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How to Create a Website Without Coding [2023 Edition]

The short answer is yes; you can create a website without coding. People with no coding skills may even build and run complex sites. It all depends on the tools used, the time you have available for site creation, and your patience.

This article is the perfect start for anyone willing to learn how to create a website without coding. However, don’t make the common mistake of thinking, “without coding = without issues.” Even skilled designers encounter issues when building websites, so don’t worry if you get stuck at any time. Instead, keep calm, and you will find a solution for it.

How to Create a Website Without Coding

How to Create a Website Without Coding

There are many methods to create a website without writing a line of code. Selecting the proper way relies on the website’s purpose and its complexity. Generally speaking, there are two main options to create a website without coding: DIY (do-it-yourself) methods and outsourcing. DIY plans encompass site builders,, Google Sites, and other similar solutions. Outsourcing refers to hiring experts to help you resolve the more challenging aspects of web design. Let’s evaluate both of them.

DIY Methods

Dozens of site-building tools and platforms compete to earn the attention and the time of users. Most of them are powerful tools enabling people to create visually striking sites. The positive aspect is that these tools can cover all needs and expectations for a place. Some are more complex, while others target less-experienced users. We previously introduced to you nine outstanding website builders and eight WordPress page builders. Here is a hand-picked collection of the best tools to create a site without coding.



Creating a site with Wix isn’t only intuitive; it’s also fun. It impresses with Wix ADI – an AI-based assistant that does the legwork for you. You have the option of using Wix ADI or the editor. The former requires you to provide answers to a few questions, and it will generate the starter site for you. The latter offers the option of selecting a template from a vast library or starting the site from scratch. 

Regardless of your decision, creating a site with Wix is simple, thanks to its user-friendly interface. You have to create web pages, add design elements like a header, footer, forms, content area, and then customize them. To some extent, it looks like a strategy video game. Start with a free account, test all the options and upgrade if you consider Wix a good solution for your project.



 Do you believe that people with no coding skills can only build simple sites? You’re mistaken, and Shopify is the best example. Online stores are complex sites, and nowadays, everyone can create and launch one, thanks to Shopify. It’s one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms and for a good reason. Easiness of use is one of the most significant advantages of Shopify. It’s fascinating that people who don’t know HTML and CSS can create stunning stores. Besides the friendly interface, the rich theme offering is another reason to give Shopify a chance. Managing your inventory and payments sounds like an intense and laborious job, but Shopify does it all for you.   


Spectra is the definitive answer to website creation in 2023, eliminating the need for coding skills. This robust WordPress plugin effortlessly integrates with the Gutenberg block editor, empowering you to craft professional and feature-rich websites with ease. Explore a diverse selection of over 30 customizable blocks, encompassing layout options, creative elements, content showcases, and more. 

Whether you’re a novice or an adept web designer, Spectra’s user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates streamline the website creation process. Dive into a captivating array of professionally crafted pre-built starter templates, meticulously tailored for seamless integration with the default WordPress editor, Astra, and Spectra. Bid farewell to coding complexities and usher in a visually stunning online presence with Spectra – the premier no-coding website builder for 2023.

Appy Pie


I’m sure you have heard of Wix and Shopify, but I doubt many of you have listened to Appy Pie. Well, I am confident that Appy Pie will be more frequently used shortly. This tool doesn’t focus only on creating websites for people who lack coding skills. Appy Pie helps people create performant websites without writing code. The platform is secure; skilled engineers have done everything possible to eliminate the vulnerabilities. The code behind Appy Pie sites is lightweight, so the loading speed is pretty satisfactory. Apart from these, the Appy Pie platform is optimized for low data consumption. People on paid and low-speed connections will especially appreciate all these features.

Google Sites


Google Sites isn’t a typical website builder. It has some severe limitations that don’t make it a serious contender to Wix or Shopify. However, it deserves your attention. The smooth integration with all the Google products is a feature much appreciated by search engine fans. 

This tool isn’t the best solution to create a blog or an online store. Google Sites is instead a free and simple tool for online sharing and collaboration. Use it confidently for sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and graphs.

Google Sites don’t have a large variety of themes –  another serious factor against using it. Altogether, tailoring or building a webpage from scratch is simple. Considering that Google Sites is free of charge, I highly recommend it for beginners willing to learn how to create a website.

WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) by a large margin. There are two options for using WordPress:

  • sign up for an account on and create a site. This is ideal if you are only concerned about site design and content creation.
  • download the WordPress core from and use it to create a self-hosted website. In this instance, you need more technical knowledge but not necessarily coding skills. Take a look at our guide teaching you to craft a WordPress website. is a platform that combines the advantages of WordPress core and the friendliness of a site builder for non-coders. engineers are responsible for your site security, performance, and host. You select and customize the theme, and depending on your plans, add plugins and monetize the site.

 Thankfully, a basic account is free, so you can test and evaluate if it’s a good fit for your project.


We know that the price tags of most design agencies aren’t affordable for every budget. In the early stages of a business, every dollar spent in vain is another step to failure. On the other hand, the enthusiasm and the desire for success may replace the experience of a design agency. Altogether, the final product of a design agency is superior to a site launched by a hard-working entrepreneur.

A hybrid solution is hiring a design agency or a solopreneur to take care of the aspects you don’t like. Not all agencies accept this solution.  Similarly, not all people who need a website take into consideration outsourcing parts of their projects. Nevertheless, it’s helpful to know how to outsource some aspects of website building.

There are countless scenarios in this respect. For instance, you hire a web design expert for consultation and feedback on the site you conceived. Talk is cheaper than development services, and you learn from an expert. Perhaps you have already launched the site, but you need a few code tweaks. Again, there are freelancers and agencies ready to help you with this aspect. Here are the most common scenarios.   

Hire a Consultant

As I mentioned in the above example, experts are happy to guide you through creating a site. Practically, you do everything, and the consultant advises you on how to improve the site. Go to Fiverr and search for these kinds of gigs or post an announcement on job boards like Indeed or Upwork.

Theme Customization

You may configure your WordPress installation, choose a theme, and install a few plugins. The majority of the themes are highly customizable, but the trained eye of a designer knows how to get the most from a theme. Certainly, customizing a theme sets you back less money than complete site construction. Once again, Fiverr is a reliable place to find the needed expert to hire.

Code Tweaks

Do you want to change the author’s name’s size and color in the personal bio, and you don’t know how to do it? Most likely, you need to edit the code. Then, hire someone to tweak the code for you. 

Complex Site Maintenance


Let’s suppose that you create an excellent website. It took a few days to do it, but your time is limited. So hire a site maintenance agency or a freelancer instead of spending time maintaining it. Depending on the plan you purchased, the maintainers may edit site files, perform A/B testing, improve the site performance, etc. It’s a win-win situation for both site owners and maintainers.

We at Superb Themes have developed a large variety of themes and plugins. The cheerful clients’ reviews highlight that we know a thing or two about WordPress. As a result, we are ready to take care of your fantastic website. Check our pricing plans and single out the one suitable for your needs. Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or social media channels. We will gladly guide you and eventually develop a fruitful partnership.  

Over to You

We presented a few modalities to create a site without coding. It’s almost impossible to cover all the solutions because of the large number of alternatives. What matters is that you have plenty of options to create a site even though you aren’t a coder. It requires checking guides like this, much patience, and a few liters of coffee and tea.

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