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How To Buy A Domain From Someone

How To Buy A Domain From Someone

Have you tried to register a domain that you thought was creative, to find out it was already taken? This happens a lot. It seems like people are registering many domains in quick succession. One of the reasons is the value you can get from a domain. In just the past few months, the domain sold for close to six figures. That domain is obviously precious to the team that bought it. With this in mind, we want to go over how to buy a domain from someone. What are the channels to use? How can you protect yourself? We are going to cover all of that in our guide. First, we can go over the idea of using a domain as an investment vehicle.

A great place to buy a domain

A Good Way To Invest

The concept of investing in domains is really quite simple when you look at the business functions’ core way. Buy a good domain that is popular while it is cheap. Hold the domain and then sell for a profit. Buying a website that generates revenue can be much more complicated. You need to determine the number of true visitors. The statements in terms of profit must be extrapolated out several years to determine your ROI. All of this takes time and training.

If you are interested in learning how to buy a domain from someone, there are actually a few options out there. One source is expired domains. Every month that goes by, another huge set of domains will expire. If the owner doesn’t renew, that means you get a shot. Technology is out there so that companies will try and buy up these domains right when they expire. Sites like NameJet and DropCatch create a profit when they buy domains fast and then turn them around for a nice cash sum.

This would be one example where you would need to pay a fee to the site that used their technology to swoop in and buy the property quickly. If you had similar technology, you might purchase a site domain if you moved fast. It really all comes down to speed. If NameJet is faster, you will need to go to them for the domain. If many people are interested in the domain name, you will need to be the highest bidder.

Direct Purchase Of A Domain

If you spend time learning the business of catching domains as soon as they expire, you could build up quite a collection. Holding on to these, you could auction them off to the highest bidder using a WordPress site if you wanted top dollar. Having a high inventory of good domains would make you a broker that people want to work with.

If you don’t want to learn the ropes of snagging domains right when they expire, you could instead make a direct purchase. This is when you contact the owner and ask them to name a price. That is going to be very drawn out, though. You will not get an answer most of the time, and the seller will want to charge you a premium if they feel like they have built up a business in a good niche. Why would they give up their nice niche that is making income for just anybody? You will need to be ready with a lot of cash on hand if you want to get one of these domains with a direct purchase. At the same time, though, you will be able to see if the domain carries weight.

Using A Broker

Why not use a broker when looking for a domain to purchase? You save time because you can clearly see all of the domains that they have to offer. Many times they will have a huge database that you can go through. If you are looking for a certain niche domain, this is perfect for getting many ideas in front of you.

For example, say I am looking to get into the business of creating a dating app. It would be nice to have a domain that will stick out, like, but the odds of finding that specific domain will be slim. Instead, use the search feature with a broker. Type in some keywords like “dating” or “meet people.” Once you start to go through your options, you will find something that is suitable. Maybe you decide to go with or These are awesome choices. Let’s look at some of the best brokers out there to help you find the right choice for you.

Flippa marketplace

1. Flippa

Flippa has to be the number choice when you are thinking about buying a domain from someone. The main reason why this makes it to number one for so many people is the sheer number of options that you get with this site. If you head over there right now and start to look around, you quickly realize that they are not just about selling domains. They cover a wide range of digital products and investments that you can get.

Take a look at some of the main things that they sell:

  • Domains
  • Applications
  • Websites
  • Software as a service
  • Content
  • Marketplace

If you go through all the different ways to make money online, it shows you what is possible with determination and technical skills. We love Flippa because you can see everything when you want to buy a site from them. You have the site’s age, how much money they make each month, how it is monetized, and the multiple that you will pay.

With domains, you have a lot to pick from. Editors’ choice will highlight domains that could be very profitable shortly. You can also see domains that have met their reserve and the domains that will have their auction end soon. With such a large database, there is always one or two domains that will fit your criteria and niche—an excellent choice for buying domains and other ways to make a steady income.

Want to buy a domain from someone

Sedo marketplace

2. Sedo

If you want to buy a domain, why not go to the site focusing on domains? Sedo might not offer as many choices as Flippa, but they intend to bring you the best domains. You can expect the following:

  • Big database of domains
  • Fast appraisals
  • Protection from fraud
  • Focused on domains

There are many ways to browse all the different domains. The Showcase will feature top names that will be of interest to high profile clients. This will list out the price, or you can make an offer. Who knows, perhaps they will take your bid, and you can walk away with a huge domain. Like Flippa, you can see auctions that will end soon so that you don’t miss anything important. On top of that, you also can look at categories.

For example, say you are interested in the idea of distance learning. This makes sense with what is currently going on in the world. Distance learning will continue to gain in popularity moving forward as well. You can look at the category of domains that are centered around this theme or idea. This will be a quick way to save time if you are already into a niche and you need a top domain that you can build upon.

GoDaddy marketplace

3. GoDaddy – A Less Obvious Choice

Last is GoDaddy. Many have heard of hosting through this company. Not many people realize you can buy a domain through them. A few things to keep in mind with GoDaddy before you buy. First of all, the fees are quite high. They do provide a list of people that are viewing the current domain that is up for auction. This gives you a chance to see how popular a domain might be and how heated the auction will be.

In general, the interface for GoDaddy could use some work, and they don’t offer the same features you see with Sedo or Flippa. There will be no way that you can easily look through categories for domains or have the broad database to pull from for appraisals.

How To Buy A Domain From Someone Conclusion

We went over several choices to pick from when you want to buy a domain. With these options, it will open up a lot of new ideas for you to make money in the future. You can try domain parking and hold on to a domain you think might be valuable in the future. Maybe you want to accumulate a good number of domains that are all in a certain category. That would create an exciting auction site that people could use.

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A great place to buy a domain

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