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How Can Graphic Design Accelerate Growth and Drive Sales

How Can Graphic Design Accelerate Growth and Drive Sales

How can graphic design accelerate growth and drive sales? Nowadays, graphic design serves more than just an aesthetic purpose in business. It helps businesses grow and achieve their goals. One of the reasons why many invest in graphic design is its ability to solve some business concerns. Plus, it contributes to adding credibility and building trust. 

Even if this is the case, many might still underestimate graphic design’s power in advancing their business. So, in this article, learn how graphic design can transform your business.


Branding is an integral part of a company’s identity. This is the first thing you should address as you start your business. Your business name and messaging won’t cut it anymore. For you to get recognition and a long-lasting impression, here are some essential branding materials you need:

  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Illustrations

A Logo Should be A Priority

Among what’s listed here, the logo should be your utmost priority before launching your business. After all, you want your logo plastered on items you sell or services you provide.

While graphic design has become more accessible through do-it-yourself graphic design services, you should still take caution in using them. They use templates that many others might have used for their business. This might render your logo unoriginal. So, it’s much better to use a professional graphic designer for this.

You can always take help from a leading web design agency that has specialized designers for logo creation. This is what your businesses’ branding is going to come down to. You want a logo that is able to reflect what your business stands for and gives you an identification that is separate from your competitors. 

Printed Materials

Even if most businesses have relied on online marketing, printed materials like packaging, brochures, banners, and the like are still important. You might have to attend conferences or trade shows; you need to provide giveaways to customers or clients. This way, they can remember your business and learn more about you as they use your items.

Illustrations Can Replace Text

Illustrations are no longer for artistic purposes. Businesses like Uber and Slack have adopted illustrations and integrated them into every aspect of the business. It plays a huge part in branding. Eventually, as more users or customers grow accustomed to a brand’s illustrations, the more they will recognize it anywhere. Not only that, it can replace text because it can serve as a visual representation of a particular concept.

Marketing Visuals

Graphic design can accelerate business growth through marketing visuals. Many consume visuals and videos to increase engagement, impressions, views, and more. You don’t only want to capture your audience’s attention, but captivate them and eventually earn their likes or comments. Who knows, they might click the Follow button next if you continue to publish engaging content.

Social media graphics

But if you want marketing visuals to make an impact, you need to create and post compelling and shareable images. When it comes to graphics, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some examples you can post on your social media feed:

  • Text-based visuals (typography, quotes, reviews)
  • Data-driven visuals (infographics, charts)
  • Banner and header images
  • Combination of image and text

Graphic Design Also Improves Your Website

Graphic design also has the power to increase your online visibility. For your business to flourish online, you need to have a website. But it’s not enough to say you claimed a domain. You need a well-designed, functional, and responsive website that your potential customers would visit. To give your website life, you can either use themes or create one from scratch. When your website is well-designed, they might even take action like buy a product, schedule a demo, or contact you. 

Aside from overall website design, maybe the reason you hang out longer on one website is that it’s easy to jump from one webpage to another. And to engage your visitors to do that is to add graphic designs like illustrations on blog posts or landing pages. Perhaps, you can also put infographics that other people can share.

Good For Blogging

Another form of marketing that has boosted growth and even sales is content marketing.

One popular form of content marketing is blogging. And the statistic most associated with visuals and blogging is that 94% of articles get more views if it has images. That still holds until today. 

Blogging has a vital part in the marketing funnel, and you want website visitors (or potential customers) to read your blog in full. A text-only blog doesn’t seem appealing to many readers. That’s why to trim that clunk of text is to add images. 

One common practice is to add (free) stock images. But if you want to make your blog posts more engaging for readers, posting custom blog graphics is the way to go. Not only will it make your blog engaging, but it will increase retention rates and website visits.

If you’re about to start a blog, don’t forget to look at all the different blogging platforms before choosing one.

Email marketing

While most marketers would focus on hooking email subscribers with the subject line, you want them to stick around to read your email. Or at least give it a skim and click on any of the links of the email. After all, you don’t want your hard work to be wasted when adding that email to the trash. Your email’s design can get people to read the content of your email. And eventually, they might consider looking through your website for information or check products and services.


Print and traditional advertising have been around since the 1900s and is still used by advertising agencies to get the word around. However, as we shifted towards digital, so did advertising. As such, we see more online ads on most websites we visit. But advertising is no longer just persuading your target market. 

As your target audience scrolls on their feed, it can be challenging to make them stop. After all, we consume visuals daily.

So, your advertising strategies should also level up online. Even if videos can take up much of your target audience’s attention span, graphic design can also yield the same result.

Social media ads

Social media has become a competitive space for advertisers and businesses. Big brands and small businesses alike have used social media to captivate their audience. But while big brands may dominate, small businesses can still get impressions, engagements, and click-through rates. Social media has made it easier to advertise, even without advertising experience. So long as businesses can follow advertising guidelines, they can start their campaigns without a hitch.

Publish your ads on these social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

The Emerge Of Banner Ads

As internet usage grew in the early 2000s, so did banner ads. Did you know that the first-ever banner ad was published in October 1994? But when banner ads boomed in the early 2000s, even up to the 2010s, it became intrusive for most people.

And since then, many have become wary of clicking banner ads. But even if it holds that reputation, many still go for this option to get more visibility, recognition, and eventual sales. You can still drive traffic by making them curious through an interesting design that will make your target audience visit your site.

How Can Graphic Design Services Help?

How Can Graphic Design Accelerate Growth and Drive Sales?

Graphic design doesn’t just serve an artistic purpose. It plays a large role in how your business can grow over time. It starts with having a well-designed logo and creating consistency over different platforms and channels. You can outsource your graphic design work to professionals, so you can focus on running your business.

Tap these professionals or services for your company:

  • Freelancers
  • In-house designers
  • Agencies
  • Unlimited graphic design services

An advantage of using a freelancer, an in-house graphic designer, or graphic design service is they have the skills and expertise. They have a firm grasp of design principles that you might miss as you create a logo or other graphics. With them by your side or as a partner, you can be sure that they’ll integrate branding into every graphic they create.

But where can you find these professionals?


If you want a trusted design service that most brands and businesses trust, agencies are the way to go. You can rely on their expertise because they have professionals who research the market. Plus, they can handle big projects and ensure that your branding is always clear.

There’s a catch when you use agencies. They can be an expensive option for most small businesses. Their price can be higher than most of the options listed here, as it can go upwards of $50,000 for big projects.


A simple search on any search engine will help you find the right designers for your business. For example, if you want to outsource to freelancers, you can check out these sites:

  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • 99Designs

They have graphic design freelancers that charge as low as $5/hr on a per-project basis. While that may be a bargain, you might want to consider an alternative for better quality and professionalism.

In-house Designer

If you need designs consistently for your business, you might also consider an in-house graphic designer. You can find them on sites like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Since they’re part of your company, they can create designs anytime you need them. Or revamp those that need improvement. However, in terms of salary, you might have to spend over $80,000 annually. And that could take a hit on your expenses, especially if you’re a small business.

Unlimited Design Service

Unlike the services mentioned above, you can pay for graphic designs at an affordable flat monthly rate. An unlimited graphic design service eliminates the per-project or per-hour billing since you’re paying for designs per month. It’s best to use these services if you have more than 10+ design deliverables monthly. 

Plus, you no longer have to worry about hiring either since they have designers ready to tackle your design work. One great example of an unlimited design service is Penji. To know more about their site and plans, check out their site.

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