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HostPapa Review

Hostingpapa review

Chances are that you are sick of hosting reviews. You may be tempted to believe that bloggers have written so many hosting reviews just to get affiliate commissions. Indeed, hosting companies offer commissions for each sale, but that’s still not the real reason why bloggers are writing reviews.

People don’t pay attention to the under-the-hood aspects of a site. Design and content are key, but they rely on hosting. Consider hosting the foundation of a house—you can’t build a solid house on moving ground.

HostPapa is a standout hosting provider that deserves your attention. I will present all its advantages and disadvantages, and you can decide if it’s a good option for you.

Before delving into today’s subject, let’s see why hosting is so important.

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Why Hosting Matters

A host is the thing that stores your site’s files. In plain English, the host handles your online business’s assets. From this perspective, it makes sense to keep an eye on the hosting platform. There are three areas in which the host impacts a site’s success:

  1. Uptime. The most frustrating thing for an online entrepreneur is investing a lot of money in generating traffic only for the site to be down when people come to visit it. Potential buyers consider you unreliable, and you essentially paid money to annoy them! Choose a host that ensures the best uptime.
  2. Security. Your site’s security heavily relies on the host because your site’s files are kept on the host’s server. Firewalls, periodic backups, site monitoring, and fighting spam traffic are critical to ensuring the security of the sites on the server’s end.
  3. Speed. Seconds feel like ages to internet users, especially mobile users. Therefore, a fast-loading site is as important as a responsive site. The server storing your site’s files provides the web page’s assets required by the browser. The faster it reacts to the browser’s requests, the faster the site loads. You need a performant hosting to reduce the loading time.

Introducing HostPapa

Jamie Opalchuk founded HostPapa back in 2006, and it now hosts 500,000 websites according to a few sources. But take it with a grain of salt because Built With says that HostPapa is the home of only 200,000 sites. Regardless of the number of sites hosted, HostPapa comes with plenty of interesting features.

Unlike most hosting providers, HostPapa is an independent company. Being independent isn’t bad or good, but it induces the idea of closeness to the users’ needs. In the eyes of many specialists, HostPapa does meet its users’ needs.

HostPapa cares about not only the satisfaction of its customers but also Earth’s future. We all are worried about our future and climate change, but only a small number of people and companies have taken serious action. HostPapa’s infrastructure runs on green, renewable energy. It uses only green energy from certified sources to power its data centers, servers, and computers. HostPapa also planted 10,000 trees in Africa in 2011, and the company is involved in the Save the Elephants charity project.

Do you know any other hosting companies that are doing so much to save the planet? We did extensive research to find a similar company, but we couldn’t find one. Please leave a comment if you know another hosting that cares so much about the environment.

Advantages of HostPapa

It’s great to know a few things about HostPapa’s business philosophy, but you are probably way more interested in what it can do for you. Here are the most important advantages of buying HostPapa’s services.

Affordable Prices

We wrote previously about the fascinating features of cloud hosting, and we haven’t changed our mind about the cloud being the future. While the pricing usually isn’t affordable for most businesses, HostPapa popped up on our radar when we searched for low-price, high-value alternatives.

HostPapa should be on the top of your list if you want a low-cost solution offering reliable services. You won’t get fancy features, but you’ll have more than enough tools to launch and maintain a website.

The Starter plan, the cheapest choice, costs $3.95 per month for three years. The Business Pro plan, the most expensive, costs $12.95 per month for three years. It’s not the cheapest hosting plan, but it’s less expensive than most other hosting options. Anyhow you can consider using a Hostpapa coupon code.

Value for the Money

You get value for your money by choosing HostPapa services. The Starter plan comes with:

  • Support for two websites
  • Free domain registration
  • 100 GB of SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth

You’ll also get the All Essential Features package included for free, which contains website transfers, the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN), one-on-one training, Let’s Encrypt SSL, a website builder, 400+ apps, and customer support. Could you ask for more for your money?

The Business plan includes all the features of the Starter plan, and you get unlimited email accounts, storage, MySQL databases, and more resources. Keep in mind that you can host an unlimited number of sites on this plan.

Finally, the Business Pro plan includes all the features of the Business plan, and you benefit from improved performance and security. Four times more CPU and MySQL resources, a 300% performance boost, domain privacy, and automated site backups are just a few premium features specific to the highest tier.

Excellent Uptime

The 99.9% uptime guarantee is more than enough for the most small-to-medium websites. Hosting your site on HostPapa means you can rest assured that your site won’t be down for long, if at all. I’ve read hundreds of reviews, and none of the reviewers complained about their site’s availability.

