How To Easily Change Font On Your WordPress Website

There are multiple ways to change font on a website that uses WordPress. We will be going through two of them; How to change font through plugins & how to change font through custom code. If you do not have any coding experience we recommend that you to it through the plugin Easy Google Font, which we will teach you how to set up in this short guide.

How to change font with Easy Google Fonts

This plugin allows you to take full control of your theme’s typography in any WordPress theme (no coding required). It allows you to choose from over 600+ google fonts and font variants to insert into your website without coding.

  1. Install Easy Google Fonts through the WordPress interface.
  2. Watch this short guide on how to setup the plugin

How to change font with custom code

Changing font with custom code is a great idea if you want to avoid using plugins, the most popular fonts are usable through the method.

  1. Go to appearance > customize and choose “Additional CSS”
  2. Find out what you want to change font on, for example the main headline is H1
  3. To change the headline to arial, type in the code below, you can replace the word Arial with any classic fonts such as Verdana, Georgia etc.
    h1 { font-family: arial; }
  4. You can also change the font on a specific class, for example most themes website titles has the class .site-title so the code would be .site-title { font-family: arial; }

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