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How To Easily Accept Donations On A WordPress Website

How To Easily Accept Donations On A WordPress Website
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Nonprofits are gaining in popularity and crowdfunding is also growing at a fast pace. Nonprofits provide a lot of advantages while also helping you shield your income from taxes. Your nonprofit may be exempt from state and federal taxes. On top of this, several other tax exemptions are available through the government to encourage people in the community to do more for people that are disadvantaged. What exactly is a nonprofit organization and how can they start to easily accept donations through a web page?

In this tutorial we use WP Forms to accept donations, click the button to download it for free.

The Nature of Nonprofits

Nonprofits enrich the community and help the needy. A great example that many would be familiar with is Goodwill Industries. This nonprofit is based out of America and is classified as a 501(c)(3). When you donate to Goodwill, you have the advantage of writing off that donation on your taxes as a contribution. Each time you bring something in to donate, Goodwill can provide you documentation that will give you tax exemptions. Everybody wins in this situation as Goodwill provides appliances, clothing, and other essentials to those in the community that need it most.

Another advantage of a nonprofit is that they protect you from personal liability. Similar to a corporation that is set up to shield the owner from litigation, the nonprofit can protect those that run an organization from becoming embroiled in costly and lengthy court cases. Now that we looked briefly at what a nonprofit is and what they can do, how can you start accepting donations electronically?

WordPress and Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you won’t always have the largest budget. Inherently, a nonprofit is set up to help the community and not to enrich the shareholders. With that in mind, a nonprofit many times needs to find economical ways to run their organization while giving back to the surrounding area. 

WordPress is the perfect solution for an organization that needs to keep costs low while still providing a lot of functionality. WordPress is open-source which means people all over the world can contribute to the community and give back in a similar way to how a nonprofit works. WPForms provides a plugin that makes accepting donations easy and quick. What are some advantages of using WPForms with your nonprofit?

Advantages of WPForms

Creating easy to use donation forms right on your website has many advantages. Just look at a few examples and you can quickly see why WPForms is one of the leading plugins to integrate with your nonprofit.

  • The process is simple – Many more people will want to give to your cause when it is easy.
  • Fast transactions – With just a few clicks of the mouse, the donation is done.
  • Easy to understand – With WPForms, you can set up an easy to understand form that will encourage more people to donate.
  • Integration – Customize the forms to read anything that you would like. When you collect information from donors, you can stay in contact with them for the future.

We have looked at many of the advantages of using WordPress in conjunction with WPForms. How can you quickly and easily set up this system to get things moving? We will look at a tutorial to show you how simple it is to set up for your own nonprofit so you can start accepting donations from people all over the world. 

Installing WPForms

To get the process started, install the WPForms plugin and then activate it from your dashboard. Now you are ready to start the setup. Select a name for the form that is memorable and descriptive and then pick the template for your Donation Form. 

WordPress Donation Form

You can now edit the Nonprofit Donation Form. Here you can see the fields that your contributors will use when sending donations. It includes the first and last name, their email address, and also the amount of money that will be sent. There is also a line where the contributor can send a short message along with the funds.

WPForms Nonprofit Donation Form

Customize Your Fields

If you want to add even more options, WPForms makes it easy with their builder. 

Customized Nonprofit Form

Additional fields are on the left. Simply drag in the options you want over to the right and position it where you would like on your form. This can include dropdown items, credit card payments, and also a field to show the total. In addition, there is also a multiple choice payment field where the user can select from amounts that you already defined. This makes the process even easier and faster when they can just click on a dollar amount such as $5, $20, or $50.

Label Your Fields

Once you have brought in the different fields you want on the left, you can now add the finishing touches. Adjust the names of the fields or the instructions. If you are running a nonprofit that helps shelter animals, you can change what the field reads to something like “Donate to a Dog in Need Today!” You can also check a box that will make certain fields required for the user to fill out. If you want to collect more emails to add to your list and then follow up later, make the email field required. 

Nonprofit Form Required Box

Once you have customized your various fields, move on to general settings.

General Settings Inside WPForms

Once you are done with the fields, you can still customize the form further. General settings give you access to many more options.

  • Form Name – Adjust the name of the form.
  • Submit Button Text – Change the text for the submit button.
  • Spam Prevention – Enable features that will limit spam through the form
  • GDPR Enhancements – To stay in compliance with GDPR, disable the ability to store the data from users. This includes their IP address which is the unique set of numbers that identify their location. By keeping the privacy of customers, you will stay compliant with the law for many European countries.

Setting Up Payment Processing

How are you going to accept payments? We have built the form that users will fill out when they want to donate, but you have to make decisions about what payment processing to use. Will you accept PayPal, all major credit cards, or cryptocurrency? Perhaps you want to accept all three! 

WPForms is excellent for this because it works seamlessly with PayPal and Stripe. WPForms was kind enough to write comprehensive guides on how to install a PayPal addon as well as how to use the Stripe Addon. Once you have these finished, you can easily access them inside the form builder. The screen will look like this under the Payments tab.

PayPal Standard for a Nonprofit Form

To get PayPal working, click on PayPal Standard.

  1. Click the box to enable PayPal Standard.
  2. Enter your PayPal email address.
  3. Select Test mode at first to make sure everything is set up correctly.
  4. After testing, choose Production mode to accept payments.
  5. Pick the Donation type.
  6. Set up the Cancel URL. This is the website the user will see if they don’t complete the process.
  7. Pick the preferred shipping that you want.
  8. Give visitors the option of including messages and notes with the donations that they send in. Asking for a note may slow down the process but the messages can also become powerful testimonials. It is for the designer to decide if they want to skip asking for messages.
PayPal Settings for Nonprofit Form

Adding Your Form to the Site

After spending so much time generating the form, it is time to insert the form. WPForms is very helpful for adding forms to multiple locations on one website. This means if your goal is to raise a certain amount of money by the end of the first quarter, you can have your form show up on multiple pages and raise the odds that you will receive donations. 

From your dashboard, start a new post in WordPress. Use the Add Form button and you will see your donation form as one of the options. Click the Add Form button.

Add Form for Nonprofit Form

Once all of this is done, hit the button to publish your post. Now the form will be live on the site and you are ready to start collecting donations to help the community even more.

Social Media

Make sure to use social media to the full to draw more eyes and interest to your cause. Posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all great ways to inform people about your mission. A simple link on social media going back to the form you just created can go a very long way.

Another thing to keep in mind is email marketing. Each time you accept a donation, try to get the email address from the user. Say you run a nonprofit that has the goal of protecting horses. You already know that people donating are interested in your cause. If you collect an email with each donation, you can follow up with them later to see if they would be interested in making further donations. Since many times these donations can give tax breaks, it works in the interest of both parties as nonprofits help the community and the users of the website can shave some money off the taxes they owe in April.

Continue to check back with Superb Themes for more reviews and tutorials on the latest in WordPress and forms.

In this tutorial we use WP Forms to accept donations, click the button to download it for free.

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