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How And Where To Buy Instagram Followers (And What Are The Risks?)

How And Where To Buy Instagram Followers (And What Are The Risks?)

Due to innovation and the digital age, the options for marketing strategies for your business have grown significantly. You may agree that a business of any kind will always have a marketing department or team in their company whose main focus is to strive hard to apply the most effective and efficient marketing strategies in all aspects that it could penetrate. One such strategy is social media marketing. 

Nowadays social media platforms are some of the best channels to market your brand to your target audience. Especially with digital advancements, you’ll want to increase your online presence the soonest possible time. However, it’s not as simple as setting up an account and just releasing your content. In fact, each social media platform has its own kind of metrics for measuring the amount of engagement and subscribers an account has. For example, YouTube has subscribers, likes, and views while Instagram has likes, followers, and post saves. 

If you’re considering using Instagram for your business to boost brand awareness and generate a loyal following keep in mind that it’s not straightforward as you think. With Instagram, one of the most important metrics that you have to pay attention to is your follower count. By having a high follower count, you can establish your brand’s credibility and your account’s authenticity. In addition to this, you’ll have more users interacting with your content and providing feedback. 

Now, there are numerous ways one can increase their follower count. One way is to organically grow it through optimizing your account or by utilizing an Instagram growth service. Another way is to have your account featured by well-known influencers and well-established brands. One last option that you can try is to buy Instagram followers. Now, it’s worth noting that you don’t need to choose one of these methods because you can simultaneously implement them to maximize efforts in growing your follower count.

Evidently, buying Instagram followers is one of the quickest ways to increase your Instagram account’s follower count. Consequently, with all the affordable services available online, purchasing followers for your account can be done with ease. 

Read on to find out how you can buy Instagram followers and the risks that come with it.

How To Buy Instagram Followers

To buy Instagram followers, you must know how and where you can buy from vendors online. Before discussing the process, it’s worth knowing what kind of fake followers you want to have. The 3 main kinds of followers that you can buy are as follows: 

  • Inactive accounts – which were created for the sole purpose of following other accounts
  • Instagram bots – which were created by companies through automation
  • Real followers – these are authentic/actual people followers being sold by vendors

Buying Through Legitimate Fake Follower Vendors

Assuming that you can spot scams, to buy Instagram followers, you’ll first have to contact the vendor directly or through their platforms. Usually, the platforms of these follower sellers are websites. Next, you’ll be giving them your order, specifically, how many followers you want, how soon you want them, and if you wish to have likes and comments along with them. 

After this, you will have to give them your account details, specifically the username. Then you’ll be paying through the vendor’s payment scheme whether that is through online banking or online wallets. After that, just watch your followers come in.

Risks That Come With Buying Instagram Followers

Risks That Come With Buying Instagram Followers

However, in buying Instagram followers, you’ll want to set your expectations and prepare for any problems that you may encounter after having bought them. That said, here are 5 risks that come with buying Instagram followers:

  1. Inactive Followers

Especially if the followers that you’ve bought are Instagram bots, all that you’ll be paying for is a number on your follower count. This may not impact the engagement metrics of your account as their only task is to follow you and not interact with the content that you post. Even if these fake followers are just inactive accounts, those accounts were created for the sole purpose of following and aren’t actually being used by anyone. 

However, there are bot accounts that are capable of imitating human beings with fake images and interacting with your content. Due to their nature, these types of users are also known as ghost followers.

  1. Getting Banned

It’s worth noting that it’s so much more difficult now to buy Instagram followers because this is against Instagram’s policies. Instagram aims to have authentic interactions on the platform as much as possible. Otherwise, it might ruin actual users’ experiences with the application. While your account may not get banned, your fake followers will surely be sanctioned. 

  1. Decrease In Followers Over Time

The next possible thing that could happen is that your engagement and followers may decrease over time. Similarly, to the previous point, Instagram identifies users that aren’t actual people. Therefore, they’d remove these followers from the account when they spot them. In addition, Instagram may also remove real accounts when it detects that the account’s owner is already inactive. The intention of buying Instagram fake followers was to elevate and enhance your account, but in the end, all it did was ruin your credibility, thus decreasing your followers over time.

  1. Ruined Credibility

With today’s audience, authenticity is a highly vital aspect of a business that consumers strictly demand nowadays. As mentioned, your follower count may be used as a basis to determine your brand’s credibility. However, when this basis has been proven to be fake, then consumers may react negatively as this reflects your brand’s lack of authenticity. Additionally, with bots’ ability to interact with your content, the legitimacy of the feedback on your posts will be lost.

Your real audience may notice this when your follower count is very high yet your engagement for your posts such as likes and comments is very low. Furthermore, users are now more capable of detecting fake and spam accounts. When they spot these, they can help Instagram by reporting your account to the platform.

  1. Inaccurate Metrics

In studying your platform’s metrics, you’ll be able to understand which strategies work and which don’t. As you might already know, fake Instagram followers aren’t your target market. Therefore, your fake Instagram followers may compensate for the lack of interactions from your real audience. The worst part is you won’t know if the performance metrics that your account is having are from your target audience or not. Moreover, high metrics will also fail to indicate if your real audience is interacting with your content and if your strategies are effective.


Social media marketing is now one of the best ways to reach your audience and build an online presence. In the vast sea of platforms to choose from, it can’t be denied that platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the most well-known. With that said, if you’re seeking a video and image sharing platform, then Instagram is your marketing weapon. 

Along with this, one of the benefits of using social media platforms, in general, is that you can track your performance through metrics. For YouTube, you’ll have subscriber counts, likes, and views while Instagram and Facebook use likes, comments, and follower counts. In establishing an online presence and using these platforms, you’ll want to have high metrics. For the case of Instagram, the higher the engagement and reach equate to the possibility of higher follower counts. 

In having a high follower count, you’ll be able to establish your brand’s credibility and your account’s authenticity. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to increase your followers such as doing it organically and buying them. Compared to organically growing your followers, buying them is a cheap and faster option. However, in trying this method, you must also know the risks that go with it. Before deciding what process to opt for, read this article first to help you decide the best path to take.  

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