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Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2022

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what programs are the highest paying affiliate programs when it comes to web hosting. Web hosting is an area with high competition, which means there are also high affiliate commissions for skilled bloggers. However, finding the best web hosting affiliate programs is one thing. Hosting affiliate programs with great conversions and high commissions are incredibly hard.

First-things-first, Here’s our list of some of the best hosting affiliate programs:

WP Engine affiliate program

1. WP Engine

Why is WP Engine? This is one of the most popular affiliate programs regarding web hosting. There are two reasons why WP Engine is popular. First of all, the WP Engine affiliate program has some of the best affiliate commissions on the market, and secondly, it is a great product. Conversions are good as well, so this is a must-have.

  • Affiliate Commission – $ 200 per sale.
  • Sub affiliate commission: $ 20 per sub affiliate sign up.

namecheap affiliate program

2. Namecheap

Namecheap is an American company that has been one of the major web hosting providers since 2000. It is also one of the cheapest web hosting providers available, but this does not matter as an affiliate if there are enough customers interested in the product. You can sign up with Namecheap through several different channels, but we recommend Shareasale, which is probably the system that works most smoothly. We prefer using Shareasale ourselves whenever we can.

  • Affiliate Commission – between 20%-50%
  • Sub affiliate commission: 0.

a2 hosting affiliate program

4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was established as early as 2003 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States and is a trusted hosting provider. A2 Hosting is not one of the most popular or otherwise special web hosting providers, but it is a good hosting provider overall. They have great customer service and average pricing.

  • Affiliate Commission: between $85 – $140 per sale.
  • Sub affiliate commission: $ 5 per sub affiliate sign-up.

Dreamhost affiliate program

5. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the most established players in the market for serious web hosting companies. Dreamhost has been around since 1996 and is located in Los Angeles, California. The Dreamhost affiliate program is trustworthy and worth advertising for. They have great commissions & a nice website with a decent conversion rate. They also have a dedicated affiliate team that can help you with inspiration regarding affiliate content.

  • Affiliate Commission – between $50 and $200.
  • Sub affiliate commission: $5.

Avahost affiliate program

6. Avahost

This provider has been on the market since 2001 and is a solid US hosting company. Avahost is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has achieved several awards and certifications to the company’s quality. More interesting for future affiliates, the company returns as much as 40% of the revenue to the affiliates that bring them, new customers. At the same time, Avahost is part of the Shareasale affiliate network, which makes it easier to trust the web hosting provider.

  • Affiliate Commission – 40% of sales.
  • Sub affiliate commission: 10%

Bluehost affiliate program

7. Bluehost

When discussing hosting and affiliate programs, it’s hard not to mention Bluehost. The web hosting company has one of the most popular web hosting affiliate programs. It is especially popular because of its high conversion rate (i.e., how large a proportion of website visitors become customers). The commission itself is more limited than with many of its competitors, but one of the first things you learn as an affiliate is that it is not the size of the commission offered by the company that is the most important factor but the number of customers and conversion that matters. BlueHost also offers coupon codes.

  • Affiliate Commission – $65.
  • Sub affiliate commission: 0.

3d Cart Affiliate Program

BionicWP Hosting Affiliate Program

BionicWP Hosting

BionicWP is a comparatively new name in the WordPress managed-to-host industry. However, it’s attracting a lot of eyeballs through its salient features. If you want to market a solution that provides top-notch managed WordPress hosting and maintenance services, then the BionicWP affiliate program is for you. Why?

Marketing a comparatively new solution can help you get more conversions with fewer efforts. Moreover, BionicWP WordPress hosting solution offers many features that other hosting solutions are not offering.  These include but are not limited to

  1. Unlimited site edits
  2. Guarantee of 90+ page score on Google Pagespeed
  3. Hack security
  4. 30-day backup
  5. Daily malware scan
  6. Weekly speed monitoring
  7. One dashboard for managing everything WordPress (Themes, Plugins, Application Updates etc)

This and many more are available that affiliate marketers can use to gain trust, sell more, and earn more commission.

  • Affiliate Commission: $75 per sale & Recurring Commission  $12.5% per sale (for 2 Years)
  • Get in touch with the team for sub-affiliate commissions.

hosting forest affiliate program

10. Hosting Forest

Above all, this web hosting service has one of the most generous affiliate programs available. gives a revenue share of 50%. Furthermore, we recommend because they give a relatively high percentage of their sales (not just profits) to planting new trees worldwide. Customers who choose them will probably go for green web hosting anyway.

