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How To easily add a Newsletter Signup Form to Your WordPress Website

Business is all about establishing relationships. If you want customers that will be loyal to you later on, you need to start building up your relationships with them today. This can be done in many ways. You might want to start up a social media account that shows the lighter side of your office. Perhaps you want to have functions and events where the community can meet with you and get to know you. One of the prime ways you can build up trust with customers is through a newsletter.

How To easily add a Newsletter Signup Form to Your WordPress Website

Ninja Forms

In this paragraph, we want to look at Ninja Forms. They are an excellent company that provides a good balance with their plugins. Each plugin has good flexibility with many different features. However, they also remain lightweight so they are not going to slow down your servers. Above all, customers want a plugin that is designed by a team that has years of experience. Ninja Forms can help you accomplish your business goals with creative and innovative solutions.

In this article we’ll be using the free version of Ninja Forms together with their email addons. They have email addons for pretty much all newsletter services available, but we’ll only be focusing on Aweber and Mailchimp.

Ninja Forms has solved the problem of getting more customers signed up for your newsletter. They have created a plugin for WordPress that is simple to use, easy to update, and also fun to work with. Once you get experienced with how it works, customers will be able to put together forms easily with little training.

We use Ninja Forms in this tutorial to set our newsletter signup form. You can download it for free.

Getting Started

If your newsletter is written and you are just looking for subscribers, download Ninja Forms right now and add it to your WordPress site. Once you have activated the plugin, you will be taken to this screen.

Creating a newsletter signup form

Now you are ready to add a form field. First, we want to consider all of the different pieces of information that we want to capture. What does your company do? Are there any specific things to your industry that you need to think about when putting together your form?

Customizing the Form

Think about what valuable pieces of information you can gather from your users as you are creating the different fields that they will fill out to get your newsletter.

Customizing your newsletter signup form

Here on the left, you can see the options that were already selected. You will want to collect the first and last name of the user so that you can have a personal relationship with them, but what else will you capture when you sign them up initially?

Ninja Forms has completed a lot of the work for you already. On the right hand side of the screen, you can see a long list of potential fields that you can add with just a simple mouse click.

Each field falls into a different category. At the top, you have Common fields that are used in most forms. This includes a place for the date, a submission button so they can submit their data, as well as options for either checklist boxes or radio buttons. The beauty of this is that you won’t need to learn any HTML or CSS to put this together quickly and easily. In the past, it was harder to build forms like this from just the raw HTML, but many plugins have taken away the tedious parts of the process and made it easier to just get started and focus on your company or business.

User Information

Once you have laid out your basic form for the newsletter, you need to collect information from your users. Ninja Forms was very forward thinking when they included the most used fields that their customers need. This includes the location of the user with spaces for their zip code, address, and also state. If you want to follow up with a customer later by mail, this is a great tool and allows you to send them a physical newsletter.

Next, you also have fields for their first and last name. Once again, if you are looking for that personal connection with a customer, you need to address them properly and make them feel like your company is ready to help. Personalized emails or newsletters that include their name are a perfect way to break down barriers and also help you succeed with your customer base later on.

Lastly, there is a field for their phone number. When you have a customer fill out your form to get your newsletter, why not also capture their phone number when you are collecting data? A quick text from an automated system can inform them if there is a sale that is coming up. People take their phones with them everywhere, so it is just one more way to stay in constant contact.

Connecting Your Service

Now that you can set up your form with all the fields you need to capture, it is time to get connected to your mass email service. Many will use Constant Contact, MailChimp, or AWeber for this. In this case, we will look at MailChimp.

Connect your signup form to mailchimp

On the right, there are all the services you can connect to. In this case, all of them are gray except for MailChimp which you would click on to set up.

designing your newsletter signup form

You will be taken to a new screen where you can set up the Action Name. Give it a name that is easy to remember and other people on your team can easily decipher. Next, set up your list in MailChimp and then select it from this drop down menu. All of the information that is put into this form will be sent over to this MailChimp list for future use.

After this is done, you want to map the fields over to your MailChimp list. This will include things like the address for the person signing up, their phone number, and of course their first and last name. The process of mapping over all the fields just takes a few minutes and it is very simple to understand.

Once this is accomplished, click the blue button that says Done. You are all set. To accomplish this for Constant Contact or AWeber, the process is similar. Just select the service that you use on the right, map out the fields, and then collect the data to your waiting list.

Using Your New List

Now that you have built up your list with the easy to use form builder, it is time to utilize all the information you have collected. You will want to make sure to use a service like MailChimp or AWeber before you start sending out mass emails. In many countries, there are laws against sending spam so it is not wise to copy several hundred customers all on one email and send out the email blast on your own. This can lead to legal problems and MailChimp will make sure that you are compliant with the current spam laws.

Craft an interesting newsletter that covers new things in the industry or anything that your customers might be interested in. The key goal here is to establish rapport with your customer base and provide them things of value. If they know your newsletter is well done, they will want to come back for more and continue to check out your emails. If it feels like things are forced or you are just focused on the business side of things, the newsletter will not work as well so keep that in mind.

What is a Newsletter?

The idea behind a newsletter is to let customers know what is going on in your industry and what is happening with your company. The name is a good indication of what you can expect from a newsletter. It includes the latest news that you want to share with customers to help your business stay in their minds.

Any Industry can use newsletters. Supplements and vitamin users will want to know about the latest breakthroughs in terms of science and health. Real Estate agents need to keep their customers informed about hot new markets and changing regulations. In the past, newsletters were sent through the mail and helped maintain that connection. Now, the newsletter has changed dramatically.

Online Newsletters

Newsletters have been shifting over to the online realm for years now. It is easier to send a digital document as an email instead of buying all that postage! Digital newsletters are just as effective in helping cement a good relationship with customers, but it takes time to build up your list. Is there an easy way to construct your email list that you want to send out your digital newsletter to?


A newsletter is the perfect way to stay in contact with clients and customers. In the past, it was difficult to set up forms that could capture all of the data that you needed to send out a digital newsletter. Ninja Forms has improved the process and now it is easier than ever to start collecting information from customers so that you can contact them later.

Continue to check back with Superb Themes. We always have the latest in tutorials and technology reviews. We will continue to help our readers understand the best ways to integrate new plugins with their sites.

We use Ninja Forms in this tutorial to set our newsletter signup form. You can download it for free.

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