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How To Create a Review Website with WordPress

“Review website” is a broad umbrella term that is used to represent many different kinds of websites, but all of them have reviews and rating functionality. When you do a Google search for the words “How to create a review website,” you will get a lot of different solutions, which get very confusing.

In this post, I will explain to you about the different kinds of review sites and how to build each one of them. You will find the exact solution that you need to build your review website and of course, at a very affordable price.

Different Types of Review Website

Before we can create a review website, it is important to understand the different kinds of review sites, so that we have a clear idea of what we are creating. Also, you can choose the right tools to do so. If you have decided to switch content & design of your website, then here’s a handy tool for resetting your website.

Below are the 4 types of review sites. Monetizing methods are different in each type. We will see each type individually. If you can identify what you want from the name, you can go to your type directly. Otherwise, see all of them.   

  1. Product / Niche Review website
  2. Customer Review Website
  3. Author + User reviews website
  4. News / Blog having a Review post.

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1) Product / Niche Review website

Product review website is the most common kind of review website that you find on the internet. In this website, only the Author (the site owner) tests various products and writes detailed review posts with a rating.

How to create a wordpress review website

Here the users (readers) search and read the reviews of specific products, and if they are satisfied, will click the “Buy Now” link to the product page and buy the product.

The Author can also post comparison posts like “Product A Vs. Product B” and also listing posts like “Top 10 products”.

These kinds of review websites do not give an option for Users to rate the products. Some of them have a ‘Comments’ section where users can ask their questions.

Examples of Product / Niche Review websites

Some of the famous product review sites are

  • CNET, DigitalTrends, (tech products), 
  • WireCutter (hardware), 
  • RoadBikeReview (bicycles)
Create a comparison site with WordPress

There are many product review sites which are specific for niche markets like Drone review site, Hosting review site, etc.

Monetizing Product / Niche Review websites

Monetizing is the goal of any for-profit website, and with product review sites you can earn money in several ways such as,

  1. Affiliate Marketing – get a commission when you refer a sale, for example – Amazon Associates program
  2. Get Free Stuff – companies will give you free stuff for you to review on your site
  3. Get Brand Deals – brands will offer exclusive deals like discounts and special commissions for you. It is also known as Influencer Marketing

2) Customer Review Website

Customer review sites are another popular kind of review website. In these sites, the users who are the customers give ratings and reviews of products or businesses. 

Customer Review Website

Products / Businesses are listed based on their category or location, and the customers who have used the products or services give ratings and reviews of their experience. 

It mainly has listing pages that are arranged based on the ratings like New Arrivals, Top Rated, Most Popular, Most Rated, etc,.

Most of the content added in this review site is from customers, and the owner (webmaster) has a moderator role and does not add much content.

Examples of Customer Review Websites

There are many popular customer review sites such as 

  • Yelp, TrustPilot (many types of business), 
  • TripAdvisor (hotels and other travel-related businesses), 
  • MouthShut (many kinds of products)
  • Capterra (software)
step by step create a review website

Monetizing Customer Review Websites

The monetizing model is straightforward.

  1. Display Featured products and business in your listings.
  2. Also, display Ads for new business and products.  

You will earn more money if your review site gets more popularity. 

3) Author + User reviews website

This type is relatively a new kind of review website, which combines both product reviews and customer reviews.

Author + User reviews website

Here the Author chooses some products and writes a review post with a rating. Then the readers who are the customers also read the review post and give their ratings. They can also vote for the pros and cons. In some review sites, users can also add the pros and cons of the products.

Examples of Author + User reviews website

  • Gadgets 360 (Electronics)
  • SoftwareFindr (Software)
  • MetaCritic (Movies)
  • FamousBookReviews (Books)
review site wordpress

Monetizing the Author + User reviews website

There are a lot of monetizing avenues on an Author + User review site. Since the review sites idea combines both the product review site and the customer review site, the monetizing ideas are also the same. 

You can get affiliate Commissions, Brand deals, Ad income, and also sell Featured listings. 

4) News / Blog site having Review posts

These websites are mainly News magazine sites or Blog sites on any niche, which also has product review posts. It is similar to a product review website, but the key difference is product reviews are just one part of the site. Review posts are not the main focus of the website.

games website in wordpress

They mainly have News posts and Guide posts like ‘How To’s’ etc. on a broad niche market. They review some products, especially new products in their market. 

Only the Author posts reviews, and they don’t allow for users to comment or rate the reviewed products. 

Examples of News / Blog sites having Reviews

Some popular examples would be 

  • Tom’s Guide, T3, (Electronics and LifeStyle)
  • GameRadar+, GameInformer (Gaming News)
  • Pitchfork, HeartEyesMag (Music)

Monetizing the News / Blog site having Reviews 

In this kind of website, the Author (Site Owner) gets paid to write reviews for new products in the market. They could also get some brand deals when they become popular in that niche.

Though they are functionally similar to product review sites, they are not interested in Affiliate marketing.

Creating a Review website with WordPress

Did you find out which type of review you want to build? Even if you don’t have a clear idea, you don’t have to worry.

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform with which you can create any type of website. There is an advanced WordPress review plugin with which you can build all the 4 kinds of review websites called StarCat Reviews plugin.
For creating a News / Blog site with review posts (4th type) you can use StarCat Reviews plugin along with any of the premium blog themes from Superbthemes.

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