGeeks claims to be a green hosting. They state that it purchases around 3 times the wind energy credits in order to return the cleaner energy to the grid in return of energy used to provide hosting service, which is a great contribution from them for the environment. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & Nightly Backups

GreenGeeks also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee like many of the other host providers to enable the customer to try their service fully and have a more hands-on experience with the service in order to determine whether the service fulfills the requirements and is suitable or not. Although GreenGeeks claim it as no question asked, there are a few limitations found with these options, which are discussed later in this article.

You never know when a situation gets out of control, causing loss of data and important work, which can cause ultimate havoc for you. Reasons can be many; for example, an attack by malware or a hacker can result in loss. GreenGeeks understands this and provides free nightly backups additionally to SSH access. So you can completely rely on GreenGeeks backups to have a peace of mind that everything is under control. 

GreenGeeks has it’s efficiently performing, enlightened with high tech and high-quality equipment comprising data centers in four different widespread locations which are:

  • Chicago in the U.S.
  • Phoenix in the U.S.
  • Toronto in Canada.
  • Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Greengeeks coupon code

Check for promotion codes during events

Usually, there is an increase in the availability of the promotion codes to be seen on the events of the year like Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year. So it does not make any sense to pay full price on your purchases when you can easily find a promo code and use it for a discount. You can search for the codes over the internet on these events when there are large sales usually going on over the entire world. 

The use of coupon codes has increased in the recent few years, so the chances of getting promo codes have increased considerably. It is possible that on these event days, the official website of GreenGeeks might be giving free promotional codes in order to promote their products on the days of celebrations. You should always check for the availability of promo codes on these days. Promo code is the short form of promotional code.

Is it worth to wait around for a bonus code or promo code?

If you are a price-conscious person, and the price factor holds immense importance for you, then waiting for a bonus code or promo code can be useful and fruitful for you. Usually, the prices of GreenGeeks services are found to be a bit expensive from the other available option, but in the end, it all depends on your priorities. GreenGeeks charges more, but also provides the best value for it by maintaining and keeping the standard for its services. 

So if you can wait for the sale days like Black Friday, Halloween and New Year or Christmas, to save a few bucks, then who would suggest you not to take a discount, wait for the codes to become available and then make you purchase and save a few bucks for your future. 

Don’t forget to apply your coupon or discount code on checkout

Usually, there are two methodologies associated with the use of coupons or discount codes. Sometimes there is a link provided with coupon codes which brings you directly to the checkout page where the coupon claimed discount is automatically applied, but usually, you have to fill the alphanumeric characters consisting code in the coupon code field on the checkout page of the site for which you are using that code to attain discount (GreenGeeks in this case).


GreenGeeks does much more than just providing web hosting services, for sure. They might not be the best or perfect ones, but they always manage to provide a rock-solid speed performance with really competent and helpful customer support. For getting a lower price rate, you will have to be with them for a longer-term. 

Grab a GreenGeeks coupon code and get your next purchase at the best possible price!

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