How to Download AliDropship Plugin For Free

How to Download AliDropship Plugin For Free

AliDropship has become extremely popular, because of that the demand for a pirated / NULLED / cracked version has increased. We have been looking through the code & scanning some of the pirated versions available. I’m sure it won’t be a surprise to you that most of them contained virus/malware, so once you start using the pirated version on your website, then it gets infected. Another issue is that AliDropship updates their software a lot to keep it compatible with their partners, if you don’t have access to those then the plugin will slowly start decaying and stop working in the end.

Last but not least it’s illegal, so instead we recommend that you take advantage of their 30 day refund policy & request a refund if you don’t like using it. We have copy pasted their refund policy below:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days of your order and we will try to resolve any issues. If we are not able to resolve your issues, we will give you a 100% refund.

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AliDropship Plugin

A WordPress plugin which converts a website into a dropshipping store which is able to import many products from the renowned This WordPress plugin provides its customers with various features that can be introduced into your website. These features include an infinite chance of product importing, an unlimited supply of order fulfillment, an automatic pricing system, an update system for information of products, and many more. Apart from these fantastic features, this WordPress plugin offers perhaps the two most important factors that a plugin needs to have. AliDropship offers store ownership and no monthly fees. Let us have a look at these factors.

AliDropship does not require a monthly fee

Unlike many other eCommerce websites, AliDropship does not require monthly fees from you. You will only need to pay one time, with no future installment or update fees.

You have complete ownership of your store form AliDropship 

When you begin your dropship business on an eCommerce platform that is fee-based, you will realize soon that you do not have a hundred percent ownership. If you want to move your store from a monthly based fee system, you will not be able to take away your files with you. However, AliDropship is a plugin that goes one step ahead and gives you a hundred percent control from the day of purchase. You will always have complete ownership of your online business.

AliDropship Features

AliDropship, in correlation with AliExpress, offers fantastic features and advantages for you. The AliDropship plugin allows you to import all products from AliExpress on to your website in just a single click. You can also import product reviews from AliExpress. You can choose all mobile-friendly themes and edit them. You will also receive dropshipping with the WooCommerce store. Make no mistake; you will also receive a marketing exclusive feature to send your emails and receive coupons. With access to free support and product tracking, you will be taken good care of. Have unlimited products and dashboard analytics. You will receive an automatic pricing scheme that will depend on customized rules and regulations. Lastly, you will receive automatic plugin updates too. 

Free AliDropship Support

In an eCommerce business, your emails are the primary contact channel. There is a live chat system that AliDropship brings. The support system from AliDropship is exceptional, and the answers are absolutely clear and precise. The most impressive AliDropship offer for their uses is that it offers its target audience with a strong knowledge base and community forums. It is extremely rare to experience a WordPress plugin offer such exceptional offers. These offers include conversations that revolve around their products and information in detail. For example, there are 490 plus different conversation regarding themes and an extra 200 plus conversations that discuss the add on features. It is simply a great place for you, a customer to ask questions, and then receive approved and authentic offers from the support team of AliDropship. The entire knowledge team is well written and well populated. They also carry along with the video tutorials for your ease.  

Are AliDropship and Alibaba working together?

No. It is true that AliDropship and Alibaba are from the same group; their plugins are separate and work exclusively for their respective websites. 

If you have a Shopify store, well…

Unfortunately, AliDropship does not operate with Shopify stores. The single way to sell through AliExpress alongside a Shopify store is from Oberlo. An advantage that you do get, however, is that you receive an increased number of suppliers so that you can boost the number of products that can be sold.

How to install AliDropship WooCommerce Plugin

In all honesty, there is no need to install WooCommerce for AliDropship. However, if you are someone who wants a strong eCommerce coupled with drop shipping, it will not be a bad idea to download WooCommerce. Remember to use a coupon code if you choose to purchase AliDropShip.

Download AliDropship woocommerce plugin for free

Is it possible to download AliDropship pro for free?

AliDropship is not a free WordPress plugin. In the next section, we shall look at the pricing of AliDropship pro. AliDropship comes with two separate plugins. One WordPress that works with a website that is standard and the other that is specifically designed to work with WooCommerce, which is called AliDropship Woo Plugin. 

AliDropship Pricing

It is true that AliDropship is free to use completely. However, you still need to consider a few other things. AliDropship is not free, as we have stated before. The payment, however, is only one time. There are no other WordPress plugins that give his customer this offer. 

The one-time payment is 89 dollars. This will give you both the standard plugin and the AliDropship Woo plugin. Regardless of what plugins you choose, you will have to include charges for your WordPress site hosting. This can cost anywhere between 12 dollars to 30 dollars in a single month. Site ground is an example of this. It is true that if you search long and hard, you may find a cheaper hosting plugin; however, for an eCommerce website, it is essential that you find SSL security and decent bandwidth. This will certainly add up to the price. If you choose the premium WordPress theme, you will need at least 39 dollars. 

For general costs, you can compare your prices with WooCommerce. You will also require a professional email address to strengthen your business. This will cost you ten to fifty dollars a year. This service is provided to you by the web hosting service most of the time. For a beginner-level drop shipping business, it is recommended that you spend a minimum of fifty dollars on advertisements per month. It is, however, tough for us to say how much is enough? You can spend as much money as you can in this field; it depends on how much success you are receiving and the scale of operation. 

AliDropship stats

How to download and install AliDropship for free

If you want to install AliDropship on your website, you will need to ensure that you have PHP 7.1 or a newer version installed. Your hosting company needs to be asked for this information if you are not aware of the version that you have. You can find the AliDropship plugin straight from your website. Needless to say, you need to have to buy the license first. Be aware that a single license is equal to a single dropshipping store. You should head on over to the settings page. Go to the pricing section here, which is the most important setting. This setting allows you to define the range of the product pricing before you actually get to the importing process. If you do not set this up, you will not be able to make profits as you will end up selling the product at the same rate as AliExpress. Do check up on prices from competitors to get a good idea of what the price range should be. To ensure that your operation is smooth, you should use Google Chrome to install AliDropship extension that is free. Unfortunately, other browsers do not support AliDropship extension. 

Now you will be able to import many products from AliExpress with a single click. If you do not, you will need to set up almost everything manually, which is very stressful. You should begin to browse AliExpress and then search for various products that you appreciate. Now simply import the AliDropship banner, and you will be done. 

Now, the WordPress products section will show all different products in an automatic manner as a draft. Do not forget to customize the descriptions of your products. There can be an addition of different categories; you can change your prices and even create an inventory for ease. If you do not do these, there is a chance that your search engine optimization or SEO does not change anything at all. Many original descriptions are badly written regardless, so it does not matter. 

AliDropship also gives you an extra feature, which is that you will be able to customize your visuals straight from the plugin. It is fantastic for the removal of supplier logos that are ugly. If you are someone who is not happy with product pictures that are imported, you can simply customize it at WordPress, with no need for photoshop. 

AliDropship earnings

Downloading AliDropship Plugin For Free Conclusion 

There are numerous advantages that AliDropship brings to the table. Granted that AliDropship has a few requirements, such as the usage of WordPress, if you are using AliExpress if you want to sell products from AliExpress, if you are able to comprehend the complexes of dropshipping business and if you are using WooCommerce (this is optional). 

For a small price of 89 dollars, you will receive fantastic time-saving features. You will obviously be able to import different products from AliExpress. The extra features are amazing as well. If you are able to manage the inventory and then track down your orders from one dashboard, you will be able to control your business in a more efficient way. It is a great privilege to feel so much control over your business.

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