  • Affiliate Commission: 50%
  • Sub affiliate commission: 0.
UltaHost affiliate

11. UltaHost

Pay attention to web hosting affiliate programs, as UltaHost is the most suitable option. It is not only a high commission but a reputable hosting company with high performance, ease to use, and reliability.

As an affiliate company, when you promote, you must choose a reputable company that you have tried or know well and not a hosting that has doubts or may not be suitable for you to advise others.

You can read our independent UltaHost review here!

What were some of the Highest paying affiliate programs in web hosting

We hope that you now know which web hosting affiliate programs can get you started in the business! In the following sector, we will run you through some of the basics of affiliate marketing for new bloggers.

What are hosting Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate Programs are the main sources of revenue for many blogs and websites. Affiliate programs have taken a large part of the advertising market from some of the more traditional advertising- and marketing channels. Instead of earning money entirely on ad campaigns in magazines and TV, this type of advertising opens up blogs and websites to gain a fair share of the advertising spending. Broadly speaking, one can divide the ad market into two different types of income for websites and blogs – a) either a pure affiliate-based income or b) a combination of pure affiliate income and an advertising-based income where the advertisers pay for affiliate deals as well as pays for “normal” ads on a website or blog.

Hosting Affiliate income possibilities – a revenue share or CPA?

As an affiliate, you can most often choose between three kinds of revenue:

  1. A steady share of the income generated through one of your customers (a percentage of the income is the most common). In the long run, this is the best deal if you advertise for an advertiser with a good product.
  2. CPA, a one-time payment per customer, is the deal that will give you the highest income right now but not in the long run.
  3. Hybrid deals. You might also be offered a deal that is a kind of a mixture between the CPA and a steady percentage of the income generated by “your customer,” which is called a hybrid deal. In a hybrid deal you will receive money as a CPA and a percentage of the revenue generated by the customer.

Hosting affiliate marketing & passive income

If you’re wondering what’s in it for you, then that’s easy to answer: Money. The affiliate industry can be very lucrative; therefore, there are many money-related reasons to be in the affiliate industry. Here you have the opportunity to make money from your existing traffic on your blog or website or you can try to grow new traffic. Another advantage related to affiliate marketing is usability. In affiliate marketing, it is very easy to get started and start making money from marketing.

What’s in it for the hosting advertiser?

For advertisers, the benefits of affiliate marketing are obvious. First, as an advertiser, you can get advertising as a no-cure-no-pay deal. Traditional marketing companies risk a lot of money on campaigns that might not result in new clients. In affiliate marketing, companies pay for new clients and not only the possibility of clients through attention.

Affiliate Marketing – learn from us!

Here are some learnings that do not only address web hosting affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing in general:

Affiliate Learning Points – 1) traffic and track your visitors

Traffic, traffic, and traffic. You have properly heard this a lot but not enough – it is crucial for affiliate marketing online that you have traffic and track the quality of your traffic. Advertisers are clever people and like numbers, so if you have quality traffic, tell the advertisers and get better deals!

Affiliate Learning – 2) Better to earn a share of a lot of money than most of no money!

A recurring mistake amongst new affiliates is greed. Get friends with other affiliates, learn from each other, and remember to use the competition’s affiliate links to help each other. Using an affiliate link from another affiliate blog does not cost you anything but might bring you new friends and knowledge.

Web Hosting Affiliate FAQ

Finally, let us run you through some of the most commonly asked questions about affiliate marketing in web hosting and the highest paid affiliate programs in web hosting:

What are Sub-Affiliates?

Sub-affiliates or 2nd tire affiliates are affiliates that refer to other affiliates to the right affiliate programs (A little like us :-)). When trying to get going in affiliate marketing, you will bump into articles like “get rich quick” and other “helpful” information. This article and website try to make affiliate marketing sound much easier and presents ridiculous amounts of money that can be made as an affiliate. The “get rich on affiliate marketing” articles are sub-affiliate deals where the websites get paid money from the activity other affiliates create. In general, if an article is informative, press the website’s affiliate link and help them make money; if not, don’t!

Is It Easy to Earn Money On Being An Affiliate?

If that sounds too good to be true, it is often too good. It is hard work to be a good affiliate, especially if you do not have a solid blog or website with lots of traffic, to begin with, you have to work hard with content and marketing to get the necessary traffic of high quality. If you already have a lot of high-quality traffic, it is easier to make good money on affiliate marketing.

Best of luck with your affiliate website!

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