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How to Add a Table to Your WordPress Website

A controversial study revealed that people have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. Certainly, internet users stay longer on a web page only if they are impressed and get valuable information. Also, the content must be easy to comprehend, or else they lose focus.

Everyone running a site should know these facts and act accordingly. The signs suggest that people won’t change these habits. They are constantly bombarded with information, and losing focus is a self-defense mechanism.

An effective way to feature data is with tables. Tables work great for displaying a lot of data in a reader-friendly way. Luckily for WordPress users, developers have created many plugins for displaying tables. Superb Tables is one of the newest plugins aimed at creating attractive and fully responsive tables.

Add tables to your website

Here is everything you need to know about using tables on your site and how to create them with Superb Tables.

How to Install

The Superb Tables plugin comes in two versions: free and premium. Go to the WordPress repository to download the free version and upload it on your site (Plugins > Add New). Optionally, visit our website to see a massive list of free themes and plugins, including Superb Tables.

Click the button to download the table plugin for free from

How to Configure

Once you’ve installed the plugin, check the left sidebar, and you will notice the Superb Table section. Click on it, and you can now create your first table. Just click on the Add New Table button.

how to install tables on your wordpress website

Feel free to add as many columns and rows as you want—inserting rows and columns is extremely easy.

You have a few options to make your table stand apart. First, choose one of the three color schemes: standard, purple, or black. Second, choose your table design: default or custom. Block, left, and inline-block are the floating modes for your table. Finally, enable or disable the full width of the table.

responsive wordpress tables

Once you finish your table, name it and save it. All you have to do now is to copy the shortcode and paste wherever you want. Easy peasy, right?

Why Use Tables

Inserting tables within blog posts or on pages brings serious advantages. First, from the content perspective, you can provide a massive volume of data in a digestible format. Second, it helps users compare various pricing plans, discounts, deals, or sets of features. Third, from a visual perspective, a table may add that needed spark of fanciness to a website.

Let’s dissect the major reasons for using tables on your site.

Digestible Format

A table replaces at least a few lengthy paragraphs of text. People usually skip reading walls of text, so a table is a way better option because it synthesizes the data. No matter the quality of the content, people won’t consume it unless the information is delivered properly.

Effective Data Sharing

Displaying data within a table is beneficial for not only readers but also content creators. A table does a better job than long paragraphs of text, underlined phrases, and bulleted lists. It shows a lot of information side by side in a concise format. Bloggers and content creators should create tables and insert the data. There’s no need to search for breathtaking expressions, cool descriptions, or digestible lists of items. It’s just pure data, and everyone is happy with this situation.

Golden for Comparisons

You’ve probably noticed that tables are often used for pricing plans. Tables are the perfect tool for comparing plans or options. If your business has multiple pricing plans, start using a table to compare the plans.

Eye-Catching Design

Even though some designers might be skeptical, tables can be eye-catching. It’s all about the creator’s design skills. Also, a good table plugin can work miracles!

How to Make a WordPress Table Responsive

The days when you could get by without a responsive site are gone forever, but when it comes to tables, responsiveness can be tricky. A table has a more complicated structure than a plain blog post, and you have to pay attention to that. A single mistake is enough to make a real mess of a good-looking table. Imagine if two of a table’s columns overlapped. A desktop user may not have an issue when accessing that table, but the mobile user experience would be horrible in this case.

We developed Superb Tables by taking table responsiveness into account, and as a result, you can make a WordPress table responsive by using our plugin. The tables are fully responsive regardless of the number of rows and columns.

WordPress Tables with Schema Markup

Schema markup“ and “featured snippets“ are two interconnected terms that are being used by more and more bloggers, SEO practitioners, and developers. Have you noticed that Google now provides complex answers in the form of lists, tables, paragraphs, or videos directly on the results page? Those are featured snippets.

SEO optimized wordpress tables with schema

Moz claims that 23% of all search results include a featured snippet—a descriptive box displayed on the search results page providing information for your query. It may include paragraphs, lists, videos, or tables. You have to consider featured snippets when choosing a table plugin—can it help Google generate a featured snippet from the data within your table?

We developed Superb Tables with featured snippets in mind, and you can use the plugin worry-free. We used schema markup, which is the code that helps search engine bots generate snippets from your content, including tables.

Currently, many webmasters don’t pay too much attention to featured snippets or schema markups, but the number of featured snippets has grown significantly since 2016. Featured snippets are useful for all users, but mobile and voice searchers are the main beneficiaries. It makes sense to consider schema markup because the number of mobile users and voice searchers is constantly growing.

You must use WordPress tables with schema markup to get featured snippets on search engines, and Superb Tables is a reliable solution in this respect.


The Superb Tables plugin is in the early stages. We love our product, but we are completely aware that there is room for improvement. Download the free version, create a few tables, and let us know what you like and, more importantly, what you dislike. It’s impossible to launch a perfect product, so we are eager for your realistic feedback.

Take a look at the premium version if the free version satisfies you. It comes with more options and premium support. We are excited to hear your opinion about our plugin! 

Click the button to download the table plugin for free from

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