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How to Add Social Media “Share” and “Follow” Buttons to Your WordPress Website

Nobody who cares about his online business has the luxury of ignoring social media. The experts predict that 3.1 billion people will use social media by 2021. That’s a tremendous amount of people, and you have to do everything possible to reach them.

Many webmasters attract people to their sites via social media by distributing blog posts to their followers. At the same time, a huge number of sites have implemented social media buttons aimed at distributing blog posts or other web pages.

Bloggers are the most interested in leveraging social media to get more traffic. Consequently, developers have created tons of social media “Share” plugins. Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons is the new kid on the block, and it looks pretty interesting.

In this post, I will dissect the plugin and show you how to install it and get the most from it.

Social Media Share and Follow Buttons

Social share and follow buttons

This plugin is one of the newest, and it has the potential to be installed on hundreds of thousands of sites. It’s simple, effective, and customizable. Here is a complete analysis of the most attractive features.

Simple to Use

This plugin impresses with its simplicity. I can hardly believe that anyone will get stuck when using it. All you have to do is to install it, go to its settings, paste the social media links you want, and tick the activate checkbox. Could it be any simpler than that?

Free of Charge

Webmasters with austere budgets should be happy. Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons is a free-of-charge plugin. There is a premium version of the plugin, but the free version is enough for basic needs.

Share vs. Follow Distinction

The clear distinction between the Share and Follow functions is great! Unlike other social media plugins, this plugin has two big sections: Share and Follow. The user doesn’t have to go back and forth to find which button is for sharing and which is for following. This feature saves precious time and lots of anxiety. 

Plenty of Social Networks

Social share buttons

You are probably active on Facebook and Twitter, and some of you may use Pinterest and LinkedIn too. However, neglecting other social networks isn’t always a smart decision. You have to be present where your audience is present. 

It’s totally up to you to decide which social networks are suitable for your business. Regardless of your choice, Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons lets you engage with your readers on countless social networks. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitch, and Behance are all available with this plugin.

Useful Customization Options

The plugin doesn’t come with endless customization options, but the current set of options is effective and genuinely useful. For instance, you choose the position of the Share and Follow buttons— at the end or at the beginning of the posts and pages. You can also opt to enable or disable a floating sidebar and hide or unhide the buttons on mobile devices.

Lightweight Format

Each new plugin installed on your site impacts its loading speed. However, the developers of Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons have done their best to make this plugin as lightweight as possible. You can use the plugin confidently because it won’t affect the site’s speed.

How To Install the Social Share & Follow Buttons Plugin

Installing the plugin is as simple as ABC. Here is the entire process of installing Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons:

Option 1

Head to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New. Type “Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons” into the search box and select the first plugin suggested. Install and activate it.

Option 2

Go to the plugin’s website and type your email address into the subscribe form to get the free version of the plugin. Check your email and download the plugin. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Plugin > Add New. Hit the Upload Plugin button and choose the path to the plugin you downloaded.

How to Configure The Social Buttons

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, check your dashboard and click on Superb Social Media Buttons in the left sidebar. Let’s start with the Share buttons. You will find three panels: General Settings, Social Media, and Design.

Social media follow buttons

Under the General Settings panel, you do the following:

  • Create a shortcode to show the share buttons
  • Chose where to position the buttons
  • Enable or disable a floating bar
  • Hide or unhide the buttons on mobile.

Premium users can also select the color of the floating bar.

Under the Social Media panel, you can choose the social button networks you want to display.

Under the Design panel, premium users can customize the design of the buttons and edit text. 

Configuring the Follow buttons is similar. The customization panels are similar, but the Social Media panel contains more social networks, and you are required to add links to your profiles.

Premium Version

If you need more options and premium support, you should opt for the premium version. Here are a few features you can enjoy if you purchase a premium subscription:

  • Choose from four different types of share buttons
  • Choose button colors
  • Choose floating sidebar color
  • Choose button text colors
  • Edit button microcopy 
  • Access premium support

The pricing plans cover a large range of options. Go for the one-time $15 purchase if you plan to use the plugin for just one domain. 

Developers interested in bargains should opt for an annual subscription. You are free to use the plugin for 15 domains and get access to 30+ premium themes, all premium plugins released by Superb Themes, unlimited premium updates, and unlimited support for a yearly fee of $89.

Another good deal is the lifetime subscription. You can use the plugin on an unlimited number of domains, and you get lifetime access to all premium plugins released by Superb Themes. Additionally, it includes unlimited support and updates.


Is the Superb Social Media Share and Follow Buttons plugin useful for your site? Would it bring value to your site? I might be biased, but I strongly believe that it deserves your full attention. It does what it should do and nothing more. It will help you share posts and get new followers simply and effectively.

Take this plugin into consideration if you want to add social media Share and Follow buttons to your site. 

Click the button to download the Social Media Share & Follow Buttons for WordPress plugin.

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