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How to create a signature form in WordPress

In this guide we will be using WPForms, the plugin can be downloaded here. For installing the plugin, go to the ‘Plugins’ on your WordPress site, select ‘Add New’ followed by selecting ‘Upload Plugin’, and you have to choose the downloaded zip file for uploading. Then you have to click on ‘Install Now’ and then on ‘Activate Plugin’. You will have to add the signature add-on of the WPForms to get the digital signature field on your forms. The signature add-on status should show ‘Active’ as it is activated.

download WP forms

Are you ready to create a signature form? Download WP Forms to get started!

How to create the signature form

If you have to build a form from absolutely nothing, you have to follow these procedures step by step. Firstly, you will have to create a blank form, and then you will be required to give it a name. Name it as the title of your forms like contact form or agreement form. Once you have created and named the form, you will enter into the editor, where you just have to click on the signature field in order to add it to the form. If you want your users to add the signature, set the field as required and then click on the ‘Save’ (on the top right corner). 

You have to update the settings on the form before placing it on its place, and for that, you have a lot of settings that can be updated by you on your choices. The 3 essential or important ones are the general settings, the notification settings, and the confirmation settings. 

In the general settings, you can change or update the name of your form, enable or disable options like anti-spamming and other related settings of this kind. In the notification settings, you can make arrangements like getting notified every time when a form is submitted or enabling the option of sending an email to the users to tell that their form is submitted, etc. 

In the confirmation settings, you can enable options like showing confirmation messages to the form submitter, etc. WPForms also lets you make a subscribe checkbox for email marketing purposes. 

Building a form in WordPress

The determining and making of fields which are created in the forms are based upon the data you want to or required to collect from the user. Like, for example, adding the name and email fields. There are 3 types of fields provided by WPForms, which are available in the settings tab. The types of fields are standard, fancy, and payment. You can go to the standard field menu, which has options like single-line text, dropdown, etc. 

In a similar manner, you can choose and select different types of fields and components by drag and drop in order to make your required type of form. After placing all the elements and finalizing changes, you have to click on the ‘Save’ button and you are done; your form has been made.

How to create a signature field in WordPress form using WPForms

In the past, for the signatures to be applied or shown on the digital forms, you had to go through a long process of scanning the signature, followed by inserting them onto the signature requiring documents and then uploading them. WPForms saved you from this tiring effort; it lets you simply add a signature field to your forms to let the person whose signature is required, digitally sign it online easily. You just have to install the plugin, followed by updating the settings and then finally creating or building the form. 

how to use wp forms

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The advantages of using WPForms provided digital signature feature?

The availability of the digital signature feature is really helpful and useful in day to day workings, especially in the forms. Time is saved, as you do not have to carry out the long process of attaching or inserting signatures by scanning them and then uploading them, you can just add signatures at the moment in just one click, saving you all the troubles and extra efforts.

It is really convenient and flexible, providing the user or signing person the ease of not being physically present to carry out the effort for making signatures, this feature of WPForms lets them make a signature remotely from any location around the globe through the internet. 

When efficiency and flexibility is provided for the users, no one can stop your business from growing. As the forms are signed in just a few clicks, and the process just takes a split of a second, along with no restriction of the physical presence of the person whose signature is required, the users are satisfied and are saved from the time taking procedures, thus building a solid reputation for your business.

What is WPForms?

WPForms is an efficient and useful drag and drop form creator, which enables the website creators, freelancers, and marketers to create various forms easily on the required places by simply using the drag and drop. WPForms lets you make different types of contact forms, payment forms, and agreement forms in a very simple and easy way.  It might seem expensive at first, you can consider using a coupon code.


In today’s modern world, where everything is being digitized and made available in soft copies over the internet, the paper-based systems are seen being implemented in a very limited number. Everything is done on computers now because computer-based systems are efficient and are needed to compete with the rapidly advancing world. There was a huge problem in the documental procedures done in a soft copy manner, which was the use and needed for signatures. 

With the passage of time, due to digitalization being common, this problem has also been solved. Digital signatures are now used commonly in the tech-centered world of today. If you are thinking of digitally signing different documents on your WordPress site or forms, WPForms has got your back. WPForms provides you an easy and flexible way to create your forms for deployment over your WordPress websites in order to achieve the expected or required outcomes.

Are you ready to create a signature form? Download WP Forms to get started!

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