You can check out the HostPapa web app to find out if there is a problem with the host infrastructure at any given time.

Impressive Customer Support

HostPapa is unique in terms of customer support. You can start with the extensive Knowledge Base. When I say extensive, I mean extensive! Currently, 2,591 articles that fall into 76 categories make up the knowledge base. It’s hard to believe that you won’t be able to fix your problem by consulting this collection of articles.

Supposing that you still can’t find the solution, you have countless video tutorials at your disposal. How to work with cPanel, domain server setup, file transfer protocol (FTP), PHP, WordPress, email, Joomla, and Drupal are just a few subjects covered in the video tutorials. The variety of topics shows genuine respect for the customers. And the surprises don’t end there! Support is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.

If you don’t have enough time to search through articles and videos, go to the Customer Care Center to find out all the ways to contact customer support. You will be amazed! HostPapa offers support via live chat, email, phone, and even mail and fax. Check out the Contact Page to find the mailing address to send your request to the PapaSquad Support Team. I am curious if anyone has ever requested help via mail or fax.

Contact hostpapa

Free Website Builder

HostPapa hosts any type of WordPress site, but you are free to use the built-in website builder for your project. It’s simple to use, and users have many templates to choose from—there are currently 245 templates for the lowest tier. Check out the Knowledge Base for details about this tool. You will find no less than 345 articles about using the site builder.

Other Worth-Mentioning Features

The devil is in the details. You won’t die without the following features, but they may be helpful in particular cases.

Free Cloudflare CDN

A CDN speeds up your site, so you get a boost for free! Each millisecond matters, and you have no choice but to do everything possible to speed up your site.

Support for Two Websites

The basic plan allows you to host two websites, which is a rare feature. People on a tight budget will appreciate this help.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

An SSL certificate makes your site more secure, and HostPapa gives you one for free.

Free Site Migration

If you have ever transferred site files from one host to another, then you know that it’s not as easy as ABC. Hosting providers know that people are lazy and prefer to pay more instead of wasting time with site migration. Luckily, HostPapa experts do the leg work for you. They will move your site to their servers for free!

Free Training

Many plans from other hosting providers come with free SSL and site migration, but HostPapa goes the extra mile by providing 30 minutes of free training, even for the Basic plan. This time isn’t enough to create a site from the ground up, but it’s more than enough for pressing issues.

Disadvantages of HostPapa

Without any doubt, HostPapa presents dozens of cool features, but it’s far from perfect. There is much room for improvement, and the following problems are the most annoying.

Backups for Business Pro Only

A backup isn’t a premium service. It’s a necessity for any website. HostPapa creates backups only for the highest tier, which is a big no-no! Skipping the backups yourself is not recommended, but people rely on their host in emergencies, and a backup copy from the host is golden in these instances.

Hidden Fees

HostPapa positions itself as a low-cost, high-value hosting service. People need reliable services in this segment, and that won’t change anytime soon. HostPapa’s pricing plans are affordable, but a few additional fees annoy people. For instance, you have to pay $19.95 a year for automated backups. Do you want a secure site? You’ll pay another $19.95 a year for it. Are you unsatisfied with the services and want to quit in the first 30 days? HostPapa offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you still have to pay a $29.95 setup fee. That’s not quite fair-play, is it?

Data Center Mystery

It’s not enough to force you to stay away from HostPapa, but why keep the data centers’ locations a mystery? Some of them are in Canada and other locations in North America. However, I can’t confirm the existence of a data center in Asia or Europe.


HostPapa is a standout hosting company that deserves your attention. It’s not the most performant host, but it has some solid advantages. So who should give this option a try?

First, anyone with limited plans for their sites should consider HostPapa. The uptime and security provided are enough for these projects. However, speed is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage if you chose HostPapa. If your target market is based in Canada or North America, the loading speed might be above average. In this case, HostPapa is all you need.

Second, HostPapa is the ideal hosting for ecologists and charity projects. People running these projects should consider HostPapa because it’s an eco-friendly company involved in charity projects.

Third, people who run multiple low-traffic sites should take a look at the Business and Business Pro plans. Unlimited sites, storage, and bandwidth sound pretty interesting.

I do not recommend HostPapa if your plans are ambitious, and you expect thousands of visitors on your site. Do not purchase HostPapa’s services if your niche is extremely competitive; for instance, sites in the insurance, finance, or luxury niches.

Have you ever purchased HostPapa’s services? If so, please let us know your impressions.

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