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How To Create A Countdown Timer In WordPress

How To Create A Countdown Timer In WordPress

Countdown timers are a great way to motivate customers and increase sales. At times, it is confusing about how to build one. What should you set your timezone to? How can you create the expiration date easily? If you need a way to make a countdown for your products easily, you may want to go with a plugin. OptinMonster has put together a way to skip the code and get the countdown activated faster than other plugins. Let’s take a look at how you can create a timer for your own site. We are going to cover how to create a countdown timer in WordPress.

Why It Works

First of all, why should we use a countdown? Do they actually work and motivate visitors? Studies show they are effective. Looking at the well-regarded Psychology Today, the reason why customers respond is due to anticipatory regret. They anticipate that they might miss out on a deal that may never come back. If there is an expiration date, visitors understand that they have a set amount of time where they need to act. If you have ever walked into a store and then seen a sign that was advertising 40% off for a limited time, you may have started to feel some anticipation of missing out on the sale. That is how it works on people psychologically.


OptinMonster has plenty of tips and tricks that can help you pump up your sales. They have developed a wide range of products that all work in conjunction with each other. For example, OptinMonster has ways to use popups that will get people to complete your call to action more often. Maybe you really want to add to your marketing list. Once you have a big list of emails for interested ones, you can send out a huge email blast all at once that will offer specialized deals. OptinMonster even has the technology to pick up on when a customer is starting to leave your site. When this occurs, it will trigger the popup and act as a last attempt to get them to stay on the site. It works more often than you would think.

In this tutorial we use Optinmonster, click the button to download the plugin for free.

Countdowns With A Floating Bar

OptinMonster is known for cutting-edge marketing tactics that are simple to install, so they start working in your favor. Go ahead and access your OptinMonster dashboard and start up a new campaign. It should look like this. Just click the green button marked Create Campaign.

Countdowns With A Floating Bar

You will see a variety of choices to pick from for your campaign. If you want, you can select from full screen, floating, popup, or slide in. This tutorial would work well with several of these options, depending on what you feel would appeal to your customers the most.

Next, we want to select a campaign template. This will save a lot of time and allow you to quickly get up and running instead of making the campaign from scratch. Use the image below as a reference.

Choosing your countdown template

As you can see, there are many different ways to organize the templates you want to use here. By sorting by most recent, you can see which ones are popular with your team. Checkout works well for eCommerce sites, while Countdown works really well with our idea of doing a countdown deal.

A blue button to use the template will be visible, which you will want to click. Next, name your countdown deal. A good rule of thumb is to label it something that you are going to remember. Say, for instance, you are running a deal for Black Friday that will give them half off. You could then name the campaign Black Friday 50%. Anything that will make it easier in the future to find your campaign or for people on your team to find it and work on it. Click the button now that says Start Building.

Display Options

Now that we are in the building phase, there are many different options for how this deal will display. As you can see with the animation below, it is a simple matter to shift the bar to the screen’s top or bottom. Play around with your various options and see how you will catch the attention of the user.

Most companies will place the deal at the top of the screen. Select colors that will be in high contrast so that people will notice it within the first couple of seconds that they look at your site. The deal that is counting down should not delay how fast your site loads, so feel free to add it as many times as you would like.

Gif showing how to set up

Don’t forget to use some A/B testing with your placement. While it is common to place your countdown deal up near the start of the page, other marketers will create a page that slowly funnels the customer to scroll down. Once they reach a specific cutoff point on the site, the call to action will become visible along with the countdown. A good example of this would be posing a question at the top of the page. Perhaps you ask the customer if they want to increase conversions by double digits in just a week. This question will capture their interest, and more than likely, they will scroll down to learn more.

Once they have been educated on the topic and how your product can help them, you advertise an eBook that they can download and study on the subject. This creates some urgency; you have a countdown that shows they only can get the free eBook if they put in their email and act in the next two days. That is how you start to build up how many people are on your marketing lists.

Setting Dates on Your Countdown

Now that we know how you can adjust where the countdown will appear, you will want to specify when the deal ends. The professionals over at OptinMonster made this easy to set up. Put in the day you want the deal to end along with the exact time.

Keep in mind the software will not automatically assume your timezone. Before you plug in your timezone, think about your audience. You may be a company based out of Thailand, but you are shooting for customers in North America. While you could set up your deal to coincide with your own timezone, it might make more sense to ensure the timezone is for the market you are looking to target. This stops deals from ending during awkward times like two in the morning, where you won’t have many customers paying attention anyway.

Setting Dates on Your Countdown

As you can see from the above image, you have green sliders that make it simple to decide what you will display. You can choose from days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. Make the display as complicated or as simple as you would like. That is it. No complicated coding was needed. Now you know how to create a countdown timer in WordPress.

Custom Look

Feel free to customize the countdown even more. OptinMonster has made it so that you can change fonts and colors. This is a great idea because it has to match the current flow and feel you have for your website. Please stick to the color scheme you were already using so that everything feels like it matches.

Take our own site, for example. We have had great success using countdowns to increase sales. People are buying more themes than ever right now. We give them a good deal, and the timer acts as a motivation to act quickly. As you can see, the color and font used matches the flow and feel we already had for the site. If you want something similar, go with OptinMonster so that you can easily match everything.


If you have a form that collects emails, don’t forget to connect to your email provider. Perhaps you use MailChimp or Constant Contact. OptinMonster makes it a straightforward process to integrate with these services that already exist. They designed the system to work with the popular ones, so you are not scrambling to input any code on your site, and you are not trying to get a complicated API to work.

Once again, if you are looking to build up your marketing contacts, how to do it. Build up a sense of urgency in your customer instead of giving them a chance to change their mind later. When somebody asks you how to build a countdown timer in WordPress, you will show them this guide and follow it.

How To Create A Countdown Timer In WordPress Conclusion

OptinMonster made it easy to learn how to create a countdown timer in WordPress. There is no need to mess with any code, and it integrates well with WordPress. They give you all the tools that you will need to set the end date and the color scheme you were already using. If you want to motivate your visitors, this is a great way to do it. You will be working with human psychology and helping them make a decision faster.

In this tutorial we use Optinmonster, click the button to download the plugin for free.

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