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How To Easily Create A Beautiful Email Template

As a new startup, you have to watch monthly costs closely to ensure a long runway and the maximum amount of time to succeed. If you needlessly waste money on ads and marketing that is not effective, you will reduce much needed resources in other areas like hiring top people and software costs. There are many ways that you can reach out to customers including ads on social media, videos presented on your website, or direct mail. Should you pursue email marketing?

We use Postcards by Designmodo in this tutorial to create email templates. You can try it for free.

Email Marketing in 2021

While we consider if email marketing should be part of your strategy in 2021, consider this. In the coming years, email users will grow to 4.3 billion. That is more than half of the people on the planet. This is quite a startling number and provides a great way to contact and connect with people. How many emails are sent? Once again this number reaches into the billions and that is for each day!

We can see how prevalent email is, but does it make sense for your bottom line? According to statistics, for each dollar spent on advertising directly with email, the ROI is $42.00. That is a huge jump. How can you take advantage of this direct form of communication?

Email Templates

Corporations will hire UI and UX designers at six figure rates to craft emails that go out to customers. Do you need to spend such high amounts? The answer is a resounding no. Check out Designmodo’s Postcards

Postcards by Designmodo

With their email builder, it is easy for the different groups and people in your organization to take your marketing to the next level. Click on Postcards and then click the green button to sign up for free. You can choose to sign up for a demo or just jump in and get started right away.

Designing Your First Email

If you want your email to create an impact, you don’t want boring walls of text. This builder gives you the ability to construct the email in pieces or modules. If you don’t like the look that one module has, delete it and bring something else in. The main page will look like this.

Drop n drop email builder

On the left hand side, you will be able to see the wide array of modules to choose from. These include your header, footer, content, and even options for Ecommerce when you run an online store.

Designmodo navigation

With these various options, you have all the pieces in place you need to start putting together great looking emails that are going to catch the eye and get you more sales. For example, start with the header for an email.

Email Headers

An email header can capture the attention of the reader right off the bat. By presenting them with an eye catching image as well as topics that they are interested in, you can guide the eye of the reader lower to read your full email and hopefully also have them complete the CTA or call to action.

Designmodo has many headers that are ready for you to choose from including beautiful images. Here we picked one of the presets that they already had available. You can see from the categories this can be thought of almost like a digital newsletter that covers a wide range of topics going from travel to technology.

Email headers

We also list the date to give this header a newsletter feel. Newsletters are a great way to keep in constant contact with potential leads. They will be happy to read new and interesting topics based around their industry and it also gives marketers a great way to pitch products and services.

Content for Your Email

Next you will want to add in some content. It is easy to put this together with the modules that Designmodo put together. As you can see, the content can help highlight blog posts on your main site that were popular and may interest subscribers. This is a great way to steer users back to your site and get them interested in what you have to offer. It will also increase your SEO ranking as well since Google watches the number of visitors to your site and how long they stay on your blog posts.

Newsletter content

By once again using images to draw the eye of the reader lower, you keep their attention and direct them to where you intend. Think of this email like a funnel and the goal is the CTA or call to action. By using an email template, you can create content that is interesting to look at and dynamic. Would you rather view plain text emails that are trying to sell you on a product or a well laid out digital newsletter? The answer is simple and it is why Designmodo is so popular.

The Call to Action

There are a variety of different CTA options that you have when using the email builder. Perhaps you want to build up your social media following? Designmodo has made this easy with modules that are designed exactly for this. Take a look at the example below.

The Call to Action Example

This can easily be included in the email that goes out to bump up your numbers. The best part is that a call to action can be used for anything. This email builder integrates well with Ecommerce stores. That means you can insert a hot new item from your store and highlight it. This in turn will drive more traffic to the store and boost profits.

What is a Call to Action?

 What is a call to action? When you are building your email using this template builder, it can be anything that you measure with metrics that helps bring you closer to your goals. The most simple example of course would be a caption that states “Buy it Here” along with a picture of a product. It is obvious the call to action in this case is the product that you want people to buy.

A call to action can be more subtle though. Maybe you are building up an email list. In a case like this, there might be a form available that asks for contact information before you can download the book. Here the call to action is not as overt, but it still helps you meet your metrics and business goals. 

Make sure to use clear language when putting together your call to action. It should be immediately obvious what the customer will get when they accomplish the task. Clean graphics and pictures will also help to get your point across. If you want more people to join your social media, icons from Twitter and Facebook are great for people that are just skimming through the email. The majority of users will not actually read the email in full. You need to format things so a person can tell what action you want with just a glance.


Online stores are another important aspect that a beautiful email template can help with. As the world scene has changed, so has the way people shop. In the past, it was comfortable for people to go to brick and mortar stores to shop. That is not always the case now. People more and more now are moving toward online shopping.

The increase in online shopping has provided unique opportunities. Anybody can start up an online shop using WordPress and additional plugins that will handle payments. With entrepreneurs springing up left and right, the importance of good email marketing is only going to increase. Why not use Designmodo and see what you can build when you are using their templates?

The email templates will help you smoothly position products right into your monthly newsletter or an email blast about a sale. Give it a try and see what you can create. Designmodo allows you to customize the size, color, and spacing for all the elements so that it will match your brand which is already established. 

Legality of Email

The last thing you want to keep in mind when creating your email is the legal standing. This should be at the forefront of your mind or you can incur heavy fines and put your whole business in hot water with lawyers and the law. 

After a prevalence of spam, countries put laws in place to battle the abuse of email. The United States requires that you put your contact information in business emails that go out so that you are in compliance with current laws. The contact information should include your business address and a way for clients to unsubscribe.

All of this is made much easier with Designmodo. Put together a footer that includes all the needed information and you will be covered legally while also giving your email a professional polish. Footers have been made much easier now when you can use a drag and drop builder that will integrate easily with all the other pieces you already have on the design page.


Email has never been more important. Marketing to your customers through email doesn’t have to be difficult. Select a service like Designmodo to help you craft the perfect email. Continue to check back with Superb Themes for more tips and reviews. We always have the best tutorials to help your marketing.

We use Postcards by Designmodo in this tutorial to create email templates. You can try it for free.

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