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How To Add a Facebook Live Chat to a WordPress Website

Facebook Live Messenger Chat with Tidio WordPress Plugin

Social media is taking over how we do business. In the past, if you wanted to get the attention of a large segment of the population, you would put up billboards or run a radio spot with a jingle to get people to come down to your business and check it out. Social media and the web have changed all of that. Instead of paying large sums of money for a billboard, now you might pay a digital marketing firm close to 10K to rank a highly competitive set of key words such as “dental implants Miami”. The digital marketing agency will use everything at their disposal including blog writing, videos on Youtube, and social channels to boost your site up in the rankings.

From Twitter to LinkedIn, everybody is using social media now to get jobs, stay up to date with family, and test out products. One of the most popular platforms is Facebook. What started as a simple way for college students to connect with each other on campus has exploded into a behemoth that allows you to do much more now. How can businesses take advantage of Facebook to increase their reach and who they are marketing to?

Facebook is not just to see photos from the last vacation a colleague took when they went skiing in France. Facebook is becoming a place where advertisers want to run ads to get eyes on products and services. This has become even easier with Facebook fan pages or business pages. Connecting with people through Facebook allows you to keep up to date with them so that you can roll out new products or inform them of upcoming sales. Not only that, but having a business page with Facebook makes your company seem more personable. Customers can view photos and get a feel for the type of company that you run and the experience they will have if they buy from you.

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Add a Live Facebook Chat with Tidio WordPress Plugin

The solution for any business owner is Tidio. It integrates flawlessly with your Facebook chat and allows you to get more done in a day! If we use the example of an HVAC company, the owner is more than likely driving all day, going from appointment to appointment. He doesn’t have time to stay in the office and answer requests through Facebook. With Tidio, he has the ability to see questions coming in on his phone and answer them through the mobile version of Tidio! This means that the owner of our HVAC company can save money instead of opening up a new position where he would need to pay an employee for monitoring.

This is great and will resolve many issues for business owners, but what can they do when they are not able to monitor their phone to see incoming questions? Some companies will use virtual assistants across the globe in another time zone to handle questions that come in after hours. With Tidio, you don’t have to do that. You don’t even need to hire extra employees!

Facebook Live Messenger Chat for WordPress

Facebook Messenger Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio is using cutting edge technology and uses chatbots to answer questions when you are not able to. These chatbots scan the words that the customer is using when they ask a question, and then give pre-set answers to help customers find what they need. Many different platforms are using them now from FB Messenger and Skype to WeChat which is very popular in Asia. 

The chatbots are constructed with an application layer, a database, APIs, and a Conversational User Interface. Does all of this sound too complicated to understand? Don’t worry! It is really easy to break down the service that Tidio provides. 

Maybe the customer wants to know if you are open right now and able to give them an appointment. You are busy with a client and are unable to look at the question coming in. If the customer doesn’t receive a quick response, they will be inclined to just leave you page and move onto the next service provider. However, with Tidio installed, they use AI which will scan the text coming in for keywords and phrases. When the chatbots scan words like “When” and “Open”, that will trigger a response. Fetching data from a database that is already set up, the chatbot can respond with the current hours that you are open. It is that simple!

Facebook Live Messenger Chat

Advanced Features Made Simple

The idea of a chatbot telling customers when you are open and available is great, but how can we use the Tidio service to really improve conversions? Tidio can act as a salesperson. It may be hard to believe, but artificial intelligence is at a point where it makes recommendations to customers for products and also encourages them to purchase.

Abandoned shopping carts are a huge issue for online shops. A customer finds a product that interests them and adds it to their shopping cart, only to leave the site and end the session before buying the product. Online retailers lose trillions each year to abandoned shopping carts, but Tidio has a solution.

Once again, using artificial intelligence, the chatbot can be triggered by predefined parameters set up. It will watch and see if a user has added an item to their cart and then begins to show signs that they are having second thoughts. Maybe they are distracted by something or they think they can find a better price on another site. Tidio can come to the rescue by picking up on indicators that the user will soon leave the site and send over a discount code.

This is huge! Around the clock service from a chatbot means you are always going to be increasing your sales even if you are not physically at your desk or on your phone. Chatbots never sleep which means your conversions are only going to go up when you integrate this service with your existing WordPress store.

Expanding Services with a Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Facebook is expanding services for businesses now in ways that we have not seen before. Imagine you are in the middle of a freezing winter when you hear your HVAC unit start to shut down. Rushing over to your control panel, you hit the buttons to try and bring your unit back up. Nothing!

Instead of going through a directory of businesses to try and find one that can solve your problem or at least diagnose it, you can simply type HVAC into the search bar on Facebook. A list of companies that do heating and air will pop up along with reviews from other users. All of the companies will be local to your area and it will allow you to pick the one that will work best for your situation.

Not only that though, but a Facebook business page can go much further. Availability may be posted showing exactly when you can book a company to come out to your home. If your heater just went out in the middle of the winter, your main concern is going to be when you can book the next appointment and Facebook can display that information. There will also be a feature so that you can chat with somebody live!

Messenger Chat for WordPress

The live chat feature for any business page is integral for getting in touch with customers and answering their questions. Going back to our example of a local HVAC company, perhaps the potential customer has questions about pricing for specific services or if there is availability that is not listed on Facebook already. With the chat feature on a business page, the user can simply type out a few sentences and get their answers quickly without sending an email or finding the phone number to call. It is very convenient!

We have shown how beneficial it is to have chat enabled on your business page for handling questions from consumers and earning more business, but as a business owner, how can you possibly maintain so many different social media channels? Between watching your email, phone for text messages, and also scanning your other social media sites, it may seem like there are just too many channels of communication to keep up with. Surely you can’t have an employee that just waits on Facebook during business hours to answer questions about service and availability.

Tidio live chat


The world of e-commerce is constantly innovating and Tidio is an amazing service that you need to try. Customers want to ask questions and chat with somebody that is knowledgeable and Tidio will allow business owners to always respond, no matter where they are. When you are unable to speak with the customers, their wide variety of chatbots can work for you, answering questions about your return policy, offering coupons when the customer needs an extra nudge in the right direction, or even just helping the customer long enough for a person to take over and guide them the rest of the way. Tidio integrates with a huge variety of programs including MailChimp, Shopify, Wix, and of course WordPress. You can try it for free so why not give it a shot today? See why everybody is using it to increase sales.

Ready to install a Live Facebook Chat on your website? Click the button and download Tidio for free!

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