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HideMyAss Alternatives

The best alternatives to HMA

HMA, also known as HideMyAss, is a VPN that was started over a decade ago. Based originally out of the United Kingdom, they later became part of the company Avast. Avast deals with protecting users from viruses, trojan programs, and also cyber security.

Jack Cator originally designed the service at a very young age. When he was just sixteen, the computer genius came up with the idea for a VPN when he wanted to get around restrictions his school had on what you could access on the computers. Young Jack was looking to download video games and music files from the network and was determined to figure out how to make it work.

His prowess in the world of getting around digital roadblocks was soon noticed as he put together the original version of HMA with just a few hours of time. He based his own program off freely available open-source code that he pulled from the internet. In a way, he was accessing code from the internet so that he could freely use the internet no matter where he was. When you went to the website that was set up by Jack, you just had to put in the URL of the page you wanted to visit and his service would deliver the requested page.

HMA Runs Into Trouble

HMA was doing well with growing their service and adding additional customers each month. They ran into trouble when the government for the United Kingdom contacted them for information on one of their customers. This was not just a normal request for information. The government suspected this particular user of extensive cybercrimes.

LulzSec, a hacking crew, was responsible for high-profile attacks on the US Air Force website, CIA sites, as well as Sony pictures. Authorities were able to capture one of the members who began to turn in the other hackers in the group. One of the criminals that was caught in the dragnet was Cody Andrew Kretsigner. This particular hacker had used the HMA service while he was hacking into Sony pictures to steal valuable IP.

When HMA was asked to turn over the files on their customer, they were very willing to comply and sent everything they had on the hacker. While many VPN services claim that they keep no logs on hand, when it comes to cyber crime, it quickly becomes obvious which services really have no logs on their customers.

Alternatives to HMA

We have looked at the history of HMA as well as some of the issues with the service. What can you do as a user that wants to have some privacy from both their ISP and third parties that are trying to watch what sites you visit? We have compiled a list of the top services that are good alternatives to HMA.

ZenMate VPN

1. ZenMate VPN

This service is excellent and starts off at a lost cost as well. ZenMate VPN is a great service if you are looking to unblock various TV shows or movie sites such as Netflix or HBO for all locations. You also have the advantage of crystal clear streams when you are watching on your laptop or a full sized TV in your living room.

Does ZenMate VPN Allow Torrents?

Not only do they allow torrents, they even specialize in them. If you use a program like uTorrent with your VPN provider, you are going to enjoy ZenMate. If you look on their website, they have provided a guide to show you how to set up your torrent software with the VPN. This handy guide shows you step by step how you can connect everything while you stay anonymous. You also have special servers to connect with.

Is ZenMate good for Torrents?

We know that ZenMate allows them, but how is the service? Since they have a wide variety of servers spread out over the globe, the quality is great. ZenMate will boost your download speed with their huge network of computers ready to help you if you are a seeder or a leecher.


2. CyberGhost

Ready to save money on online shopping and unblock websites you didn’t have access to before? CyberGhost will help you accomplish this and more. If you want to access Peer to Peer sharing with no problems from your ISP, select CyberGhost. Many forms of media are region locked and geoblocked depending on what country you are from. CyberGhost can let you open up all your options when you watch movies and play games. Check out the service today and see what you have been missing out on without this excellent product.


3. ExpressVPN

Have you ever wanted to stream your favorite sports team or a specific event but found that you were blocked? If you are a sports fan, you know how important it is to see the game live in the comfort of your own place. If you have to go out of the country on business or for an event, you may find that the streaming services you paid for have locked you out.

ExpressVPN for sports is the perfect way to get around these blocks. When your favorite team is playing, just sign on with your ExpressVPN account. You can send all the data through encryption so that websites no longer can tell where your physical location is. Since ExpressVPN has such a big network, the speed will still be quick to stop any sort of lag in the game.

An ISP can also throttle your data. Using a VPN can get around this and allow you to see everything in perfect definition while you enjoy your favorite boxing match, basketball game, or pro football game.

SurfShark VPN

4. SurfShark VPN

Want to enjoy VPN service with no limit on the number of devices? SurfShark is the perfect solution. You are going to have access to 15 different libraries for Netflix and around the clock support. The paid plan starts at under two dollars for the month. Considering all the features that you are going to get, this is an amazing deal. Check out their website to see if the service is right for you.

Mullvad VPN

5. Mullvad VPN

€5 is all it will cost for you to start browsing with nobody watching over your shoulder. It can get annoying when you feel like your internet provider is watching your every move to see if you have broken the terms of service in your contract. End that today when you sign up for a European based service that is big on privacy. For Mullvad, their motto is that privacy is a universal right. Join their ranks today and start unlocking new sites, services, and pricing with their VPN.

HMA Begins to Gain Stream

Jack didn’t stop with just promoting his new VPN service to the other students in his school that were looking to download the latest games and music singles off file sharing services. Cantor moved to the world of online forums and started to make posts to get more people aware of his new product.

His promotion worked and the site started to be shared on popular websites at the time which created exponential growth. Jack wanted to build on this momentum and start to build an empire. He added ads to the site once his user base started to grow to a significant amount. While in college, HMA was able to start generating significant income that was over a thousand dollars each month.

Once the business grew to a certain size, Cator realized that he wanted to pursue his company full time. He quit college to only focus on HMA and started to hire freelancers. The idea was so good, he quickly had others that copied his ideas. This prompted Cator to hire full-time employees and to get an office in a physical building that they could all work out of.

User Complaints

What do the users have to say about HMA? Many times when a VPN is reviewed, you can get a good idea of the quality of service they provide. People that use a VPN expect a certain level of privacy from their Internet Service Provider or ISP. Will HMA disguise what you are doing from the company that supplies your internet?

One reviewer stated that they received a document from their ISP about file sharing. This complaint was from the copyright holder and it listed out the date, time, and also IP address that was associated with file sharing. It also mentioned that a VPN service was in use at the time. The reviewer was asked to stop file sharing ASAP since it was against the fine print they signed when they first got started with the service.

File sharing this content should be avoided, but the reviewer had a good point when they asked what was the point of having a VPN when the ISP could still clearly see everything they were doing. If you get a service that promises you can stay anonymous, why would it display all of your information?


HMA is an excellent service, but they still have things about the service that is concerning. Many of the services in our list include a free thirty day trial. Check out the VPN services and see what is right for you. Continue to visit Superb Themes for the latest in tech news.

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