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HostNoc Review

HostNoc reviews USA

Nowadays, more and more people need personalized hosting solutions. The days when a developer configured a host in 30 minutes and the site ran for years without any changes are gone. These days, you may start small with a shared hosting solution. When your site attracts more visitors, you switch to a new host to improve the site’s loading speed. HostNoc provides this flexibility. Read more in our HostNoc Review.

Cloud is a solid option, while hosting or renting a server are two other effective cups of tea. Hosting providers don’t have any choice but to adapt to the fast-evolving needs of the clients.

HostNoc is a hosting provider that does everything to satisfy the dynamic needs of its customers. It’s a tried-and-true solution for everyone who runs fast-evolving online businesses. You can give it a try for any project.

Check our 360-degree review of HostNoc; we push the envelope to craft a helpful and objective review to help you make the proper decision.

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HostNoc Introduction

HostNoc introduction

HostNoc is a Canada-based company that provides a wide array of hosting and managed services.

The company offerings consist of shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and managed dedicated servers. Additionally, the HostNoc experts are ready to help you with your server administration and security, cloud management, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.

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HostNoc Review – Best Features

Before dissecting each of HostNoc services, let’s look at its best features.

HostNoc Provides A 99.99% Uptime

If your site goes down, you’re paying for extra security and improved speed for no reason. The matter of uptime is serious for small businesses and huge brands. Having a site down is a real shame for a large brand. People will wonder how the brand could take care of its problems if it can’t even take care of its site.

HostNoc ensures a 99.99% uptime, which is above average. Your business’s reputation is in good hands. HostNoc’s Terms and Conditions only guarantees a 99.9% uptime, so I asked Todd, a kind and receptive support agent, to find out the truth. He confirmed that HostNoc guarantees a 99.99% uptime. The words of a customer support agent may not be enough for the most demanding users. However, the credit system implemented by HostNoc and featured in its Service Level Agreement should convince them of the reliability of this hosting provider. Briefly, you get compensation if your site goes down because of HostNoc.

Complete Services

hostnoc services

A particular feature of HostNoc is its complete set of services. No matter how fast your business grows, HostNoc has a hosting plan for you. Shared hosting is suitable for small projects, such as if you have just started a business or a personal blog. VPS acts as a server within a shared platform, so it comes with better performance than shared hosting. Choose this alternative if your business gets some traction.

A costlier approach that offers substantial advantages is cloud hosting. Once your business generates high income, you have to switch to it. Cloud hosting offers better performance and blazingly fast loading speed.

Finally, people who run heavily visited websites should opt for dedicated or managed dedicated servers. You basically rent a server for your business. The price isn’t affordable for many people, but you will get stellar services.

Competitive Customer Support

HostNoc offers three ways to help people in need: tickets, live chat, and a call center. I have used the live chat option three times, and I got a professional reply in less than two minutes each time. In addition to using live chat myself, I checked out other users’ reviews, and most of them were satisfied with the staff’s quality and promptness.

Multiple Pricing Plans

While some people might consider such a long list of pricing plans intimidating, most will appreciate the variety. In fact, the large array of hosting solutions is responsible for the multiple pricing plans.

Luckily, the site architecture focuses entirely on the users’ needs, and it’s pretty easy to find the proper solution for each project you have in your pipeline. Each hosting—shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated, and managed dedicated—comes with its own pricing plans. On top of that, the VPS and cloud plans fall into three categories: Budget, Best Value, and Performance. Shared hosting falls into four categories: Essential, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise.

HostNoc Review – Plans

hostnoc pricing

A considerable portion of our readers are interested in shared hosting, and here is some good news for them: the plans are jam-packed with useful options. Even the lowest tier includes antivirus and Spam Assassin—two tools to strengthen site security significantly. You are also free to choose between Linux and Windows servers.

Other worth mentioning features are access to the logs, email autoresponder and forwarding, Plesk control panel for Windows and cPanel for Linux, IMAP support (vital for accessing email messages on multiple devices) unmetered bandwidth. If you’re planning on using cPanel, then please view this guide.

Room for Improvement

You get value for your money at HostNoc, but many things annoy most people. Check out the following annoying features:

Limited Disk Space

Pay attention if you are interested in purchasing shared hosting and choose the Essential Plan. It comes with only 100 MB of disk space, which might not be enough for a medium to complex site. The next plan up isn’t too generous in terms of disk space—it allows only 500 MB.

Do you know how much disk space you need? Kinsta did some research based on the sites hosted on its servers, and it found that the average disk space used for a website is around 1 GB. Obviously, the amount you use will heavily rely on your site’s content. The more videos and images you use, the more disk space you need. But 100 MB—the disk space limit for the lowest pricing plans—isn’t enough for most sites.

Testimonials Section

hostnoc review

The quality of the testimonials section doesn’t affect the quality of the host. However, it raises a big question mark for every potential buyer. Over 2,000 clients have purchased HostNoc’s services, and there is certainly more than one satisfied customer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any testimonials except for Branex’s one.

I emphasize that this finding has nothing to do with the quality of the services you get, but it severely affects HostNoc’s credibility. People trust the experiences of the clients way more than fancy slogans.

No Yearly Payment Option

Weirdly, HostNoc doesn’t accept yearly payments. HostNoc, unlike most other hosting providers, doesn’t have yearly plans. It’s frustrating for clients to spend time each month paying for hosting services.

A solution suggested by the customer support rep to save time is to purchase the desired services and then ask for a yearly invoice from customer service. It’s not what you expect from a modern hosting provider, but it’s a solution. However, clients expecting yearly discounts may be disappointed by this approach.


Undoubtedly, many hosting companies offer better and cheaper services. The small quota of disk space and the lack of yearly plans are serious inconveniences, and maybe they will be fixed shortly. Regardless, we recommend HostNoc because of its complex and complete hosting offering. You can scale up easily your online business thanks to the variety of services. The unmetered bandwidth and security tools also make people interested in opening their wallets. Additionally, the uptime is satisfactory for most people.

In the end, it’s best to add HostNoc to your list if you need a host for your site. The final decision is yours because you know best what you expect from your site. We hope that we did our job and offered a complete perspective of HostNoc’s hosting offerings.

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